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Techno Source RAPTOR 2000 Brochure

Made by: Techno Source
Type: Brochure
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Raptor 2000 Features 


2048 x 2048 Resolution 


Drives Sony DDM Monitor 


8/16/24-Bits Per Pixel 


Hardware Double Buffering 


12 MB Viewable Frame Buffer 


12 MB Additional Frame Buffer 


24 Independent Overlays 


1024 Dynamic Colors 


Single Slot PCI Long Card 




Air Traffic Management 


Vessel Traffic Control 


Command & Control 


Remote Auction Art 




Sun UltraSPARC Workstations  


Hewlett Packard 


Digital Alpha Workstations 


IBM PowerPC workstations 


Intel Pentium Based PC 

Product Brief 

Raptor 2000 


2048 x 2048 Color Video Graphics Adapter 



The Tech Source Raptor 2000 ultra-high 
resolution graphics accelerator combines 
in a single slot PCI card a comprehensive 
array of high-end display subsystem fea-
tures that formerly required a box level 
solution. Tech Source's high speed video 
switching circuitry permits the Raptor 
2000 to redefine the meaning of world 
class resolution and functionality. The 
Raptor 2000 is designed for use in ultra 
high resolution, high performance, color 
graphics applications such as Air Traffic 
Management and Vessel Control. It's 
high level of integration achieves extreme 
flexibility over a wide range of functions.  

An advanced Application Specific Inte-
grated Circuit designed by Tech Source 
engineers provides the ability to display 
1024 independent dynamic colors at the 
same time. That’s four times the number 
of colors available in traditional graphics 
systems. Specialized frame buffer layering 
hardware allows for complete control of 

24 independently addressable overlays 
with dynamic priority adjustment. That’s 
12 times more than most advanced un-
derlay/overlay systems. 

The Raptor 2000 offers  two-dimensional 
drawing acceleration for polygons, text 
and windowing operations.  The co-
processor can generate an excess of 
900,000 X Window System characters per 
second providing the ability to manage 
over 2,000 targets/tracks in real time. 

Multiple configuration modes are avail-
able for double buffering and multiple 
overlay buffering support.  True hard-
ware double buffering is supported using 
standard software interfaces such as 
MBX (Multi-buffering extension for X) 
and DBE (Double buffering extension). 
Specialized flash fill hardware performs 
back buffer screen erases in under 100 



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442 S. North Lake Boulevard 
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 



Tech Source, the Tech Source logo, and Raptor 2000 are trademarks of Tech Source, Inc.  All other trademarks are the property of 

their respective owners.  ©2002 Tech Source, Inc. All rights reserved.  Information in this document is subject to change without 

notice.  Tech Source, Inc. assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions that may appear in this document.


Raptor 2000 Technical Specifications 

Raptor 2000-24M  

PCI video graphics adapter, 2048 by 2048 color resolution, 24 MB frame buffer, includes DB-5-W5 to 




5BNC video cable, operating system specific device driver software and manuals. 

Raptor 2000-12M 

PCI video graphics adapter, 2048 by 2048 color resolution, 12 MB frame buffer, includes DB-5-W5 to 




5BNC video cable, operating system specific device driver software and manuals.  

 Raptor OpenWindows for Solaris 

Loadable drivers for Sun PCI systems running Solaris 2.6, 7 or 8. 

 Raptor X Servers for Digital UNIX 

Loadable drivers for the Digital/Compaq Alpha workstations running Tru64 







UNIX 4.0f, 5.0, 5.1.



 Raptor X11R6.1 for IBM AIX 


Complete X11R6.1 environment with loadable drivers for IBM RS/6000  







running AIX 4.3.3 and higher. 


 Raptor Drivers for HP-UX



Loadable drivers for Hewlett Packard B, C & J class machines running  







HP-UX 10.20 and HP-UX 11.0. 


 Raptor Drivers for Linux   


Loadable drivers for Red Hat & SUSE Linux on x86 based machines 



Frame Buffer Size 


Color Lookup Table 

      1024 entries from a palette of 16.7 million colors 

Bits Per Pixel 

      8, 16 or 24 (software configurable) 

Dynamic Color Plane Groups 


Drawing Processor 

      Number Nine PCI graphics accelerator 

PCI Interface 

      33 MHz, 32-bit, Revision 2.1 

Video Interface 

      Red, green and blue at RS-343 levels (50 ohm) 

Video Sync 

      Separate sync at TTL levels (75 ohm) 

Video Connector 


Temperature Rating 

      10 degrees to 50 degrees C (operating) 
      -10 degrees to 70 degrees C (non-operating) 

Humidity Rating 

      10% to 90% (non-condensing) 

Power Rating 

      Less than 25 watts 


      12.283 inches x 4.2 inches (PCI long format) 

Software Available