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Made by: Teforia
Type: Manual
Category: Kettle
Pages: 21
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Demo Manual


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Context about Teforia


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About Teforia

Why we are different from every other tea brewing method:

Teforia is the first intelligent tea machine that uses machine-learning technology to get to know your tea 
preferences so that you can have the perfect cup of tea 


every time. 

Teforia uses WiFi, Bluetooth®, RFID technology, and a companion app that allows you to adjust caffeine 
and antioxidant levels, as well as Sweet, Savory, Fruity, and Floral flavor notes to suit your tastes. 


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Parts of the Teforia - Teforia unit


SIPs™ reader

: User places the SIPs™ on the 

reader located on the top of the machine. The 
machine reads the RFID tag and retrieves the 
tea’s expertly crafted recipe.


Infusion chamber

: User places dry tea leaves in 

the infusion chamber for brewing.


Infusion status:

 Lights will only illuminate when in 

use to alert you of infusion progress.



 Easy-to-clean, stain-resistant 

borosilicate glass carafe and infusion globe are 
surrounded by high-impact, BPA-free plastic to 
withstand daily use and keeps your tea warm 
and ready for sharing.


Button presets: 

Save your favorite recipes for 

one-touch brewing.


Wireless connectivity communicates with your 
smartphone for an even deeper tea experience 
in the Teforia app. 

1.SIPs™ RFID reader

2.Infusion Chamber

4.Infusion Carafe

3.Infusion status 

5.One-touch brewing


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Parts of the Teforia - SIPs

Teforia teas are packaged in fully recyclable 
containers called SIPs™. (Why SIPs? because 
sipping is what you do with tea!) They are 90 
percent compostable. The lid needs to be 
recycled because it contains an RFID chip that 
contains the recipe information for the tea 
inside. Send the lids back to us, and earn 

We worked with tea masters and growers 
around the world to collect recipes for how each 
tea should taste, and this deep recipe 
knowledge is part of the magic of Teforia. The 
infuser has more than 1,000 pre-programmed 
master recipes, and every time we craft a new 
recipe, it is pushed automatically to your Teforia 
via the cloud.

Teforia SIP 



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About the Teforia Infusion process (SIPS




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Step-by-Step Demo 


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Demo Setup - Getting Ready

Step 1:

 Fill the water tank with purified water and return to unit making sure the tank is seated properly. Alternatively, the water tank may be filled while 

on the unit.


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Using the Teforia - SIPs

 Version: Demo

Step 2:

 Let’s start by brewing a carafe using one of the Teforia teas, which are packaged in these fully recyclable containers called SIPs™. They are 

90 percent compostable, with the lid needing to be recycled because it contains an RFID chip that contains the recipe information for the tea inside. 

You begin by placing one of the SIP™ containers on the Teforia logo on top of your Teforia. The logo is actually the RFID reader, and the RFID chip in 
the SIPs™ container tells the machine the type of tea and brewing recipe for the machine to use for that specific tea.

Open the SIPs™ container (show the customer the inside and encourage them to enjoy the smell of the loose tea leaves).


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Using the Teforia - SIPs


Step 3:

 Pull up the Infusion Arm, and turn the Infusion Globe counterclockwise to remove it from the machine. 


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Using the Teforia - SIPs

 Version: Demo

Step 4:

 Next, pour the loose leaves into the infusion globe, which we 

designed to be transparent so you can enjoy the quality and beauty of 
the leaves.

Step  5: 

Place  the  Infusion  Globe  back  on  the  machine,  turn  it 

clockwise  to  lock  it  into  place,  and  return  the  Infusion  Arm  onto  the 
infusion globe. 


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Using the Teforia - SIPs

 Version: Demo 

Step  6:

  Press  the  Primary  Infusion  Button  to  begin  the  infusion 

process, which will be marked by a chime and the illumination of 
the Actively Infusing icon. 

*If the light is no longer illuminated run the SIPs™  






At this point, let the infusion process engage the senses. This is the time to 
highlight the key bullet points (see next page) of Teforia with your audience.


