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Technovision DV-68 Quick Reference Manual

Made by: Technovision
Type: Quick Reference Guide
Category: Turntable
Pages: 2
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Quick Reference Guide 

H/W 1.7 

Firmware V2.0B2 

Revision 12/2011 


DV-68 plays: 

MPEG-1 (.mpg VCD) 
MPEG-2 (.mpg DVD)  

MPEG-4 (.divx DIVX) 

Windows JPEG (.jpg)  

MP3 audio (.mp3) 

WAV audio (.wav) 





Technovision Inc. 

1845 Sandstone Manor, #2 

Pickering, Ontario 

L1W 3X9 

P:(905) 420-5153 
F:(905) 420-0753 




The DV-68 MPEG-2 DVD Video Player is small and 
compact, with no moving parts. It will store and 
playback full-motion audio/video clips from standard, 
high-speed (

40X or greater

) Compact FLASH 

memory cards (

FAT or FAT16 format).


MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4. MP3 or JPEG files to 
the DV-68 easily by simply using your PC (

or Virtual 

PC on a Mac

) and a standard FLASH memory card 

reader.  In MENU mode, the DV-68  can be set up to 
repeat the first file on the system with button access to 
the other files using the optional TV-66K. The DV-68 
can also be set up in REPEAT mode to cycle through 
all the files on the FLASH card. 


Standard Features 


Digital MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 Media Player.



TV66K controllable using RS232-TTL.



Supports multiple formats, including MPEG-1, 
MP3 (192K max bit rate), and JPEGs.



Supports up to 5Mbps CBR MPEG2 and up 
to 6Mbps (max) with a 4.5Mbps (average) in 



Multiple file selection (up to 99).



Audio/Video capability.



Instant file selection response.




Content Integration 

To set up your content (MPEG-1 VCD, MPEG-2 
DVD, MP3, or JPEGs) to work with the DV-68, you 
must have a high-speed Compact FLASH media 
card capable of data transfer rates fast enough for 
playing back your content. You will also need to use 
a Compact FLASH reader/writer with your 
computer to copy the appropriate files to the 
memory card.

 The only files on the card should be 

the media files  - if there are any other files or 
directories on the card (i.e. Mac. dsstore files), 
the DV-68 will still try and play them. 
TextWrangler  (shareware program)  is available 
for the Mac – this will remove the unwanted files.


Connect your card reader to your PC (note: be sure 
that the card reader driver is installed) and insert the 
Compact FLASH card (we recommend 1GB 
minimum) into the reader. 




The DV-68 uses numeric filenames for playback.  In 
MENU mode, the “menu file” is named “000.mpg” 
and the button activated files are named “001.mpg”, 
”002.mp3”, “003.jpg” etc.  


In REPEAT mode, the files are named in numeric 
order starting at 001. For example, “001.mpg”, 
”002.mp3”, “003.jpg” etc. 


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Menu Mode (factory default) 

Menu mode: DV-68 will loop file 000 as the “menu” 
and will then play “file (button press)”. For example, 
button 3 will play file 003 on the card. At the end of 
playing the file, the menu file (000) will begin 
looping again. Button access requires a TV-66K. 

Repeat Mode 

Repeat mode: DV-68 will play all the files in 
sequence, one file at a time in numeric order. After 
the last file has played, the DV-68 will start with the 
first file (001) again. On a button press, the DV-68 
will play “file (button press)”. For example, button 4 
will play file 004 on the card. 

Changing Playback Modes 


DIP Switch Selections (







Menu Mode


|    Repeat Mode 


Composite Output


|    VGA Output  




|    OSD ON 


JPG top load


|    JPG Full screen 


PIR Track 1


|    PIR Track 2 

6.  Letterbox 16:9 video file  |    

16:9 Full Screen


7.  Auto TV type 


NTSC (TV Type)


8. Is the opposite setting of DIP# 7 





 be running when changing DIP#4.


Using JPEG and MP3 files 

JPEG files will be shown for a 3-second duration both 
in MENU mode and REPEAT mode (unless it is the 
“menu”). When a MP3 file is selected, a frequency bar 
chart will show up when playing. 

Connecting to your display 


Plug in the RCA end of A/V cable to the jacks located 
at the read of the DV-68 and then plug in the 
corresponding Yellow (Video), White (Audio L) and 
Red (Audio R) into the inputs on your monitor. Turn 
on power to the display and change the channel to the 
corresponding A/V input channel if necessary 


Operating Guide 

The full operating guide (and FAQ page), as well as 
sample files for the DV-68, are available for 
downloading from the Technovision website: 






TV-66K, Keypad & button controller 

The required interface for connecting and controlling the 
DV-68 player with an external input device, such as push 
buttons or motion sensors.  


DV68 remote (part# 1530-0020) 

This service remote allows you to manually change SETUP 
parameters such as the amount of time .jpgs will stay on the 
screen etc..           


DV66MS, PIR Motion Sensor Module 

Extremely compact (25mm x 35mm) with 3 leads for easy 
connection (default cable length is 20”). 

DV66RS232, RS232 Interface Cable 

Allows users to easily control the DV-68 series devices 
via RS232 from a computer. 


CF1G (1GB) to CF4G-FAT (4Gig) High Speed 

Compact Flash Cards are available from