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Tekkeon myPower MP1280 User Manual

Made by: Tekkeon
Type: User Guide
Category: Battery Charger
Pages: 16
Size: 0.36 MB


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MP1280 User Guide


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User Guide



Overview ..............................................................1

Getting Started .....................................................2

  Unpacking myPower for iPhone 4 ....................2

  Getting to Know myPower for iPhone 4 ............3

Using myPower for iPhone 4 .................................4

  Adhering myGuard

 Protector ..........................4

  Placing Your iPhone 4 into the Battery Case .....5

  Removing Your iPhone 4 from the Battery Case .....7

  Viewing the Battery Capacity ...........................7

  Charging myPower for iPhone 4 .......................7

  Syncing Your iPhone 4 .....................................9

  Storing myPower for iPhone 4 ..........................9

  Prolonging Battery Life...................................10

Swapping Battery Modules .................................10

Troubleshooting ..................................................11

Accessories ........................................................12

Safety Precautions ..............................................12

Limited Warranty ................................................13


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 for iPhone


 4, the ultra slim 

rechargeable battery case for iPhone 4, lets 
you talk, rock, view, share, and stay connected 
longer.  This compact battery case doubles as  
a dock for automatic syncing, and as a case  
to protect your iPhone 4 from everyday wear 
and tear. 

Equipped with an efficient lithium polymer 
battery, myPower for iPhone 4 preserves your 
iPhone 4 battery by bypassing the battery and 
directly powering (rather than charging) your  
iPhone 4.  When plugged into a USB power 
adapter or computer USB port, myPower for 
iPhone 4 will charge itself and the connected 
iPhone 4 battery.  A bright dual-color LED shows 
the capacity level at a quick glance.

With its highly innovative 



myPower for iPhone 4 
lets you exchange the 
battery module on the 
go.  That way, you can 
have extra battery packs 
at your fingertips, so 
you’re not limited by 
the capacity of a single 
external battery.


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Getting Started

Unpacking myPower for iPhone 4

Your myPower for iPhone 4 package includes 
the following:

User guide (not shown)


 protector set (not shown)

myPower for iPhone 4

Micro USB cable


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Getting to Know myPower for iPhone 4


battery module

On/off switch 



Micro USB port  

for charging 

and automatic 


Capacity indicator  

shows remaining 

power at a glance



Raised edge for iPhone 4 

surface protection


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Using myPower for iPhone 4

Use myPower for iPhone 4 to power your  
iPhone 4, or to charge your iPhone 4 while  
connected to external power.  myPower for  
iPhone 4 bypasses the iPhone 4 battery to  
power (not charge) your iPhone 4, thus  
extending the overall life of the iPhone 4 battery.  
The battery will not charge iPhone 4 unless  
connected to an external power source.

myPower for iPhone 4 is charged in two ways: 
by connecting to external power via a USB 
power adapter, or by connecting to a computer 
USB port.  You use the included micro USB  
cable to charge the device.  If you are using  
an iPhone 4-compliant USB power adapter, you 
may charge your iPhone 4 at the same time by 
inserting the iPhone 4 in the case. 

As a bonus feature, myPower for iPhone 4 
doubles as a dock to sync your iPhone 4 to your 
computer when connected via the micro USB 
cable.  In this case, myPower for iPhone 4 will 
both sync and charge your iPhone 4.

Adhering myGuard Protector

Your myPower for iPhone 4 includes a myGuard 
protector set to protect the front and back of 
your iPhone 4. As it is possible the back of the 
iPhone 4 could be scratched if dust or other ele-
ments were to get caught between the battery 


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case and the iPhone 4 back, it is very important 
that you adhere the protector onto the back of 
your iPhone 4. This will prevent any scratches 
on the back when the iPhone 4 is in or out of our 
battery case. Additional myGuard protectors are 
available online at www.tekkeon.com. 

1. Ensure that your iPhone 4 is free of dust.

2. Holding the red label  , peel the first  

backing from the myGuard protector.

3. Position and adhere myGuard to the back of 

your iPhone 4.

4. Run your hand across the back to smooth  

out any bubbles.

5. Holding the black label  , peel the second 

backing from the myGuard protector.

6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 to adhere the  

myGuard protector to the front of your iPhone 4.

Placing Your iPhone 4 into the Battery Case

1. Holding the control module, gently pull the 

battery module from the control module to 
separate the two pieces.

