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Tektronix PHASER 1235 Service Quick Reference Manual

Made by: Tektronix
Type: Service Quick Reference Guide
Category: Printer
Pages: 13
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The following servicing instructions are for 
use by qualified service personnel only.  To 
avoid personal injury, do not perform any 
servicing other than that contained in
operating instructions unless you are qualified 
to do so.

This printing:  December 2000 


P H A S E R ®   1 2 3 5  
N E T W O R K   C O L O R   P R I N T E R


Servic e Quic k Referenc e Guide


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Users safety summary


Terms in



Conditions that can result in damage to the product.  





Conditions that can result in personal injury 
or loss of life.  


Power source:




 For 110 VAC printers, Do not apply more than 140 volts RMS 

between the supply conductors or between either supply conductor and ground.  
Use only the specified power cord and connector.  For 220 VAC printers, do not 
apply more than 260 volts RMS between the supply conductors or between either 
supply conductor and ground.  Use only the specified power cord and connector.  
Refer to a qualified service technician for changes to the cord or connector.


Operation of product:


  Avoid electric shock by contacting a qualified service 

technician to replace fuses inside the product.  Do not operate without the covers 
and panels properly installed.  Do not operate in an atmosphere of explosive 


Safety instructions:


  Read all installation instructions carefully before you plug the 

product into a power source.


Terms on




A personal injury hazard exists that may not be 




apparent.  For example, a panel may cover the hazardous area.  
Also applies to a hazard to property including the product itself.  


A personal injury hazard exists in the area where
 you see the sign.


Care of product:


  Disconnect the power plug by pulling the plug, not the cord.  

Disconnect the power plug if the power cord or plug is frayed or otherwise 
damaged, if you spill anything into the case, if product is exposed to any excess 
moisture, if product is dropped or damaged, if you suspect that the product needs 
servicing or repair, and whenever you clean the product.


Ground the product:


  Plug the three-wire power cord (with grounding prong) into 

grounded AC outlets only.  If necessary, contact a licensed electrician to install a 
properly grounded outlet.


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Symbols as marked on product:

DANGER high voltage:

Protective ground (earth) terminal:

Use caution.  Refer to the manual(s) for information:




  If the product loses the ground connection, usage of knobs and 

controls (and other conductive parts) can cause an electrical shock.  Electrical 
product may be hazardous if misused.  


Service safety summary


For qualified service personnel only:


  Refer also to the preceding Users Safety 



Do not service alone:




 Do not perform internal service or adjustment of this 

product unless another person capable of rendering first aid or resuscitation is 


Use care when servicing with power on:


  Dangerous voltages may exist at several 

points in this product.  To avoid personal injury, do not touch exposed 
connections and components while power is on.

Disconnect power before removing the power supply shield, soldering, or 
replacing components.


Do not wear jewelry:  


Remove jewelry prior to servicing.  Rings, necklaces, and 

other metallic objects could come into contact with dangerous voltages and 


Power source:  


This product is intended to operate from a power source that will 

not apply more than 120 or 250 volts rms (depending on printer model) between 
the supply conductors or between either supply conductor and ground.  A 
protective ground connection by way of the grounding conductor in the power 
cord is essential for safe operation.



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Service Guide






General Information



The Phaser 1235 Color Printer  2

Printer RAM and printer capabilities  4
CRU life counter behavior  4

Print engine assemblies  5
The image processor board  11

The control panel  12

On Line LED  12
! Fault  12

Rear panel  13
Accessing special operating modes  14
System controller board LEDs  14
Paper tray type sensing  15

Specifications  16

Regulatory specifications  19


Error Codes and Messages



Error messages  21





Power on self-diagnostic test  32
Print engine troubleshooting  33

Testing the print engine  33
Verifying printer operation by using its self-test print  34
Verifying power supply operation  34

Measuring power supply voltages  34
Inspecting the low-voltage power supply fuse  36
Safety interlocks  36
Testing for a shorted motor  37

Motor and fuser roller resistances  38
Media jams and the paper path  39
Media-based problems  39

Media problems  39
Multiple-sheet pick  39
The media skews passing through the paper path  40
Paper tray indicates it is empty when it is not  40


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Phaser 1235 Network Color Printer


Jams  41

Wrong media  41
Paper jams at the paper tray  41
Manual bypass feeder feed jams  42
Paper jams at the registration rollers  42
Paper jams at the transfer belt  42
Fuser jams  43
Eject jams  43
Jams in the duplex unit  43
No drum imaging unit installed  44
Imaging drum unit up/down error  44
Fan error  44
Fuser unit error  45

Other problems  46

The printer continuously displays “Booting” or “Initializing.”  46
False “No toner cartridge installed” message  46
False “No fuser unit installed” message  46
Front door indicated being open when it is closed  47
High temperature error  47
Low temperature error  47
Invalid memory DIMM  47

