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Important recommendations

Safety recommendations

Please read these instructions carefully before first use: This product has been designed for domestic use only. Any
commercial use, inappropriate use or failure to comply with the instructions, the manufacturer accepts no
responsibility and the guarantee does not apply.

For your safety, this appliance conforms to the applicable standards and regulations (Low Voltage,
Electromagnetic Compatibility, Environmental Directives, as applicable…).

Your steam generator is an electrical appliance. It should be used under normal conditions. It is intended for
domestic use only.

Your generator is fitted with 2 safety systems:
- a pressure release valve which, in the event of a malfunction, releases any excess steam,
- a thermal fuse to prevent the appliance from overheating.

Always plug your steam generator into:
- an electrical installation with voltage between 220V and 240V. 
- an earthed socket.
Connecting to the wrong voltage may cause irreparable damage to the appliance and will invalidate your
If you are using a mains extension lead, ensure that it is correctly rated (10A) with an earth, and is fully extended.

Completely unwind the electric flex before plugging it into an earthed electric socket.

If the electric power flex or the steam flex is damaged, it must imperatively be replaced by an Approved Service
Centre to avoid any danger.

Do not unplug the appliance by pulling on the cord. Always unplug your appliance:
- before filling or rinsing the boiler,
- before cleaning your generator,
- after each use.

The appliance must be used and placed on a flat, stable, heat-resistant surface. When you place the iron on the
iron rest, make sure that the surface on which you place it is stable.

This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

Never leave the appliance unattended:
- when it is connected to the mains,
- until it has cooled down (around 1 hour).

The soleplate and generator iron-rest can become very hot and cause burns: never touch these parts. Never touch
the electric cords with the soleplate of the iron.

Your appliance gives off steam which can cause burns. Handle your iron carefully, particularly when using the
vertical function. Never direct the steam towards persons or animals.

Before emptying the boiler, always wait until the generator is cold and make sure that it has been unplugged for
more than 2 hours before unscrewing the boiler stopper.

Be careful: if the boiler cap is dropped or severely knocked, have it replaced by an Approved Service Centre, as it
may be damaged.

While rinsing out the boiler, never fill it directly under the tap.

If you lose or damage the boiler stopper, have it replaced in an Approved Service Centre.

Never immerse your steam generator in water or any other liquid. Never hold it under the water tap.

The appliance must not be used if it has fallen to the floor, shows evidence of damage, leaks or fails to function
correctly. Never dismantle your appliance. To avoid any danger, have it inspected in an approved service centre.

Do not iron over garment zips as this could damage the soleplate, care should also be taken when moving the iron
close to a garment zip to ensure the zip does not catch the soleplate. 

Environment protection first !

Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled.

Leave it at a local civic waste disposal centre.


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Locking system for retaining the iron on the base 
- Lock-system

Your steam generator is equipped with a retaining clip which locks the iron on its casing
for easier transport and storage - 


Locking - 


Unlocking - 


To carry your steam generator by the iron handle:

- place the iron on the iron rest of the generator and raise the retaining hoop over the
iron until it locks into place (audible click) - 


- grasp the handle of the iron to carry your steam generator - 




What water to use ?

Due to the powerful steam output, a mesh type ironing board must be used to allow any
excess steam to escape and to avoid steam venting sideways.

Your iron has been designed to operate using untreated tap water.

Types of water not to use: Heat concentrates the elements contained in water during
evaporation. The types of water listed below may contain organic waster, mineral or
chemical elements that can cause spitting, brown staining or premature wear of the
appliance: water from clothes dryers, scented or softened water, water from
refrigerators, batteries, air conditioners, rain water, boiled, filtered or bottled water.
These types of water should NOT be used in your TEFAL steam generator. Also only
use distilled or demineralised water as advised right.

Filling the boiler

Place your steam generator on a flat, stable, heat-resistant surface.

Check that your appliance is unplugged and cold.

Unscrew the boiler cap.

Using a water jug, fill with maximum 1 litre of water. Fill the boiler, taking care that the
water does not spill over - 


. If this occurs, remove the excess water.

Replace the boiler cap, screwing on firmly, but not over tight.

Using the Easycord system 

Your iron is equipped with an extension cord system to prevent the cord from dragging
over the laundry and creasing it again when ironing.

Take the steam cord out of its housing and unwind it completely.

Press the Eject button and the Easycord system extends automatically.

When the cord outlet tips, the Easycord system extends automatically without you
having to press the Eject button - 


If your water is very hard
(check with your local water
authority) it is possible to
mix tap water with store-
bought distilled or
demineralised water in the
following proportions: 50%
untreated tap water, 50%
distilled or demineralised

Always use the Easycord
system for enhanced
comfort of use.



Steam control button


Temperature setting mark


Iron temperature adjustment button


Thermostat light


Steam cord


Easycord system


Electric cord tidy


Power cord


Control panel


Steam flow adjustment dial


Illuminated on/off switch


Steam ready indicator light


Lock-System hoop


Iron rest


Boiler cap



(inside the base-unit)


Steam cord storage space


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Using the generator

Unwind the electric cord completely and take the steam cord out of its housing.

