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LevelOne FNC-0107TX User Manual

Made by: LevelOne
Type: User Manual
Category: Adapter
Pages: 10
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10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet 




User’s Manual 


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FNC-0107TX 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter 

FCC Warning 

This equipment has been tested and found to 
comply with the regulations for a Class B digital 
device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. 
These limits are designed to provide reasonable 
protection against harmful interference when the 
equipment is operated in a commercial 
environment. This equipment generates, uses, 
and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if 
not installed and used in accordance with this 
user’s guide, may cause harmful interference to 
radio communications. Operation of this 
equipment in a residential area is likely to cause 
harmful interference, in which case the user will 
be required to correct the interference at his own 

CE Mark Warning 

This  is a Class B product. In a domestic 
environment, this product may cause radio 
interference, in which case the user may be 
required to take adequate measures. 



All product and brand names are trademarks 
and/or registered trademarks of their repective 


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FNC-0107TX 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter 

Table of Contents 

INTRODUCTION…………………... 4 

About Fast Ethernet……………………… 

About Auto-negotiation…………………..  4 
About WOL (Wake-On-Lan)……………. 

Product Features…………………………. 


Hardware Installation…………………….. 

BIOS Confiuration……………………….. 

Driver Installation………………………… 

Boot ROM Installation…………………… 




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FNC-0107TX 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter 


Thank you for choosing the Level One 
FNC-0107TX 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet 
Adapter, the value leader  among Fast 
Ethernet adapters for PCI

Bus personal 

computers.  This Introduction chapter 
will be useful if you are new to Fast 
Ethernet and other new technology 
featured by the 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet 
Adapter. Otherwise, skip ahead to the 

Installation chapter. 

About Fast Ethernet 

Fast Ethernet is a network technology specified 
by IEEE Standard 802.3u.  It extends the 
traditional 10Mbps Ethernet technology to 
achieve 100Mbps transmission and reception, 
while retaining the same CSMA/CD Ethernet 
protocol.  Thus while Fast Ethernet provides a 
tenfold increase in network capacity, it is wholly 
compatible with traditional 10Mbps Ethernet 
network facilities. 

About Auto-negotiation 

Auto-negotiation is an IEEE 802.3 procedure of 
negotiating the highest data flow capability 
between the device (in this case, our Adapter) 
and their links partner (some other device).  The 
data flow information, to be negotiated, consists 
of the data speed (10Mbps or 100Mbps) and data 
transfer (half-duplex or full-duplex 
communication).  The physical process of 
auto-negotiation requires only a few milliseconds 


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FNC-0107TX 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter 

to choose the fastest communications capability 
between the two devices. 

About WOL 

(for WOL model only)


WOL (Wake-On-LAN) is an ACPI function 
allowing a powered OFF computer to be 
powered ON from a remote station.  ACPI 
(Advanced  Configuration  Power  Interface) is a 
new technology and an open industry 
specification to provide power management 
support systems through hardware and operating 
system cooperation.  To use the WOL feature, 
the NIC must be WOL capable and the 
motherboard of the PC (for which the card is 
installed) must be of ACPI architecture. 

While the powered OFF computer sleeps, the 
WOL NIC monitors LAN tra ffic for valid 
Wake-up frames.  The NIC will determine 
whether a received Wake-up frame is addressed 
to the PC.  If so, the NIC will send a signal to 
the motherboard to power ON the computer. 

What is the utility in the WOL card? 


”I forgot a document and I' m out of town?”  
Send a Wake-up signal to your computer 
and transfer the needed file to your location. 


Initiate long routines and reports before you 
get to work. 


Transfer files when the network traffic is 
low (during late hours). 


Power ON your PC before you arrive to 


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FNC-0107TX 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter 

WOL has great utility in power management of 
PCs, workstations, and kiosks. 


Product Featues 

Designed for versatility and performance, the 
FNC-0107TX 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet 
Adapter provides the following features: 


Wake-On-LAN (WOL) provides great utility 
for power management of PC. 


Operates in a PCI Bus Master slot of a 
Pentium/ Pentium-Pro/ Pentium-II computer, 
independent of CPU speed. 


PCI Bus Master memory access, for high 
throughput and low CPU demand. 


Plug and Play installation. 