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Using the Teforia - Key Bullet Points: Demo

What you see happening now is that the infusion globe is 
filling with water for a series of micro infusions. Micro 
infusions allow the Teforia to enhance specific flavors while 
suppressing others like bitterness and astringency.  

The Teforia is like your own personal tea master who does 
all the work for you while still allowing you to engage in and 
enjoy the ritual of tea making. Your tea will brew using 
anywhere between three to five micro infusions, with each 
infusion targeting specific flavor compounds found within the 
tea leaves. These micro infusions will fill the carafe in 
anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes, resulting in 12 ounces of a 
truly multi-layered brew with an immense depth of flavor.

One thing I want to mention while you're enjoying the 
dancing tea leaves is that the master recipe we are using 
can be customized and adjusted using our app. For 
example, let's say you love this tea but it's too much caffeine 
for you later in the day. You can easily craft an afternoon 
version of the recipe with less caffeine. You simply adjust 
caffeine levels within the app, name the recipe, and save it. 
Teforia can lower the caffeine in any of its teas by up to 60 
percent naturally — this is accomplished through the 
smallest tweaking of the countless variables that go into 
making the perfect cup (water temp, steeping time, agitation 
of the leaves, etc.)

You can also increase antioxidant levels by up by 130 
percent, and we’ve had these customization abilities verified 
by third-party labs. Finally, you can use the companion app 
to focus on specific flavor profiles that you like, dialing up or 
down one of the four major tasting profiles, including Sweet, 
Savory, Fruity, and Floral.


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Using the Teforia - SIPs

 Version (Tea Tasting)

Once the tea is done infusing,

 the Infusion Complete/Carafe icon will 

illuminate, and you’ll hear a chime. At this point, you can remove the carafe and 
pour two perfect 6-ounce cups of the most flavorful tea. 

Lets try it shall we? 

(Remove carafe and pour small tastes into cups and pass 

around.) How does it taste to you? You should notice that there is no bitterness 
or astringency and that it has a long, smooth finish. 

One of the many things I love about the carafe is that not only does it 
hold two perfect servings, it can also hold your tea at temperature for up 
to two hours. 

Depending on the type of tea, the 5 grams of tea in each SIPs™ 
container can brew up to five carafes of tea so you can get up to 10 cups 
of tea from just 5 grams of loose leaf tea!


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Using the Teforia - Side-by-Side Comparison

We often like to run side-by-side demos of the Teforia against 
conventional brewing methods. The Teforia demo is exactly the 
same, you just add a conventional demo after you have started 
the Teforia. 

Step 1. 

You will see we have 5 grams of tea for both demos. 

Same tea type same amount of tea.

Step 2

. Pour tea into conventional infuser. 

Step 3.

 Pour water into conventional infuser. Once the Teforia 

tea has finished brewing, empty the conventional infuser into a 
Teforia carafe for easy serving.

Step 4:

 Line up two rows of cups and pour (side by side) the tea 

brewed using each method. Serve to customers so they take one 
of each brewing method. Have them taste the conventional first 
and the Teforia second. Ask them what they notice about the 
taste, color, aroma of each.

Add correct 

image here


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Using the Teforia - Side-by-Side Comparison

Japanese Green

Taiwanese Oolong


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Using the Teforia - Personal Loose Leaf Tea Version

If you want to use your own loose leaf tea, the process works in much the same way — you 
just need a scale. You start by measuring 5 grams of your tea.

To  begin  brewing,  pull  the  Infusion  Arm  up,  turn  the  Infusion  Globe  counterclockwise  and 
remove it from the machine. Pour your loose leaves into the infusion globe, the same way 
you would when using the Teforia SIPs™.

