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TEI SPA Sonic Spatula User Manual

Made by: TEI SPA
Type: User Guide
Category: Personal Care Products
Pages: 2
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Phone: 310.231.0419 Fax: 310.231.0420

Sonic Spatula™: Designed by TEI Spa in California. Made in PRC.

HydraSkin Mask: Designed by TEI Spa in California. Made in Taiwan.

Lavender Hydra Mist: Designed by TEI Spa in California. Manufactured in USA.

© 2011 Tip Essentials, Inc.


Recommended & Used by Professional estheticians

For All Skin Types

experience the Benefits of 
a Professional Spa Facial in 
the Comfort of Your Home

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A New ViBe iN CleANSiNg

Push out impurities and clear away excess oil with the sonic 
vibration of the Sonic Spatula™. As the skin vibrates, the 
tissue and pores become softened, extracting environmental 
toxins, oil and makeup. On the flip side, the spatula aids in 
the absorption of water or gel-based skin products with the 
same sonic push, giving you double action in one tool. The 
energy  of  the  ultrasonic  waves  brightens  and  evens  skin 
tone while providing long-lasting results and radiant skin, 
all in just minutes a day.

  Vibrating ultrasonic waves exfoliate dead skin and 

extract dirt and oil from clogged pores

  Helps brighten and even skin tone

  Spatula shaped tip can be used to penetrate serums 

and gels for better efficacy

  Cordless & rechargeable

  Dual function in one tool


For your convenience you may register your Sonic 
Spatula™ one of three ways:

1. Visit www.TEISpa.com and click on “Register 

Your Product” under the Customer Care tab and 
submit your information

2. Email the information below to info@TEISpa.


3. Mail the information below to TEI Spa. (Please 

visit www.TEISpa.com and click on “Contact 
Us” for an updated address)

limited 1 Year warranty
If  the  Sonic  Spatula™  tool  fails  to  function  within  the 
specified  warranty  period  because  of  defects  in  the 
materials or workmanship of the product, the tool should 
be returned to TEI Spa to be either repaired or replaced. 
This warranty does not cover any product that has been 
damaged by dropping, tampering, inappropriate usage, 
water damage or use with a power outlet other than the 
one provided. Proof of purchase required.




 Sonic Spatula

Ultrasonic Cleansing Tool

5% of all proceeds benefit the  

Downtown Women’s Center of Los Angeles


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directions for Use:

1. Wash face with gentle cleanser.
2. Carefully remove contents and unfold. 
3. Remove outer layers to expose the 

Hydra Skin Facial Mask. Note: the 
mask is the middle layer, between the 
plastic and fabric layers.

4. Apply mask onto the face and adjust 

the position for comfort. Note: Use 
fabric layer on neck and chest for 
added moisture.

5. For optimum absorption of mask use 

the Sonic Spatula on Penetration Mode 
to deeply imbed Hydra Skin’s bio-
cellulose content into the pores. 

6. Relax with mask on face for 15-

20 minutes to allow for optimum 

7. Remove mask when T-Zone has dried 

or after allotted time, you may apply 
water for easy removal.

8. Do not rinse face after removal of mask. Leaving mask 

residue on the skin allows for the fiber structure of 
Hydra Skin to transfer deeply into the pores.

9. Follow with daily skincare procedures.

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For Cleansing Mode:

1. Remove Protective Cap

2. On clean skin, spray included Lavender Hydra Mist onto 

treatment area to prepare for exfoliation

3. Press and hold the ON button for 3-5 seconds to turn device 

on. Red light indicates that Cleansing Mode is on.

4. With the spatula facing downward at an angle (as shown in 

Push-Out image below) gently exfoliate the pores of dead 

skin and impurities. Note: Treatment area must be moistened 

before use. 

5. With a small amount of pressure on the skin, use the spatula 

in an upward and outward motion in small strokes.

6. Press and hold the ON button for 3-5 seconds to turn 

device off.

For Penetration Mode:

1. Remove Protective Cap

2. Apply preferred serum or gel on to treatment area to 

prepare for penetration.

3. Press and hold the ON button for 3-5 seconds to turn to 

cleansing mode. Press and hold the ON button 



turn to penetration mode. Green light indicates Penetration 

Mode is on.

4. With the spatula facing upward (as shown in Push-In 

image below) gently press the device flat on the skin and 

rub products into the skin in small circular motions. 

5. Press and hold the ON button for 3-5 seconds to turn 

device off.

Note: Use the Sonic Spatula™ in Penetration Mode to deeply 

infuse the Hydra Skin’s bio-cellulose content into the pores. See 

Hydra Skin Table for additional information.
For Sensitive Skin: Intermittent button can be used on both 

Cleansing Mode and Penetration Mode to lessen the intensity. 
Light will blink when intermittent mode is in use.

ReCoMMeNded USe:


Push-out impurities & 
exfoliate dead skin.

Push-in active ingredients in gels 
and serums.

Skin Type
Oily Skin
Combination Skin
Dry/Sensitive Skin

Use duration
3-4 minutes
2-3 minutes
1-2 minutes

3-4 times per week
2-3 times per week
1-2 times per week

HYdRA SkiN Bio-CellUloSe FACiAl MASk

TEI Spa’s Hydra Skin Facial Mask is made of bio 
cellulose, designed to increase moisture content, 
smooth fine lines and reduce pore size.

important information 

about your unit:

When light above the 

ON button is blinking, 

the unit is set on 

Intermittent mode.
When recharge light 

on base is green, your 

skin spatula is fully 

charged and ready for 

use. Unplug base unit 

after use. 
When recharge 

light on base is 

red, your skin 

spatula is being 

The Sonic Spatula™ 

Device will 

automatically power 

off after 10 minutes.
Clean the tool after 

each use with soap 

and a warm towel. 

If using the unit on 

multiple individuals, 

sterilize the spatula 

tip with alcohol after 

each use.

THe SoNiC 



Sonic Spatula™
Protective Over-Cap
Lavender Hydra Mist
Hydra Skin Facial Mask
Gold Clutch
Recharge Base Unit
Power Adapter
Instruction Manual

Input recharge voltage DC12V
Input recharge power 3.6W
Frequency 15 - 35 KHz per second
Net weight Model: 112g Base: 98g
Size (mm) (L) 51.2 X (W) 26X 
(H)192  (R) 78.7X (H) 66
Stand by time: 720 Hrs 
Charge time: 4 - 4.5 Hrs

Red light indicates 

Green light indicates 

do not use if you:

• Have a pacemaker or other 

electrical medical devices

Consult your doctor before use 
if you: 

• Are pregnant
• Have recently had a cosmetic 


• Have recently had an acid 

or chemical peel or extreme 

• Have skin cancer or severe acne

keeP oUT oF ReACH oF 
CHildReN. do NoT 

When green 
light above the 
button is on, 
unit must be 

NoTe: Daily use of Penetration Mode for enhancement of 
serums and moisturizers is recommended for all skin types.