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Tecstar BT-GO Instruction & Installation Manual

Made by: Tecstar
Type: Instruction & Installation Manual
Category: Motorcycle Accessories
Pages: 6
Size: 0.35 MB


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Bluetooth Motorcycle intercom


Instruction & 



Tecstar Electronics Ltd 

Universal Helmet Communication System 

Tecstar Electronics Ltd 

Tecstar House, Bramley Road 

St. Ives Cambridgeshire 

United Kingdom    PE27 3WS 

Tel: +44 (0)1480 399499   email: sales@tecstar.co.uk



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Safety First 

Please read carefully before installing or using this equipment 


The StarCom1 equipment is designed for motorbike use but it remains the responsibility of 
the rider to ensure that their safety is in no way impaired when using the equipment. 
The system must only be used when the rider is completely confident that their riding will in 
no way be impaired with the use of audio equipment.  
Distraction of any kind can be dangerous when riding a motorcycle. 
When installing the helmet kit, the helmet must not be modified in any way. 
All cabling should be installed so that it will not fly free. There should be no cable slack that 
could potentially catch in the moving parts of the vehicle. 
The rider must be able to hear warnings from other road users at all times. The volume 
must be set at a level to allow this. 
When using a mobile phone or other devices that transmit, the rider should check with their 
bike dealer that it is safe to do so. 
Do not use the system at high volume levels as this may cause hearing damage. The 
system is capable of high volume, which is only intended for use with earplugs. 
Tecstar Electronics will not accept any liability relating to the installation or use of this 
equipment.  It remains the user’s responsibility to ensure that their safety will not be 
impaired in any way before installing and/or using the system. If you are not completely 
satisfied that you can use the system safely, it should be returned to the place of purchase.  


Music connection to MP3 players with bluetooth  

For use with MP3 music systems which are A2DP enabled, the BT-GO can receive 
stereo music. The player must have the bluetooth function turned on and must be 
paired to the BT-GO.   

Auto switching between paired bluetooth devices 

For use with Mobile phones which are A2DP enabled, the BT-GO can receive stereo 
music, the PHONE button when in this mode can be used to play and pause the 
For phones without A2DP mono music may be played, note that the play pause 
feature will not work in this mode. 
This feature is determined by the phone functionality some phones will not allow this 



The manufacturers or their agents overseas will provide a 

repair service for any unit developing a fault.


Cleaning : 

If the unit requires cleaning, use a cloth that is only lightly dampened 

with water or a mild detergent. 




The manufacturers provide a 12-month guarantee period from the 

date of purchase. The guarantee covers faulty materials and workmanship.  

The guarantee will be void if the equipment has been tampered with, modified, 
misused or subject to neglect. 

Troubleshooting Guide 



Unit will not power up – Charge the battery for 3 hours. 

Will not connect to phone – Check phone features. 
Phone will not auto-answer – Check phone features. 




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Introduction …………….………………………………………...……..…   



Specification …………….………………………………….….………… 


Battery Charging  & General operation …………………………………..…   
Unit Helmet mounting





Helmet kit installation….……………………………..……..………..… 
Connectivity & Pairing devices…………………………………………. 
Operation …………………………………………………………………. 


StarCom1 BT-GO can be used as a sole rider, a rider and passenger and a bike-
to-bike system.  For rider to passenger communication, simply add a second 
StarCom1 BT-GO helmet kit, pair it and talk on the full duplex intercom system.


For bike-to-bike communication, simply add StarCom1 BT-GO to a second bike, 
pair it and talk.  Stereo music can be connected by pairing to a suitable stereo 
music system. Walkman, MP3, sat navigation or radar device.  
To add a mobile phone to the system, ensure the phone has a bluetooth function,  
pair it up and enjoy phone calls on the move. 


  Audio output power: 


Max1/4 Watt into each headset speaker 

  Operating Range: 


better than 100M in most conditions 

  Power supply:  


3.7V DC 500mAh internal rechargeable  

  Visual indication: 


Front panel LEDs, 

  Power consumption:      


Intercom operation: 


60mA typical   

Operating time: 


7 Hours  typical 



(WxHxD) 90x35x25mm (2 3/4” x 3/4 ” x 1/2”)  




Approx 50g   

  Operating temp: 


-10 to +55ºC 

Due to a policy of continuous development, specification and design may be 
subject to change without notice. 