100Mbps Fast Ethernet or 10Mbps Ethernet 
data transfer, selected via auto-negotiation. 


Full-duplex or half-duplex operation, 
selected by auto-negotiation. 


Built-in FIFO buffers reduce overhead of 
memory transfers. 


Drivers for all leading Network Operating 


Two LED indicators: Link, Activity. 


LINK Indicator 

A steady 


  LED indicates good 

linkage between the FNC-0107TX 
10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter and its 
supporting hub. 


ACTIVITY Indicator 


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FNC-0107TX 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter 

A flashing 


 LED indicates that the 

adapter is sending or receiving data. 



Installation of a FNC-0107TX 10/100Mbps Fast 
Ethernet Adapter requires Hardware installation 
first, then BIOS and Software installation. 

Hardware Installation 


Trun OFF the computer, unplug its power 
cord and open the computer case. 


Insert the contact edge of the FCN-0107TX 
10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter into the 
connector of any available PCI Bus Master 
e xpansion slot.  Press the card firmly into 
the connector and ascertain that the card 
contacts are fully seated in t he connector. 


For WOL model, connect the WOL cable to 
the NIC WOL connector. Both ends of the 
WOL cable are identical, so either and may 
be used. 


Install the bracket screw, which secures the 
card to the cinouter chassis. 


Replace the computer’s case and connect 
the network cable to newly installed 
network card. Reconnect the computer’s 
power cord and plug it into the power 



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FNC-0107TX 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter 



BIOS Configuration 

Due to a fault in some Plug-n-Play BIOS 
programs, it happens occasionally that a newly  
installed adapter is assigned an Interrupt Number 
which is already assigned to another device.  In 
such a case, the conflict of Interrupt Number will 
cause faults in the behavior of both devices.  
Then it is necessary to run the CMOS Setup 
utility, and manually assign a non-conflicting 
Interrupt Number. 

Driver Installation 

Before you connect the FNC-0107TX 
10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter to the 
network, you have to install the network driver 
first. The driver for each networking operating 
system is under a separate directory. A 
HELP8139.EXE file under root directory lists 
the information and detailed installation 
procedure of all the available drivers. 

Boot ROM Installation 

The optional Boot ROM device allows you to 
connect a diskless workstation to the network. 
Perform the following steps to install your Boot 
ROM device: 


Insert the Boot ROM into the socket on the 


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FNC-0107TX 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter 


Refer to the installation procedure provided 
by networking operating system. 




If you experience any problems with the adapter, 
first verify that the appropriate driver is loaded, 
that the proper grade of cable  is employed for the 
network connection, and that the supporting hub 
is functioning properly. 
1.  Ascertain that the adapter card is fully and 

firmly seated in the slot connector. 

2.  Check the length and rating of connecting 


3.  Ascertain that the adapter's PCI slot is not 

deactivated at the BIOS level. The CMOS 
Setup utility in PCI computers ordinarily 
provides the option to activate or deactivate 
PCI slots. 

4.  Replace the adapter in question with a 

verified adapter and run 


diagnostic tests on the sofrware diskette at 
directory of \DIAG\. 

5.  Install the questioned adapter in another PCI 

computer and run the tests again. 

Remove all other PCI adapters from the 
computer and run the tests again. If the 
verification/diagnostic run  is not normal, then 
there is probably an interrupt number conflict 
which will  have to be resolved manually by a 
CMOS Setup utility run after you have 
reinstalled all of the expansion cards. 



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FNC-0107TX 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter 






IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T 
IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX 
PCI Local Bus specification 

Host interface: 

PCI 2.1 Bus (Bus Master) 

Data Bus Width: 

32-bit PCI bus mastering 

Jumperless Hardware 
Auto-negotiation functionality 

(for WOL model only) 

Magic Packet 
Microsoft wake-up frame 

LED indicators: 

Link, Activity 

Media Interface: 


EMI Compatiblity:  FCC Class B 

CE Certification, Class B 
Canada C-Tick 


120mm x 58mm 




C ~ 70


Operating Temp.:  0


C ~ 50


Storage Humidity:  10% ~ 90% non-condensing 
Operating Humidity: 10% ~70% non-condensin g 
Power Consumption: 1.1 Watts (maximum) 
PCB Layer: 

2 layers