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tekton 6119 Operator's Manual

Made by: tekton
Type: Operator's Manual
Category: Flashlight
Pages: 4
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WARNING: Please read and understand entire 

manual, including all safety information, before 

operating or charging worklight. Failure to follow 

all instructions could result in damage to 

worklight, property damage, or injury.



WARNING: Worklight contains a strong magnet 

in stand-up base. Do not set worklight on or 

near computer equipment, computer disks or 

other types of magnetic storage or equipment. 

Magnetic fields can erase data. 

WARNING: LEDs are extremely bright. 

Overexposure can cause permanent eye 

damage. Never look directly into LED light or 

shine the light toward anyone's eyes. This tool is 

not a toy - keep away from children.
WARNING: This light is not certified or 

recommended for use in areas identified in NEC 

Hazardous Location Classification and Ignition 









Save time, contact us first.






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• Power: 3.6 VDC

• Battery Pack: Rechargeable, 3.6 VDC, 1.0 Ah, Ni-MH

• LED-Bulb Life: 100,000 Hrs.

• Dimensions: 10" L (14-1/4" extended), 

  2-1/2" Diameter

• Run Time: 3 hours (30 LEDs), 8 hours (6 LEDs)

• Recharge Time: 4-6 hours 
• AC Charging Adapter 

  Input: 110-120 VAC, Output: 6 VDC, 300 mA
• DC Charging Adapter

  Input: 12 VDC, Output: 12 VDC

Your new cordless rechargeable worklight is an all-purpose light designed to provide safe illumination 

almost anywhere - automotive, construction, roadside emergencies, power outages, camping/tent light, 

and more. Proper use and care of your worklight will help ensure a longer life and trouble-free operation. 

Be sure to read and follow all instructions contained in this manual.  

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Initial Charging Procedure (AC Adapter Only)

Use AC charging adapter indoors in a dry location only. Exposure to damp or wet conditions   

could cause electrocution or damage to adapter.

Do not use charging adapter in combination with any extension cord, electrical generators, or step-up  

transformers. Always plug AC cord directly into a 110-120 V 60Hz AC outlet in a suitable location.

Normal Charging Procedure (AC Adapter)

1.) Set light on its base so it is standing vertically. Plug adapter into charging jack (Fig.2). 
2.) Plug adapter into 110-120 VAC, 60 Hz outlet. 
3.) Locate charging indicator LED (Fig.2). When adapter is properly plugged into charging jack and AC  

  outlet, indicator LED will glow red. 
4.) Charge for 4 hours or until charging indicator LED glows green. To prevent overheating, do not

  charge for more than 8 hours.
5.) Unplug AC adapter from electrical outlet, then disconnect from worklight. 


The worklight is shipped with a minimal charge in the internal battery pack. The Initial   

 Charging Procedure must be completed before first use to ensure proper battery life and 

performance. Failure to follow described charging procedures could permanently damage the internal 

battery pack. AC and DC charging adapters are for re-charging battery only. They cannot be used to 

directly power the worklight. 

1.) Set light on its base so it is standing vertically. Plug adapter  

  into charging jack on base of worklight (see Fig.2). 
2.) Plug AC adapter into 110-120 VAC, 60 Hz outlet. 
3.) Locate charging indicator LED (Fig.2). When adapter is properly  

  plugged into charging jack and AC outlet, indicator LED will glow red. 
4.) Charge unit for 8 hours. Indicator LED may glow green before 

  initial charge is complete. It is important to complete a full 8 hour 

  charge regardless of indicator LED color. To prevent 

  overheating, remove from charge after 8 hours.
5.) When operating for the first time, allow unit to run until battery is  

  discharged (light is dim or dark).
6.) The Initial Charging Procedure is now complete. To recharge unit,  

  refer to Normal Charging Procedure below. 

AC Charging Safety Precautions

Charging the Internal Battery

AC Charging Adapter


DC Charging Adapter


30 LED



Magnetic Base


Indicator LED

Charging Jack

On/Off Switch


6 LED Flashlight

36 LED Flashlight / Worklight



Charging Indicator LED

Charging Jack





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Notes on Charging

Charge after each significant use. Do not store unit for long periods of time with battery in uncharged 

condition as damage to battery could result. 
This product contains an internal Nickel-Metal Hydride battery pack and must be recharged every 

30-45 days to ensure optimum performance.
If you have followed charging instructions as described above and experience unsatisfactory 

performance, consult the troubleshooting guide.

DC Charging Adapter

The DC Charging Adapter is not intended as a primary charging source. Since charging times can 

be significantly longer, it is recommended that the DC Charging Adapter be used only when there 

is no AC power source available.

1.) Set light on stable surface. Plug adapter into charging jack on base of worklight. 
2.)  Plug DC adapter into vehicle lighter/12 VDC accessory socket. Locate charging indicator LED

  (Fig. 2). When adapter is properly plugged into charging jack and 12 VDC accessory  


  outlet, charging indicator LED will glow red. To prevent overheating, do not  charge for more  

  than 8 hours. 
3.) When indicator LED glows green, unit is fully charged. Disconnect DC adapter from 12 VDC outlet,  

  then from worklight.