Printing and print quality problems  48

Light or blurred images  48
Dark, stained background  49
Blank print  50
Black stripe in direction of paper travel  51
White stripe in direction of paper travel  52
Poor fusing, toner offsetting  53
Repeating defect or voids on print  54
Missing characters or voids in print  55
Color misalignments  56
Unexpected colors  57
Image is skewed on the paper  58
Image is not centered on the print  58
The print is wrinkled  58

Macintosh printing problems  59

Image never prints  59
Image is rotated 90 degrees  59
Image prints in black-and-white  59
Printer isn’t in the Chooser  60

Windows printing problems  60

Image never prints  60


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Service Guide



Service Tests and Adjustments



Diagnostics mode  61

Switch scan test  63
LED head test  68
Motor and clutch tests  69
Test printing  71
Consumable count initialization  73
Consumable counter display  75
Consumable continuation counter display  76
Adjusting color density and balance  77

Printing a Test Page  77
Interpreting the Color Balance test print  77
What to look for  78
Making adjustments  78
Adjustment recovery  79


Cleaning and Maintenance



Service preventive maintenance procedure  81
Recommended tools  82
Periodically replaced parts  82
Cleaning  83

Cleaning the LED bar  83
Cleaning the pickup roller  83


Resetting NVRAM


FRU Disassembly



Cabinet panels  87

Top cover  87
Left-side cover  88
Right-side cover  89
Rear cover  90
Front cover  91
Face-up tray  92

Frames components  93

Right shield plate  93
Electrical chassis (card cage)  94
Electrical chassis cooling fan  96
Printer unit chassis  97
Main cooling fan  99
Top cover inner frame  100
Left/right top cover spring assembly  103
Left paper tray guide assembly  104
Right paper tray guide assembly  106


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Phaser 1235 Network Color Printer


Left plate assembly  108

Electronic boards  109

System controller board  109
Print engine controller board  110
Toner sensor board  111
Entrance sensor board  113
High voltage power supply  114
Low voltage power supply  116
Control panel  117

Paper feed components  118

Tray 1 feed roller and nudger roller  118
Retard pad  119
Paper-size sensing board  120
Paper-size sensing actuator  122
Main feeder assembly  123
Tray 1 no-paper/low-paper sensors  125
Paper tray lift arm roller  126

Multi-sheet bypass feeder components  127

Multi-sheet bypass feeder  127
Multi-sheet bypass feeder entrance sensor actuator  129

Paper transport components  130

Tray 1 entrance sensor actuator  130
Belt entrance sensor actuator  131
Transfer belt unit  132

Registration components  133

Registration clutch  133
Registration motor assembly  134
Registration roller assembly A and drive gear  135
Registration roller assembly B  137

Exit assembly and fuser components  139

Fuser unit  139
Fuser latching handle (left)  140
Fuser latching handle (right)  141
Fuser exit roller  142
Exit sensor assembly  144
Duplex guide assembly  146
Eject guide assembly  148
Stack full sensor  149


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Service Guide




Drive assembly components  151

Main motor assembly  151
Main feeder drive motor  153
Transfer belt motor assembly  154
Xerographic components  156
Shutter plate  156
Color registration sensor assembly  157
Color registration solenoid  158
LED assembly  159
Drum contact assembly  160
Toner sensor actuators  161

Duplex unit  163
Optional paper feeder components  164

Idler roller assembly  164
Inner frame  166
Feeder clutch  169
Feeder motor  171
Feeder control board  173
Paper transport roll guide  175
Feeder drive assembly  177
Paper size sensing actuator  179
Paper size sensing board  180
Lower connector  181
Upper connector  183
Tray 2/3 feed roller and nudger roller  185


FRU List



Using the parts list  187


Test Prints


Wiring Diagram



background image




Phaser 1235 Network Color Printer




The Phaser 1235 Color Printer with lower tray feeders   1
Print engine circuit boards   5
Print engine circuit boards (cont’d)   6
Print engine sensor and switch locations   7
Print engine sensor and switch locations (cont’d)   8
Print engine motors, clutches and solenoids   9
Optional feeder motor and clutch   10
Features of the controller board   11
The control panel   12
The printer rear panel   13
Tray switch sensors and actuators   15
Door safety interlock switches   37
LED Head Test Pattern   68
Print problem caused by dirty LED lens   83
Removing the top cover   87
Removing the left-side cover   88
Removing the right-side cover   89
Removing the rear cover   90
Removing the front cover   91
Removing the face-up tray   92
Removing the right shield plate   93
Removing the electrical chassis   95
Removing the electrical chassis cooling fan   96
Disconnecting the registration motor in-line connector (HOPFF)   97
Removing the printer unit chassis   98
Removing the main cooling fan   99
Removing the top shield plate   100
Removing the harnesses from the  electrical chassis   101
Removing the top cover inner frame   102
Removing the left/right top cover spring assembly   103
Removing the lower plate assembly   104
Removing the left paper tray guide assembly   105
Removing the paper tray guide assemblies   106
Removing the right paper tray guide assembly   107
Removing the left plate assembly   108
Removing the system controller board   109
Removing the print engine controller   110
Disconnecting the LED power harnesses   111
Removing the toner sensor board   112


