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tegatech TEGAv2 User Manual

Made by: tegatech
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How to use the pen effectively

Capacitive touch screens all favour finger input as the 
preferred method. Finding a stylus to suit the TEGA v2 was 
a challenge but ultimately we settled on the DAGI pen with 
see-through tip. It will allow you to take simple crude notes, 
just ensure you have the tip flat on the screen surface, and 
that your palm does not lean on the TEGA v2 and interrupt 

the cursor. For basic annotating it should be fun!

Battery optimization

Tips and tricks for best battery performance

We all know that battery life is a major issue for mobile devices, so with 
this in mind we want to provide you with a little primer on how to get the 
most out of your TEGA v2 and its battery.

When you don’t need the display to operate at full 
brightness (outside or in a meeting for example), 
turn the brightness down. The best way to do this is 
via power management or Windows Mobility Centre.

Chose the correct power plan. Even though you might 

be tempted to use High Performance mode it may be 
best to go for Power Saver then edit your plan settings 
to adjust screen brightness and sleep mode.

When your TEGA v2 is in sleep mode you simply 
wake it by tapping on the power button once, in 
Hibernate battery optimization is best but your 

unit will completely shut down in the process of 

Disable built-in devices not in use, for e.g. Wi-
Fi, Bluetooth or 3G. To do this look at the button 
configuration overleaf to understand how the enter 
buttons works towards enable/disabling these 

Get in range of your wireless network and improve 

battery life. When you access a wireless network, 
you can extend your battery by ensuring you are in 
range of a good signal .

Battery life is often a reflection of desired usage, for example some 
owners of the TEGA v2 will require a full working day from the unit 
while others will often go between meeting topping up battery with 
use of the supplied car charger or AC adapter. Often deciding how to 
optimize battery is more about setting a goal for exactly how much 

time you need between a top-up. Given it will take about 45 minutes 
of charge, to gain about 90 minutes battery life back, then often it 
will pay to travel with the car charger, an AC adapter or an external 
battery pack. Follow some of the tips above or download a full Battery 
Optimization eBook at 


Multi-Touch gestures: 

Make Windows more touch friendly





sales@tegatech.com.au | .us | .eu



sales@tegatech.com.au | .us | .eu




Spead fingers apart to zoom in
Pinch fingers together to pan out

Rotate View

Drag two fingers around each 
other to rotate the view

Tap Zoom

Tap with two fingers to 
zoom into selected items

Right Mouse Tap

Hold down with one finger
and tap with the other


Flick an image or page to
view the next one


Drag with two fingers to
move around the screen

The TEGA v2, a revolutionary device, is one of the most exciting products of 
2011. Its combined Windows/Android experience and slim design we believe 
the TEGA v2. Created to enhance mobility for people on the go the TEGA v2 
is a true content creation tool. With the flexibility offered by a full version 
of Microsoft Windows and the multi-tasking capabilities of the embedded 
Intel Atom n455 processor the TEGA v2 can effectively generate content 
with limitations based only on one’s imagination.

This Quick Start guide is designed to empower TEGA v2 buyers with 
simple tips and pointers on getting the most from your new TEGA v2. 
Designed towards getting the most from your TEGA v2 hardware and 
software experience this guide includes some essential suggestions for 
utilizing the unit. While we will make an effort to update the Quick Start 
guide on a regular bassis we strongly recommend you visit our forum 


 for the latest information and the dedicated 



 for drivers, reviews, videos and updates.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your investment in a 
TEGA v2 and joining the family of Tegatech buyers globally. With shipments 
of TEGA v2 to over 25 countries and resellers on 4 continents, we are very 
proud, and thankful, of your participation.


 Quick Guide 2011


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Hardware Overview:


Below you will find a brief definition for the TEGAv2 buttons 
(Power | Home | Enter/Wifi - On/Off)

1. Power:

A simple short tap will turn the TEGA v2 on. Once turned on a simple 
tap will display a power management menu within Android in order 
to “shut down or reboot”, or in Windows will send the computer to 
sleep within eight (8) seconds. To wake the computer from sleep 
simply tap on the power button once again.

