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Cobra iRadar S120R User Manual

Made by: Cobra
Type: User Guide
Category: Cell Phone Accessories
Pages: 2
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Typical Fitting



Typical Fitting

Typical Fitting

When you have found a suitable location, using 
the ’L’ shaped mounting bracket as a template, 
drill between 2 and 4 pilot holes into the selected 
mounting surface for attaching the bracket using 
either the self-tapping screws or the nuts and bolts 

You will need to attach the bracket using at least 
2 screws or 2 nuts and bolts to ensure that the 
bracket is well secured. Remember that there is a 
lot of vibration within the engine compartment 
so it is very important that the S120R mounting 
bracket is secured correctly.

User Guide

Thank you for purchasing the Cobra iRadar S120R  
for iPhone, the world’s first connected radar/laser 

iRadar S120R uses 


®  wireless 

technology to connect your iPhone®/iPod Touch® 
to display radar, laser and speed camera alerts.

Follow these simple steps to get your  
iRadar S120R up and running.

Cobra iRadar is made for

iPod touch (4th Generation) 
iPhone 4S 
iPhone 4 
iPhone 3GS


 Location-based alerts and GPS settings 

available only with iPhone. Only radar/laser alerts 
and settings will work with iPod touch.

What’s in the box?

Cobra iRadar S120R 
Mounting bracket 
Screw, nut & bolt pack 
Cable-tie fasteners 

Typical Fitting



Typical Fitting

For iPhone


Typical Fitting

Mounting Notes

When mounting and connecting the power cables 
of the S120R always ensure that you mount the 
unit and cables away from any moving parts 
such as air-cooling fans or the fan belt. Always 
position the unit so that device and power cables 
do not interfere with any moving parts within the 
engine compartment or interfer with any part 
of the vehicle that could endanger you or your 
passengers. Please check that all surfaces are safe 
to drill through before beginning any work.

Setting Up iRadar S120R 

The S120R has been designed to be mounted 
under the bonnet, behind the vehicle’s grille or 
within an air intake at the front of the vehicle if 
appropriate using the ’L’ shaped bracket and screw 
pack provided.

Find a suitable mounting position for the detector, 
ensuring that the front of the unit has a clear 
view of the road ahead and is unobstructed by 
any metallic objects and that there is a sufficient 
mounting area to attach the ’L’ shaped fixing 
bracket. The S120R needs to be mounted in as 
horizontal a position as possible so that it is looking 
directly down the road ahead.

We recommend that you mount the detector either 
behind the vehicle’s grille (if the openings of the 
grille are at least 10mm in diameter) or within an air 
intake at the front of the vehicle. The S120R can be 
mounted anywhere at the front of the vehicle, but 
for optimum performance we suggest you mount 
it as close to the number plate of the vehicle as 

Connecting the iRadar S120R

The S120R is powered by wiring it directly to your 
vehicles 12v electrical system using the cable 
supplied  Firstly connect the positive side of the 
cable (Red) to a switched 12v ignition supply. 

This is a live that is On when the ignition is 
switched On and Off when the ignition is Off. 

The negative side of the lead (black) should 
be connected to a negative ground, so can be 
attached to any metal portion of the vehicles 
frame. The LED will blink red if the power 
connection has been completed successfully. This 
LED can be located near to the point where the 
power cable enters the rear of the device.

It is not advisable to connect the S120R directly 
to the vehicle battery as after long periods 
of vehicle inactivity the vehicle battery may 
become discharged.

Trademark Acknowledgement



 and the snake design are registered trademarks of Cobra Electronics 

Corporation, USA.


 and iPod


 touch are trademarks of Apple, Inc, registered with the U.S. and other countries.

The Bluetooth


 word mark is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Cobra 

Electronics Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

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Pairing iRadar S120R

iRadar S120R uses 



wireless technology to 
communicate with your iPhone.  

On your iPhone/iPod 
touch, enter 





, then 


. Make sure 

Bluetooth is switched 



S120R EU

 should appear 





 Your iPhone/iPod 

touch may take 30 seconds 
to one minute to recognize 
the device. 

It will initially appear as 


” and will then turn 


S120R EU

. If you cannot 

see the device, try restarting 
both iRadar and your iPhone/
iPod touch and re-do steps 1 
through 5.


S120R EU

then press 


Now that you are paired with IRadar S120R, you 
must connect using the IRadar S120R App.

Downloading the App 

To download the App, enter the App Store on your 
iPhone and search for “

Cobra iRadar

” and follow 

the onscreen instructions.

Access to the AURA™ database is free for the fi rst 
30 days after downloading. To continue accessing 
the AURA™ database and its benefi ts you will need 
to subscribe using the In App payment system. 

Monthly  £1.99/€2.39.

Quarterly £5.49/.€5.99. 

Annual  £20.99/€23.99.

Note: After the 30 day free period has 
expired and if you don’t subscribe to the 
AURA™ database, your S120R will still alert 
you to the presence of Radar and Laser but 
you will not receive any live camera locations 
or AURA™ database alerts.

The LED on the detector unit will fl ash blue. When 
pairing has been completed, it will turn solid blue.

Bluetooth Pairing Tips

If you are having trouble initializing or 
maintaining your Bluetooth connection take the 
following steps:  

1) Turn off  your Cobra iRadar detector device, wait 

30 seconds, and then turn it back on. On your 
iPhone/iPod Touch, turn Bluetooth Off  and then 
On again.

2) If you are still not connected, go to the Bluetooth 

Settings menu on your iPhone/iPod Touch.  Press 

 button to the right of

 S120R EU

 and then 

press “

Forget this Device

”.  Wait approximately 

30 seconds for 

S120R EU

 to appear under 

Devices and then press 

S120R EU 

to reinitialize 


3) If 

S120R EU 

does not appear under Devices 

or you experience an intermittent Bluetooth 
connection, completely turn off  both your 
iPhone/iPod Touch and iRadar detector unit, wait 
30 seconds, and then turn them back on.

Once the app is launched, the phone will attempt 
to communicate with the IRadar S120R detector 
unit.  This connection may take up to 30 seconds.  
Once the connection is made the LED on the rear of 
the detector unit will turn blue and an icon on the 
App’s home screen will say “



Now you’re ready to enjoy using IRadar S120R!

Cobra iRadar S120R App


Displays speedometer, 
compass and car 
battery voltage. 


Confi gure your IRadar S120R 


: All radar/laser/speed 

camera detector settings will 
be inactive if you are not paired 
with IRadar S120R or are out of 

View Map

Shows user-marked locations, 
speed camera locations 
in your area and GPS-based 
speed & direction of travel.

Service under Warranty

Your iRadar S120R comes with a standard one year 
manufacturer’s warranty.

If, for some reason, your unit requires service under 
warranty return your iRadar S120R, via special 
delivery (insured) and in suitable packaging to:

The Returns Department, 
Performance Products Limited
Cleaver House, Sarus Court, Stuart Road, 
Manor Park, Runcorn WA7 1UL.

Enclose the following information:

(a) Your name, address and a full description of the 

(b) A telephone number where you can be reached 
  during business hours.

(c) Your units’ serial number.

Performance Products Limited,
Tel: 0333 240 1000  Fax: 0333 240 1100
www.snooper.eu / info@snooper.eu

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