Pack contents 

1x BT GO module     

1x Mains Charger  

1x Helmet mount 

1x Instruction Manual 

1x USB cable 





If during operation the phone connection is lost a short press of the PHONE button will 
cause the phone connection to be re-established. (This should not be done while on the 
move). Switching between third party devices when a number are connected is completed 
by pressing the intercom button once. For example in intercom mode ( BT-GO to BT-GO) 
press the intercom button once and the next device will be connected. e.g. Navigation. 
press intercom button again and the next device will connect. If only one additional device 
is connected it will return to intercom mode. 

Phone Operation 


Receive a call: 

When receiving an incoming call, with most phones the ring will be 

heard in the headset, after 3-5 seconds the call will be automatically answered.  
Please note not all phones have the auto answer feature. 

Terminating a call: 

A call can be terminated by the caller hanging up, or you can 

terminate the call by pressing the PHONE button. ( This show not be down while on the 

Rejecting a call: 

When receiving an incoming call, you can reject the call by 

pressing the PHONE button for approximately 2 seconds within 1 second of the call 

Making a call: 

Only make a call when stationary. Dial a number on your phone as 

normal. The phone will be redirected through the bluetooth system to your headset. 

Last number re-dial call: 

On many phone but not all, Pressing the PHONE 

button for 2-3 seconds will cause the phone to re-dial the last called number. 

Music Function 

The StarCom BT-GO can be connected to many types of audio systems, it supports A2DP 
and EDR profiles allowing connection to mobile phones, MP3 players and GPS systems. 

Music connection to Mobile phones 

For use with Mobile phones which are A2DP enabled, the BT-GO can receive stereo 
music, the PHONE button when in this mode can be used to play and pause the music. 
For phones without A2DP mono music may be played, note that the play pause feature will 
not work in this mode. 
The phone must be paired to the BT-GO see phone pairing. 






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INTERCOM  Operation  

Two StarCom1 BT-GOs can be paired together to provide an intercom function.  

Pairing to a second unit (Passenger or second bike rider) 

The BT-GOs must first be paired to each other, to do this: 

1.  Ensure other blue tooth devices in the area are turned off during this 


2.  Ensure the unit is switched off then hold down the INTERCOM button until the 

RED and BLUE leds flash on both the BT-GOs 

3.   On one unit press the INTERCOM button briefly, after a short while the RED 

led will extinguish to show pairing is complete and the BLUE leds will flash 
every 2-5 seconds. 
Pairing is now complete. 


Mobile/Cell Phone/ Navigation  


The phone/Nav must first be paired with the StarCom1 BT-GO, to do this: 

1.  Ensure other blue tooth devices in the area are turned off during this 


2.  Turn ON bluetooth on the phone/Nav. 
3.  Enable device search on your phone/Nav, after a short while your device should 

find  BT-GO and display 



4.  Follow the phone/Nav instructions to pair to StarCom1 




Battery Charging  


Prior to using the BT GO ensure the unit it given a full charge with the chargers 

The unit can be charged from a computer using the USB cable supplied, or from the mains 
AC power connection using the mains to USB power adaptor supplied. 
The charging cable has a mini USB at one end, this plugs into the helmet module (ensure 
the correct connector orientation). The other end has a large USB connector, this plugs into 
the computer or the mains adaptor. Ensure all connection are fully made before turning 
power on. 
When connected the red LED will illuminate to indicate the unit is charging. 
When the charge is complete the red LED will turn off.  

General operation 

Turning ON  


If your device fails to pair using the above method then method 2:  


1.  Repeat steps 1 & 2 above then: 
2.  Hold down the INTERCOM button until the RED and BLUE leds start to flash 


3.  Then repeat steps 3 & 4 above  If requested by your device, enter the pass 

code. 0000  (four zeros). 

The phone should then confirm that the pairing has been successful and the StarCom1 
BT-GO will then have the BLUE led flashing once every 2-5 seconds.  




Turning OFF  

Press and hold down the INTERCOM button for approximately 6 second u til the BLUE led 
illuminates and stays on, then release the button. The BLUE led will then turn off. 



Volume UP 

A short press of the




 button will increase the volume by one step. 

A short press of the




 button will decrease the volume by one step. 




PHONE               VOL               INTERCOM 

Press and hold down the INTERCOM 
button for approximately 6 second until the 
BLUE led illuminates, then release the 
button. The BLUE led will then flash every 
2-5 seconds. 

RESET        VOL  





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Helmet mounting clip installation. 


The mounting clip is designed for quick and easy mounting and removal from a helmet. 




Rider to Passenger 

With 2x BT GO kit’s full duplex rider to passenger intercom conversation is provided. 
In this configuration both Rider and Passenger can have their bluetooth mobile phones 
connected. When a phone call occurs the phone will auto answer (if phone has auto 
answer)  and the bluetooth connection will switch to the phone, when the call is 
terminated the bluetooth connection will revert to rider passenger intercom. 

