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How to set clock on avn119m radio

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Turn [SEL] button to select CLOCK ADJ.

Press the [SEL] button. The clock adjustment mode is activated. Turn [SEL] button to display the item to be selected for adjustment. Hours, minutes or exact hour will be switched each time the button is turned.

Press the [SEEK /FAST ] button. [SEEK ] button: Turns the time forward. [FAST ] button: Turns the time back. To set the clock to 0 minutes, 0 seconds (an exact hour), press the [SEEK /FAST ] button.

For example: At 3:29: Pressing the [SEEK /FAST ] button returns to 3:00. At 3:30: Pressing the [SEEK /FAST ] button advances to 4:00.

Press the [RTN] button. At this time, other adjustments can also be made in Function Mode. 6 Press the [FUNC] button to exit Function Mode.

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