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Service Guide




Removing the entrance sensor board   113
Removing the high voltage power supply   115
Removing the low voltage power supply   116
Removing the control panel   117
Removing the feed roller and nudger roller   118
Removing the retard pad   119
Removing the paper size sensing board   121
Removing the paper size sensing actuator   122
Removing the main feeder assembly   124
Removing the lower plate assembly   125
Removing the paper tray lift arm roller   126
Removing the multi-sheet bypass feeder   128
Removing the multi-sheet bypass feeder entrance sensor actuator   129
Removing the tray 1 entrance sensor actuator   130
Removing the belt entrance sensor actuator   131
Removing the transfer belt unit   132
Removing the registration clutch   133
Removing the registration motor assembly   134
Removing the registration roller assembly A and drive gear   136
Removing the registration roller assembly B   138
Removing the fuser unit   139
Fuser latching handle (left)   140
Removing the fuser latching handle (right)   141
Removing the fuser exit roller   143
Removing the exit sensor assembly   145
Removing the duplex guide assembly   147
Removing the eject guide assembly   148
Removing the LED Assembly power connector   149
Removing the stack full sensor   150
Removing the main motor assembly   152
Removing the main feeder drive motor   153
Removing the transfer belt motor assembly   155
Removing the shutter plate   156
Removing the color registration sensor assembly   157
Removing the color registration solenoid   158
Removing an LED assembly   159
Removing the drum contact assembly   160
Disconnecting the LED assembly power harness   161
Removing the toner sensor actuators   162
Removing the duplex unit   163
Removing the feeder control board cover   164
Removing the idler roller assembly   165
Removing the optional feeder inner frame bottom screws   166


background image




Phaser 1235 Network Color Printer


Removing the feeder control board cover   167
Removing the optional feeder inner plate   168
Removing the feeder control board cover   169
Removing the feeder clutch   170
Removing the feeder control board cover   171
Removing the feeder motor   172
Removing the feeder control board cover   173
Removing the feeder control board   174
Removing the feeder control board cover plate   175
Removing the paper transport roll guide   176
Removing the feeder control board cover plate   177
Removing the feeder drive assembly   178
Removing the paper size sensing actuator   179
Removing the paper size sensing board   180
Removing the feeder control board cover plate   181
Removing the lower connector   182
Removing the feeder control board cover plate   183
Removing the upper connector   184
Removing the tray 2/3 feed roller and nudger roller   185
Cabinet FRUs   189
Top cover FRUs   191
Printer chassis FRUs (1 of 2)   193
Printer chassis FRUs (2 of 2)   195
Paper tray FRUs   197
Paper tray guide FRUs   199
Multi-sheet bypass feeder FRUs   201
Electrical components FRUs   203
Duplexer unit   205
Lower Tray Assembly FRUs   207
Wiring diagram (part 1 of 3)   215
Wiring diagram (part 2 of 3)   216
Wiring diagram (part 3 of 3)   217
Wire routing at the engine controller board   218
Wire routing at the top of the engine controller board   219
Detail of wiring passthru   220
Wiring under the top shield plate   221


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Service Guide






Entering special operating modes   14
Paper size detection   15
Physical dimensions   16
Printer clearances   16
Functional specifications   17
Electrical specifications   18
Environmental specifications   18
Printer fault messages   21
POWER Connector pinout   35
Motor and fuser roller resistances   38
Engine maintenance mode menu   62
Switch scans and the sensor and switches test   64
Motor and clutch test constraints   69
Test Print menu   71
Table 1:  Initialization items - consumables   73
Table 2:  Initialization items - calibration points   74
Consumable counter menu items   75
Consumable life-cycle counts   76
Periodically replaced parts   82
FRU parts list of the printer cabinet   188
FRU part list of the top cover assembly   190
FRU part list of the printer chassis (1 of 2)   192
FRU of the printer chassis (2 of 2)   194
FRU of the paper tray   196
FRU of the paper tray guide   198
FRUS of the multi-sheet bypass feeder   200
Electrical components FRUs   202
FRUs of the duplexer unit   204
FRUs of the Lower Tray Assembly   206
Hardware kit   208
Gear kit   208
Sensor flag kit   209
Harness kit   209
Customer replaceable consumables   210