Bike to Bike 

With 2x BT GO kit’s full duplex bike to bike (rider to rider) intercom conversation is 
provided. The working range is typically 150m. 
In this configuration both Rider and Passenger can have their bluetooth mobile phones 
connected.  When a phone call occurs the phone will auto answer (if phone has auto 
answer) and the bluetooth connection will switch to the phone, when the call is 
terminated the bluetooth connection will revert to rider passenger intercom. 

Sole Rider 

As a sole rider the BT GO will connect to:  

Mobile Phone;

 if your phone is bluetooth enabled, if the phone has music and or GPS 

available via bluetooth then these feature will also be active through the BT GO  


 BT GO is A2DP enabled and will connect to a MP3 stereo music device and allow 

great quality stereo music to be played on the move. 

Sat Nav;

 Connect to a bluetooth enabled GPS and have voice commands via bluetooth 

and if the GPS system includes MP3 and a Phone connection then these feature will 
work through BT GO.  



The BT GO can connect up to 4 bluetooth devices one of which can be a second BT GO, 
only 1 device can be active at a time, some switching between devices is automatic for 
example when working as a intercom and a phone call occurs BT GO will automatically 
switch to the phone for the duration of the call and then back to the intercom once the 
call is terminated. BT GO provides for press button control of source switching but this 
must not be used while on the move. Source switching is dependant on the bluetooth 
device having this feature.  



 Find the best position to insert the 

mount clip on the LEFT side of the 
crash helmet. 
The clip is fixed by inserting between 
the shell and the lining of the helmet. 
This normally means pushing the metal 
clip into the adhesive holding the lining 
to the helmet shell. 


 Insert the rubber mounting gasket 

between the metal clip and the helmet 
shell as shown. This should be 
positioned such that the metal clip lines 
up with the recess in the rubber gasket  


 Insert the BT-GO unit into the 

bracket and then push left and then 
down to the lock position. The BT-GO 
can then be easily inserted and 
removed as required. 





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Microphone too far 

from mouth 


Microphone too 



Microphone too 



Microphone in front of 

and close to mouth 







Speaker Installation 


The speakers need very careful positioning: ensure that 
they are both adjacent to and almost touching each ear; 
as with headphones even a small gap reduces the 
volume significantly. Any gap will increase the 
background bike and wind noise 




Boom microphone 

 You will need to test the positioning; the volume of the microphone will increase dramatically 
as you talk into the ideal spot. Use the sticky felt strips provided to secure the wire.  
The microphone (SH-006) boom is a strong bend and stay construction with a simple 
mounting. The flat rubber spade end to the microphone stem is designed to be inserted    or 
pushed behind the helmet lining to provide a simple and sturdy fit. The microphone stem 
should be installed so that the centre of the foam area is over your lips and there is as little of 
the boom showing as possible to minimise the wind drag and microphone buffeting at speed. 


The wiring should be neatly pushed within the helmet padding leaving a short connection 
cable protruding a few centimetres to one side of the helmet. Sticky felt strips are provided for 
securing the wires neatly to the helmet. The quick release connector is then ready to connect 
to the system. 

The speakers


- must be positioned directly over your ear opening. In line 

with your ear canal.





Helmet kit Installation  


Incorrect helmet kit installation will affect the performance of BT-GO. 

The helmet assembly comprises two speakers and a microphone which is Velcro attached 
into position, one speaker adjacent to each ear and the microphone in front of the mouth (a 
boom mic in the open face helmet kit).  


The microphone


must be directly in front of your mouth very close to your lips.


The mounting of the microphone is the most critical part of the system. Poor mounting may 
result in very low speech volume, requiring a high volume setting and resulting in poor signal 
to noise performance and poor vox performance at normal traffic speeds. 


:  Extend your tongue forward, the tip should touch the centre of the HOT SPOT. 


Open Face Microphone 

Mount the open face microphone such that the ideal hot spot indicated is directly in front of 
your mouth gently pushing  on to your lips. The white/silver mark indicates the side which 
must be facing your mouth. 

Full Face Microphone  

The microphone is designed to only pick up sound from directly in front and very close to it. 
This minimises the pick up of background noise.  The microphone needs to be mounted very 
close to the mouth, ideally just touching your lips. If the distance between the helmet front 
and your mouth is too great then use double-sided sticky foam pads to space the mic. Also it 
MUST be mounted such that you talk into the centre of the microphone.