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Aastra 6753i Quick Reference Manual

Made by: Aastra
Type: Quick Reference Guide
Category: IP Phone
Pages: 2
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Basic Phone Features

Make a Call

1. Lift the Handset, press a 

Line Appearance 

key or 




2. Dial the number from the keypad. 

Answering a Call

For handsfree operation, press the 


 key or line/call 

appearance button for the incoming call.


Press the 


 key to call a recently dialed number.

Ending Calls

To end a call replace the handset, or press either the 






Key Description

Goodbye key 

– Ends an active call or sends an 

incoming call directly to voicemail. 

Options key

 – Accesses options to customize your 


Hold key 

– Places an active call on hold. To retrieve a 

held call, press the call appearance button beside the 
light that is flashing. 

Redial key

 – Redials up to 100 previously dialed 

numbers. Pressing the Redial key twice simultaneously 
redials the last dialed number. 

Volume control key

 – Adjusts the volume for the 

handset, headset, ringer, and handsfree speaker. 

Line/Call Appearance key

 – Connects you to a line or 

call. The Aastra 6753i IP phone supports up to 4 line 

Handsfree key

 – Activates handsfree for making and 

receiving calls without lifting the handset. When the 
audio mode option is set, this key is used to switch 
between a headset and the handsfree speakerphone. 

Mute key 

– Mutes the microphone so that your caller 

cannot hear you (the light indicator flashes when the 
microphone is on mute). 

Navigation keys


– Press UP or DOWN 

to view status of text messages on 
the LCD display and scroll through 

menu selections.  Press the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to view different 
line/call apppearances.

Hosted IP PBX Quick Reference Guide

Programmable Function Keys 

6 programmable keys on the 6753i IP Phone 

Aastra 6753i

For Your Reference

Your phone number 


Your extension 


Code to dial an external number 


Access your phone settings online 


Conferencing phone number 

Conferencing moderator code 

Conferencing participant code 

Remote access to call forwarding number 


Remote access to call forwarding PIN

Your administrator 

Your administrator’s phone number 


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Common Access Codes


Advanced Call Handling

Call Hold 

1. To put a call on hold, press the 



2. To retrieve the call, press the 


 Key again or press the 



Call Transfer 

1.  Press the 


 key -- this places the current call on hold. 

2. Dial the number of the person you want to transfer the call to. 
3. To transfer the call, press the Xfer key again.

Call Waiting 

1. Select 


 or press the line key which is flashing.  

2. Toggle between the calls by placing the current call on hold and 

retrieving the other call.

3 Way Conferencing 

1. When in a regular call, press the 



2. Dial the person you want to join you call. 
3. Once this person has answered press the 


 key again to set 

up the three way call. 

Parking a Call 

Parking a call places the call on hold in a “park orbit” so that the call can 
be retrieved from another phone. 
1.  Initiate call transfer by pressing the 



2. Dial the Call Park access code 


3. Listen to the park orbit number where the call will be parked. 
4. Complete the call transfer by pressing 


 again. To retrieve a parked 

call, dial 


 followed by the park orbit number. 

Do Not Disturb 

Do Not Disturb enables you to send calls straight through to voicemail. 
1. If you have a key marked 


, press this to turn Do Not Disturb On and 


2. If you don’t have a 


 key then dial 


to turn Do Not Disturb On and 


to turn it off.


When you have one or more unheard voice messages waiting, your phone 
will display a flashing light in the upper right corner.

  To access voicemail: Press 


 or press the Messages or Voicemail key if 

you have one.

  To listen to your voice messages: Press 1

  To listen to your other messages: Press 11

  To save a message: Press 2

  To delete a message: Press 3

  To change your mailbox settings: Press 4

  To go back to previous menu: Press *

  To finish: Press #

You may also access your voicemail visually using 


Call Forwarding

Your phone system supports different types of Call Forwarding: 
Immediate, Busy, and No Answer.  
To enable and disable call forwarding, go to the Call Manager tab in 



To enable call forwarding using the phone, dial the access code for the 
type of call forwarding you want to enable followed by the number you 
wish to forward calls to.  
To disable call fowarding, dial the deactivation code for that type of 
call forwarding.

Park Call 


Retrieve Parked Call 


Do Not Disturb Activation 


Do Not Disturb Deactivation 


Go Straight to Callee’s Voicemail


Group Call Pickup 





 gives you a powerful and easy to use Web interface to 

your phone settings.

Logging In:

1.  Go to https://portal.


2.  Enter your phone number
3.  Enter your password

Dashboard Page

The dashboard displays 
new voice messages, recent 
received and missed calls, 
contacts, and settings you 
have applied to your phone.


Messages & Calls



 tab displays new and saved voice messages. Play, delete, 

or market as heard/unheard.


Missed Calls, Dialed Calls,


Received Calls 

show you all your recent 

called activity.

Call Manager

  The Summary tab of 

Call Manager 

provides a description of what will 

happen to your incoming calls.

  The other tabs allow you to change the settings of your call coverage, 

including Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb, and FindMe/FollowMe.

Change Password

1.  Go to 



2. Enter your new password in 



3.  Re-enter your new password in the 

Confirm Password


4.   Click 

Change Password

Configure Your Phone Keys 

1.  Select the 


 page in CommPortal.

2.  Select the 



3.  Click on the 

Configure Your Phone