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Tecla Shield DOS Getting Started

Made by: Tecla
Type: Getting Started
Category: Health Care Products
Pages: 6
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Getting Started

Connecting theTecla Shield DOS

The Hardware

Getting Started with

your Tecla Shield


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tecla shield user guide



Getting Started

getting started

Getting Started

getting started

GeTTinG STarTed




App Control


iOS 4-Way


Mouse Keys


Battery Status

The colour of the blinking indicates the current mode. You can change the mode as described in “Connecting the Tecla Shield DOS” section, but 
first, you will want to decide which mode is right for you.  Please refer to the table below for a short description of each of the modes.  For 
detailed instructions on how to use each mode, please refer to the corresponding section of the guide.




mode indicaTed

mode deScripTion

Intermittent orange 
pulses indicate a 
low battery. Please 
refer to the hardware 
section in this guide to 
learn more about the 
battery indicator.


iOS Classic

This mode uses Apple’s VoiceOver facility to access and control iOS devices. It works 
in all iOS versions. This mode allows for linear scanning navigation (i.e., next item and 
previous item) and can be used with a single switch all the way up to 4 switches.

This is the mode to access and control Android devices. It works in combination with 
the Tecla Access app, available for free in the Google Play Store.

This mode is used with iOS “switch accessible” apps that use Space and Enter as switch 
inputs.  It can also be used with Mac and Windows computers in combination with 3rd 
party scanning software.


Switch Control

This mode works in combination with Apple’s accessibility feature called Switch 
Control (available starting in iOS7 and OS X Mavericks). With this mode, you can 
assign each switch to a specific action, such as “Select Item”.

Like the iOS Classic mode, this mode uses VoiceOver to navigate the device, but you 
can move in four directions, as opposed to the linear navigation in the iOS Classic 
mode. It is especially useful when using with a joystick or other multiple switches.

This mode works in combination with MouseKeys in Mac and Windows computers, 
allowing the user to control the mouse pointer using multiple switches.

When you first turn on your Tecla Shield, the status indicator light will start to blink.


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connecting the Tecla

Shield doS

Turn on the Tecla Shield DOS

Connect your Tecla Shield

Select the Tecla Shield DOS mode according the target device

Slide the On/Off switch to ON to power up the Tecla Shield; the 
Status Indicator Light will start to blink.

Please proceed to the specific mode section below for detailed 
instructions on how to establish a connection between the Tecla 
Shield and your host device.

Press and hold the – or + button, the status indicator 
light will first start blinking rapidly and then change 
colour indicating that has it has successfully switched to 
a different mode (consult the table Understanding the 
Status Indicator Light in the The Hardware section for 
additional details).
Repeat this process until you are in the appropriate mode 
for your target device. 




tecla shield user guide


Connecting the Tecla Shield DOS


If you are switching devices, unpair from 
your current device before connecting to 
the new one.


The - and + buttons are 
recessed into the case to 
prevent accidental selection.  
It is easiest to select them 
using small pointed objects 
such as a 1/8” switch plug or 
a key.


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tecla shield user guide

GettinG started

The Hardware

The hardware

Front View

charging indicator light

status indicator light

understanding the Status indicator Light

understanding the charging indicator Light




(once per second)




(four times per second)

Orange Pulses

(between blinking and 
fading in / out)

Fading In / Out

The Tecla Shield is powered off or the built-in 
battery is depleted

The Tecla Shield is ready to connect in the 
selected mode (colour indicates mode)

A configuration button is being pressed and the 
Tecla Shield is about to change modes

Battery level is below 20%

The Tecla Shield is connected to a device in the 
selected mode (colour indicates mode)



ShieLd STaTuS

When the Tecla Shield is connected to a power source (USB or DC 
input), the charging indicator light will come on, unless the battery is 
already fully charged.  After the battery is fully charged, the charging 
indicator light will go out.


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right Side View

The Tecla Shield has two dual switch 1/8” or 3.5mm stereo ports 
labelled 1 and 2.

Use an AC adapter with 2.1mm center-positive barrel plug (9–24V) 
to charge your Tecla Shield. (Optional)

Use a USB cable to connect the Shield to a USB port or wall 
adapter to charge. (USB cable included)

Turn your Shield off when not in use to conserve the battery.

Provides access to up to five switch inputs through a DSub, 9-pin 
(also known as DB9) connector. The wheelchair port is compatible 
with directional controls on standard powered wheelchair 
Environmental Control Unit (ECU) modules, as well as other 
multiple switch devices such as joysticks.

Switch Ports (1 and 2)

DC Power Port

Micro USB Port

On / Off Switch

Wheelchair Port

Left Side View

tecla shield user guide

getting started

The Hardware

dc power port

on / off button

micro usb port

switch ports

wheelchair port


background image

bottom View

These buttons can be used to:

Configuration Buttons (- and +)

• Select a mode prior to connecting with a host device, or
• Once connected, modify (increase/decrease) the auto-scanning 
  rate in supported modes.

tecla shield user guide

getting started

The Hardware

configuration buttons