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Tekkeon HARD CASE Instructions For Use Manual

Made by: Tekkeon
Type: Instructions For Use
Category: Cell Phone Accessories
Pages: 2
Size: 0.46 MB


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Instructions for Use

Place iPhone into the Case

1. Place iPhone in the bottom case plate.

2. Place the top plate over the top of 

iPhone and press each side tab to 
click into place.

Remove the Case

1. Starting at the

upper left corner
near the audio
jack, slide a 
credit card in 
the gap and 
twist. The tab 
will open.

2. Using the credit

card as leverage,
separate the 
lower left tab. 
The tab will open
and the cover 
will pop off.

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for iPhone



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Belt Clip Instructions 

To Remove the Belt Clip 

1. Push down on the 

top lever to release 
the clip, and pull the 
clip downward.

2. To remove the mounting

screw, use a Phillips 
screwdriver to remove
the screw from inside
the case. 

To Add the Belt Clip 

1. Place the provided mounting screw in

the hole on the rear of the case, and
insert the small screw from inside the
case. Tighten the small screw with a
Phillips screwdriver.

2. With the groove (shown) over the

screw, pull up until the clip snaps 
into place. 

Tekkeon, Inc.
3002 Dow Avenue, #134
Tustin, CA  92780
888-787-5888 / 714-832-1266

© 2007 Tekkeon, Inc. All rights reserved. iPhone is a 
trademark of Apple Inc. Specifications are subject to
change without notice. 1107 




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