2. Slide your iPhone 4 into the control  

module, ensuring that it is fully docked  
onto the 30-pin connector in the bottom  
of the module.


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3. Slide the battery module down over your 

iPhone 4 until it snaps into place.

4. When you’re ready to use the battery,  

slide the On/Off switch to the On position  
(to the right). The battery icon on your  
iPhone 4 will change to 

 to indicate  

your iPhone 4 is being externally powered. 

5. Use your iPhone 4 as you would  

normally.  The iPhone 4 battery  
will not be used while  
iPhone 4 is in the case  
until myPower for  
iPhone 4 is empty, or  
you slide the power  
switch to off.


The On/Off switch functions only when 

your iPhone 4 is in the battery case.  When your 
iPhone 4 is not in the battery case, power is 
disabled so the battery will not slowly drain.

To maximize your myPower for iPhone 4 battery 
power, turn off myPower for iPhone 4 if your  
iPhone 4 will be in standby mode for an  
extended period (such as overnight).


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Removing Your iPhone 4 from the Battery Case

1. Gently pull the battery module from the 

control module to separate the two pieces.

2. Slide your iPhone 4 away from the 30-pin  

connector in the control module.

3. To store myPower for iPhone 4, slide the 

battery module onto the control module until 
it snaps into place or store the two pieces 

Viewing the Battery Capacity

When your iPhone 4 is in the battery case, the 
Capacity Indicator on the end of myPower for 
iPhone 4 will indicate the remaining battery 
capacity as follows: 





When the Capacity Indicator turns to red, 
recharge the battery.

Charging myPower for iPhone 4

An empty myPower for iPhone 4 will charge 
in about 3 hours using an iPhone 4-compliant 
power adapter.  Both empty batteries  
(your iPhone 4 and myPower for iPhone 4)  
can be charged in about 6 hours.


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1. With or without your iPhone 4 inserted in  

the battery case, connect the micro USB  
connector to the micro USB port on  
myPower for iPhone 4.

2. Connect the USB connector to a wall outlet 

using a USB power adapter or to a computer 
USB port.

  The battery capacity indicator will turn to  

red to indicate myPower for iPhone 4 is  
being charged. If connected, your iPhone 4 
battery icon will change to 

 to indicate 

your iPhone 4 is being charged. 

3. The capacity indicator will change from red  

to blue, to indicate that myPower for iPhone 4 
is at least 80% charged.  Continue to charge 
for one hour. 

4. Unplug the micro USB cable from your  

myPower for iPhone 4 when the battery is 
fully charged (3 hours without iPhone 4 or  
6 hours with iPhone 4).



Battery Capacity


  1% - 80%


  80% - 100%

ChARGinG indiCAtoR


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If you are charging iPhone 4 at the same 

time, you must use an iPhone 4-compliant  
USB adapter.

Syncing Your iPhone 4

The intelligent design of myPower for iPhone 4 
enables you to sync your iPhone 4 while  
charging it via a USB port on your computer. 

1. With your iPhone 4 inserted in the battery 

case, connect the micro USB connector to the 
micro USB port on myPower for iPhone 4.

2. Connect the USB connector to a USB port on 

a computer. Your iPhone 4 will automatically 
sync with your computer 

(if automatic  

syncing for iPhone is enabled)


Storing myPower for iPhone 4 

Lithium-ion/polymer batteries must be used 
consistently for maximum performance. 
Therefore, if you do not use the battery often, 
once a month discharge and recharge the battery 
to 40% (if it will be transported) or 70% (for long 
term storage). Store the battery in a cool and dry 
environment at a temperature between 50° and 
86°F (10° and 30°C).  You may permanently  
damage your battery by storing the battery 
without any capacity in the cell.  It is important 
that you do not leave the battery in the interior of 
a vehicle parked in the sun, or exposed to direct 
sunlight for extended periods of time.


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Prolonging Battery Life

Extreme heat and cold will affect your battery’s 
performance.  At temperatures above 80°F 
(27°C), the battery will discharge more quickly, 
and in colder temperatures, the battery won’t 
charge well.  Therefore, it is recommended that 
the battery is used at room temperature, or 
between 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C), and is 
not used in temperatures outside the range of 
temperatures between 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 
40°C).  It is not recommended that the battery 
is charged in temperatures above 104°F (40°C), 
and the battery may be permanently damaged 
if you use your battery in temperatures higher 
than 140°F (60°C).  You may damage the  
battery even more if you charge the device in 
these temperatures. 