Go to our companion app to answer a few key questions about the size, color, and shape of 
the leaf. This will help the app identify a recipe it thinks is best suited to the tea you want to 
brew.  Once  the  recipe  is  identified,  select  brew  so  you  can  start  the  infusion  process 



Once the tea is done brewing, taste it see if you want to make any flavor adjustments. We 
understand that everyone's palate is unique, so although we start with a master recipe, we 









The flavor wheel (show the wheel in the app) allows you to make some quick adjustments to 
the  recipe.  For  example,  I  love  a  bit  more  fruit,  so  I  can  just  make  this  subtle  adjustment 
here  (show  adjustment),  and  then  have  the  Teforia  re-brew  the  tea  to  extract  more  of  the 
fruity notes into the tea liquor. Once the taste is just right for me, I can name the recipe and 
then save it. The next time I want to brew this tea I just pull up my personal recipe and hit 
the infuse now button. 


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Using the Teforia -  The Companion App

The Companion App is a great addition to the Teforia experience.

Recipes  are  fun  to  craft,  and  you  can  share  them  with  the  rest  of  the  Teforia  community 
through  the  app.  You  can  also  check  out  the  recipes  of  other  tea  enthusiasts,  share  your 
photos, explore fascinating tea content, and share your experiences on social media.

Some Key App Features (only if customers ask for more detail)

Track and share your tea tasting journey with the app’s Journal feature, where you 
can store tea tasting notes and comments about your tea experience. 

Easily adjust the caffeine levels by 60 percent and antioxidant levels by 130 percent 
on all Teforia teas.

Customize your infusion experience for your flavor preferences according to the four 
major tasting notes: Savory, Earthy, Fruity, and Floral.

Seamlessly reorder Teforia accessories and your favorite Teforia tea with Valet our 
on-demand  fulfillment  service.  Broaden  your  tea  experience  by  exploring  all  of  the 
teas Teforia has to offer. 

Explore the story of your favorite teas and learn more about the farm where your tea 
originated, as well as the grower and tea master who crafted your tea. 

Enjoy  fascinating  tea  news  and  content,  and  share  your  favorite  stories  and  posts 
on social media. 


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Using the Teforia - Step-by-Step: Demo 



When you’re ready to clean up, both the infusion globe and the carafe only need a quick, cold water rinse.

Using a soft microfiber cloth, carefully wipe down all parts and accessories and place them back on the unit.

The  inside  of  both  the  infusion  globe  and  carafe  are  made  of  borosilicate  glass,  also  known  as  Pyrex,  so  it’s  highly  resistant  to 
absorbing  aroma  and  flavor,  and  it  won’t  stain.  The  outside  is  made  of  shatterproof  plastic,  making  the  infusion  globe  and  carafe 
extremely  durable.  Is  also  means  that  if  a  little  one  grabs  it,  it  will  not  burn  their  hands.  We  do  not  recommend  putting  either  the 
infusion globe or the carafe in the dishwasher, because the double-walled seal can potentially break.


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Tea Facts

In 2014, Americans consumed more than 80 billion servings of tea, or more than 3.60 billion gallons.


The USA is the third largest importer of tea after Pakistan. 

(Bolton, D. (2016, April 12). Global Tea Industry Faces Diverse Challenges. 

Retrieved May 17, 2016, from http://worldteanews.com/insights/global-tea-industry-faces-diverse-challenges)

Tea is now consumed in nearly 80% of US households, with more 50% consuming tea on any given day. (IBISWorld, 
Tea Production Report, Jan 2015)

Approximately four in five consumers drink tea, with millennials being the most likely (87% of millennials drink tea).


All tea comes from the 

Camellia sinensis

 plant, a warm-weather evergreen.



Camellia sinensis

 bears leaves, fruit, and flowers, but usually, only the leaf is used for tea. In fact, there’s often 

confusion between herbal infusions, also known as 


, and actual tea. Although popular today in the health 

industry, herbal “teas” are not really teas at all, because they don’t include the leaves of 

Camellia sinensis



There are six main categories of teas: white, green, yellow, black, oolong, and post-fermented (also called “dark 
tea”). Within those categories are thousands of varietals each with their own distinctive aroma and flavor profiles.



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