2. Home:

Within Android the Home button acts as a back button. Within 
Windows the Home button utilizes the inherent multitasking 
abilities of Windows and with a single tap collapses all the current 
active Windows, and with another single tap resumes all current 
active Windows to their previous state.  

3. Enter/Wifi & Bluetooth:

Within Android the enter button does exactly that, i.e. act as an enter 
button. Within Windows a single tap with turn Wi-Fi on/off, a three 
(3) second press will turn 3G on/off, and a ten (10) second press 
will calibrate the touchscreen – both the Power light and the SSD 
light will flash simultaneously to let you know you have completed 
calibration successfully after the ten (10) second press.

3G Function:


How to use it?

We have preloaded an app-
lication call “Mobile Partner” in 
the programs section of your 
TEGA v2. Once your 3G modem is 
enabled (via the enter button as 
described above) you’ll be able 
to confirm the 3G is enabled by 

clicking on “Tools > Radio” to see if you are enabled or disabled. If you 
are not enabled at this stage please follow the enabling instructions 
again to wake the modem until you see it is enabled. To connect for 
the first time often you’ll need to enter some simple configuration 
data, for example username, password. Access number and APN – 
these will be assigned to you by your SIM car provider.  

Screen rotation: 

How to use it




How to turn Screen Rotate off

We have embedded a simple application to 
allow you to overwrite the auto screen rotate 
feature. Simple rightclick on the icon in your 
taskbar and select “on” or “off”.

Software tips:


Thinix has been designed to enhance the Windows touch experience 
on the TEGA v2. Specifically optimised for the TEGA v2 and designed 
to make navigation faster and more seemless. Here are some tips to 
make your Thinix experience better:


  Discover the power of the THinix Touch Configuration tool - It 

allows you to adjust Thinix to suit your needs and create new 
buttons, tabs and more.


  When using Thinix, slide your finger gently along the top icons to 

navigate through the icons and shortcut layers.


  Your TEGA v2 will automatically rotate Thinix when you orientate 

your TEGA v2 in portrait or landscape. 


  Multitasking within Thinix is fun. Minimize the application and 

watch Thinix do the rest.


SWYPE has been offered as a World Exclusive to TEGA v2 custom-
ers. It is being offered as a BETA and designed to enhance your 
TEGA v2 input experience. Here are some tips to make your SWYPE 
experience better:

Customising Windows: 

Make Windows more touch friendly

Your TEGA v2 has been customized heavily to work well with all the 
preloaded software, utilities, drivers and the hardware. This however 
does not mean it cannot be adjusted further to suit your needs. Here 
are some tips to customize Windows to suit your needs:


Be sure to view the SWYPE tutorial and understand the best way 
to use SWYPE


Download our SWYPE top 10 Tips and Tricks for further learning 
on SWYPE – www.TEGAv2.com/swype


  If you do not have SWYPE BETA preloaded (most deliveries 

pre 2011) then download and return a copy of SWYPE BETA 
agreement with your TEGA v2 serial number to obtain a copy


  Change “scrollbar” and “active tile bar” sizes and thickness 

by visiting: Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\
Personalization\Window Color and Appearance then click on 
“Advanced Appearance settings”.


Sometimes Windows “Flick” can create conflicts with Thinix 
gestures. To turn Flick off please visit: Control Panel\Hardware 
and Sound then click on “Pen and Touch settings”. Then go to 
“Flicks” tab.


Be sure to use the “Snipping Tool” we have embedded in your 
toolbar. This is a free Windows application which will allow you 
to cut, copy and paste, anything and share it with friends; it’s a 
great way to explore Tablet PC fun.

To rotate the 
screen, simply 
shift the way 
you hold it from 
horizontal to 
protrait and the 
software will do 
the rest.



 Quick Guide 2011


 Quick Guide 2011