You may find that using the battery in a very 
cold environment decreases the battery capacity.  
Unlike the effects of a hot environment, this is a 
temporary condition.  Once warmed, the battery 
will return to its previous capacity.

Swapping Battery Modules

Optional replaceable battery modules are  
available for your myPower for iPhone 4.   
You can choose from the Ultra Slim battery to 
add many more hours to your iPhone 4, or our 


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Ultra Power battery which more than doubles 
your work or play time on your iPhone 4.

1. With the iPhone 4 in the battery case, gently 

pull the battery module from the control  
module and iPhone 4.

2. Slide the new battery module down over your 

iPhone 4 until it snaps into place.


You must charge your extra battery before 

swapping it while on the go.


If myPower for iPhone 4 does not power  
iPhone 4, take these steps: 

1. Confirm that the On/Off switch is in the On 

position (to the right).

2. With the iPhone 4 inserted in the battery 

case, check the Capacity Indicator to verify 
that myPower for iPhone 4 is charged  
(capacity indicator is blue).

3. Verify that your iPhone 4 is properly docked 

into the 30-pin connector at the bottom of 
the battery case and the battery module is 
snapped securely into the control module.


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The following accessories for myPower for 
iPhone 4 can be ordered at the Tekkeon online 
store at www.tekkeon.com:

Ultra Slim Replaceable Battery 


Ultra Power Replaceable Battery 


myCharger USB Power Adapter 


Safety Precautions 

Do not shake, drop, or throw the battery.   
(Avoid rough handling, or excessive shock  
and vibration.)

•  Do not puncture or crush the battery.

•  Do not burn or short circuit the battery.

•  If any of the above occur, or if it fails to power


  your device, stop using or charging the battery.

•  In the rare case the battery swells, stop using


  or charging the battery and immediately 
  contact Tekkeon at support@tekkeon.com 
  or 888-787-5888. 

•  Never attempt to disassemble or reassemble


  the battery.

•  Discharge/recharge the battery once a month.

•  Do not dispose of in fire or water.

•  Recycle or properly dispose of the battery.


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Limited Warranty

The product enclosed herein is warranted to be free of 

operational defects for a period of one year from the 

date of purchase.  In the event of a defect in operation 

during the warranty period Tekkeon, Inc. will replace 

the defective product when the owner returns all prod-

uct contents.  The limited warranty will be considered 

void if the unit is tampered with, subject to misuse, 

negligence or accidental damage, has been improperly 

serviced, or if the security seal is removed.  This war-

ranty is limited to replacement only and shall not cover 

any other damages.

Any product returned to Tekkeon, Inc. with no fault 

found will be returned to the owner at the owner’s  

expense.  To obtain warranty coverage, please  

complete and submit the enclosed  registration card.

disclaimer of Warranties 

Any user of this product does so at the user’s own risk.  

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, 

Tekkeon, Inc. and its suppliers provide the hardware 

and any support services related thereto “as is” and 

with all faults; and hereby disclaim all warranties and 

conditions, whether express, implied or statutory, 

including, but not limited to implied warranties of 

merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-

infringement, lack of negligence or correspondence 

to description, except for those warranties specifically 

and expressly provided in the Limited Warranty.  With 

respect to the use of this product, in no event shall the 

company be liable for any loss of profit or any other  

commercial damage, including but not limited to 

special, incidental, consequential and other damages.


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©  2010  Tekkeon,  Inc.    All  Rights  Reserved.    Rev  A 
Patent Pending.  myPower and 


 are trademarks  

of Tekkeon,  Inc.  Specifications  are  subject  to  change 
without notice.

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. 
and other countries. “Made for iPhone” means that an  
electronic  accessory  has  been  designed  to  connect 
specifically  to  iPhone,  and  has  been  certified  by  the 
developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple 
is not responsible for the operation of this device or its 
compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

Cut loose. Stay loose.

Customer Support

Customer support for myPower for  
iPhone 4 is available at: 

Tekkeon, Inc.  
c/o myPower for iPhone 4 
3002 Dow Avenue, #134  
Tustin, CA  92780 

888-787-5888 / 714-832-1266 

Tekkeon, Inc. must issue a Return  
Merchandise Authorization (RMA)  
number for all exchanges or refunds.