DC charging adapter can be used in almost any vehicle or portable DC power station by plugging into 

lighter/12 VDC accessory power socket. Consult vehicle or power station owner’s manual for more 

information on operating 12 VDC accessories. Do not drive vehicle while charging worklight. Unsecured 

worklight may move suddenly around passenger compartment becoming a hazard during certain 

driving maneuvers.
Do not allow charging adapter to come in contact with water, rain, or snow. Store in dry location only. 

If charging adapter does come in contact with water, place in a dry location at room temperature on 

a soft, absorbent towel and allow to thoroughly dry. If it becomes submerged in water, discontinue 

use. Contact Michigan Industrial Tools or your local retailer for a replacement charging adapter. 
Use only the DC Charging Adapter supplied with worklight. Attempting to charge worklight with an 

adapter that is not compatible could result in fire, damage to worklight, or personal injury.

DC Charging Safety Precautions

Mode1 (6 LED Flashlight): Use on/off switch 

(Fig.1) to operate the 6 LED flashlight head. 

On a full battery charge, 6 LEDs will operate 

up to 8 hours (Fig.3). 
Mode 2 (30 LED Worklight): Extend body to 

operate 30 LEDs, retract to shut off. On a full 

battery charge, 30 LEDs will operate up to 

3 hours (Fig.3).

Using the Worklight: 

Two Operating Modes

Do not allow charging adapter to come in contact with water, rain, or snow. Store in dry location only. If 

charging adapter does come in contact with water, place in a dry location at room temperature on a soft, 

absorbent towel and allow to thoroughly dry. Do not operate until it is completely free of moisture. If it 

becomes submerged in water, discontinue use immediately. Contact Michigan Industrial Tools or your 

local retailer for a replacement charging adapter. 
Store AC adapter so it will not be confused with similar adapters for other products. Use only the AC 

Charging Adapter supplied with worklight to charge worklight. Attempting to charge worklight with an 

adapter that is not compatible could result in fire, damage to worklight, or personal injury.

Mode 1:

6 LED mode for 

maximum run time

Up to 

8 hours 

run time

Mode 2:

30 LED mode for 

maximum illumination 

Up to 

3 hours 

run time



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This product contains an internal Nickel-Metal Hydride battery pack 

and  must be recharged every 30-45 days to ensure optimum 

performance. If product is stored for long periods of time and not 

charged regularly the batteries may become permanently damaged.

Batteries do not hold a 

charge, LED lights are very 

dim or do not emit any light 

at all.

The Charging Indicator LED displays an estimate of battery condition 

during charging, and is not a precise measurement of battery capacity. 

If you are experiencing any of the problems listed, it may be due to 

an overly sensitive charging indicator. The unit may still charge and 

operate normally. Try charging the unit for 6 hours, disregarding the 

behavior of the charging indicator LED. Remove from charge after 6 

hours and use normally. If you are satisfied with the performance 

continue using 6 hour charging cycles for your worklight.

Charging Indicator LED 

does not change from red 

to green, flashes from red 

to green during charging, or 

glows green too quickly.

Be sure the charging cord is completely seated into the charging jack 

on the worklight and that the AC adapter is completely seated into a 

110-120 VAC wall outlet. If the wall outlet is controlled by a wall switch 

be sure it is turned on. If you are using the DC adapter check your 

automobile manual for proper DC outlet operation. 

Charging indicator LED 

does not light up at all. 

Possible Solutions:


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Charge unit after each significant use and before any long period of storage. Do not store worklight 

for long periods with the battery in uncharged condition. This could permanently damage the 

battery. Store worklight and charging adapters in a clean, dry area. Be sure to keep charging adapters 

included with this product stored separately from similar items belonging to other products. Only the 

charging adapters included with this worklight are compatible. Mistakenly using a non-compatible charger 

could cause damage to worklight or personal injury. The worklight can also be stored in vehicle for 

roadside emergency situations. If stored in vehicle, recharge battery every 30-45 days to ensure top 

performance in an emergency. To prevent worklight from being damaged, properly secure worklight and 

any accessories in a safe place in vehicle.


All exterior surfaces of worklight can be wiped clean with a soft cloth dampened with a soap and water 

solution. Do not immerse or submerge any part of worklight in water or other solvent. Use only a gentle 

soap detergent in cleaning solution. Never use solvents or cleaning agents containing petroleum (gasoline, 

kerosene, oil), paint thinner, turpentine, alcohol, or ammonia. Harsh materials will damage surfaces.


Any repairs should be performed by qualified personnel only . Do not open exterior casing of worklight. 

There are no user serviceable parts inside. Opening or visible attempts to open or repair worklight may 

void warranties and/or cause damage to tool or personal injury. LED bulbs will never wear out under 

normal conditions and do not need to be replaced. Rechargeable battery pack cannot be replaced. 

This product contains an internal Nickel-Metal Hydride battery pack formulated from environmentally 

sensitive materials. This product must be disposed of properly. Contact a local recycler of batteries 

to handle disposal. Be aware that in many areas it is illegal to dispose of batteries improperly and 

doing so may result in fines and/or imprisonment. Consult local regulations for disposal. Never 

incinerate batteries as they may leak or explode.


The worklight features a stand-up base with a 

built-in magnet. Soft coating on bottom of base 

allows worklight to be magnetically attached 

to vehicle body panels or under hood without 

damaging or scratching paint. (Fig.4)

Magnetic Base

Do not set worklight on or near computer equipment, computer disks or other 

types of magnetic storage or equipment. Magnetic fields can erase data. 







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