Plug your generator into an earthed socket.

Press the on/off luminous switch. It comes on and the boiler heats up - 



After approximately 8 minutes or when the steam ready indicator light goes out, the steam
is ready - 




Steam ironing

Set the iron temperature adjustment dial - 


and the steam flow adjustment dial


to the type of fabric to be ironed (see table below).

The thermostat light comes on.

The generator and the iron are ready when the steam ready indicator light and the
thermostat light go out. 

While ironing, the light on top of the iron and the steam ready light turn on and off,
as the temperature adjusts without interrupting ironing.

To obtain steam, press on the steam control button on the iron handle - 



The steam will stop when you release the button.

Setting the temperature and the steam output

Iron temperature setting:
- Start with the fabrics to be ironed at a low temperature and finish with those which
need higher temperatures (••• or Max).
- Mixed fibre fabric: set the ironing temperature to the setting for the most delicate
- Woollen garments: press repeatedly on the steam control button - 


, to obtain

short bursts of steam, without placing the iron on the garment itself.

Steam output setting:
- Thick fabric: increase the steam setting.
- At a low temperature: set the steam output control dial to the low position.

Dry ironing

Do not press on the steam control button.

The first time the
appliance is used, there
may be some fumes and
smell but this is not
They will not affect use
and will disappear rapidly.

To prime the steam circuit,
either before using the iron
for the first time, or if you
have not used the steam
function for a few minutes,
press the steam control
button several times in a
row, holding the iron away
from your clothes. This will
enable any cold water to
be ejected from the steam

Never place the iron on a
metal rest as this could
damage it.
Place it on the iron-rest on
the base unit: it has non-
slip pads and has been
designed to withstand high







Linen, Cotton


Wool, Silk, Viscose



(Polyester, Acetate, Acrylic, Polyamide)


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Vertical steam ironing

Set the iron temperature dial and the steam flow adjustment dial to the max.

Hang the garment on a coat hanger and hold the fabric slightly taut with one hand.

Press repeatedly on the steam control button - 


moving the iron from top to


Filling the boiler during use

VERY IMPORTANT: Before opening your boiler, ensure that there is no more steam left
inside by pressing the steam control button - 


and keep it pressed down until there

is no more steam.

Stop the generator by pressing the on/off switch and disconnect the plug.

Slowly unscrew the boiler cap.

Using a water jug, fill with maximum 1 litre of water.

Fill the boiler, taking care that the water does not spill over - 


If this occurs, remove

the excess water.

Replace the boiler cap, screwing on tightly, reconnect your generator to the mains, and
switch it on.

Wait until the boiler heats up. After approximately 8 minutes or when the steam ready
indicator light goes out, the steam is ready - 


Storing your generator

Turn off at the main switch and unplug.

Wind the electric cord around the cord tidy - 



Place the iron on the rest.

Raise the retaining hoop over the iron until it locks into place (audible click) - 



Your iron is then safely retained on its base.

Slot the extension cord outlet in the notch. Take the end of the cord support and press
to return the flexible part into the base.

Storing the steam cord.

Leave the steam generator to cool down before putting it away if it is stored in a
cupboard or confined space.

You can now store your steam generator in complete safety.

Maintenance and cleaning

Before cleaning, ensure that your steam generator is unplugged and that the soleplate
and the iron rest have cooled down.
Do not use detergent or descaling products for cleaning the soleplate or the base unit.
Never hold the iron or the base unit under the tap.

Cleaning the soleplate

Regularly clean the soleplate with a non-metallic sponge.

Cleaning the unit

Clean the plastic parts of the appliance occasionally using a soft dampened cloth.

As steam is very hot, never
attempt to remove creases
from a garment while it is
being worn, always hang
garments on a coat hanger.
For fabrics other than linen
or cotton, hold the iron a
few centimetres from the
garment to avoid burning
the fabric.

Never unscrew the boiler
cap while it’s still


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Rinsing the boiler 

(once a month)

Be careful: To extend the life of your boiler and to avoid the build-up of scale, it is
essential that you rinse out the boiler at least after every 10 uses (approximately once
a month).

Check that the generator is cold and unplugged for more than 2 hours.

Using a jug, fill the boiler 3/4 full with untreated tap water - 



Shake the base unit for a few moments and then empty it completely over your sink



To obtain the best results, we advise you to repeat this operation.

Is there any problem?

If you have any product problems or queries please contact our Customer Relations Team first for expert
help and advice:
HELPLINE: 0845 602 1454 - UK (01) 401 8448 - Ireland or consult our website - www.tefal.co.uk

If your water is hard,
increase the frequency.
In particular, do not use
descaling agents for
rinsing out the boiler, as
they could damage it.


Possible causes


Water runs through the
holes in the sole plate.

The boiler is too full.

Do not fill the boiler right up to the top.

The thermostat is not working: the
temperature is too low.

Contact an Approved Service Centre.

You are using the steam control button
before the iron is hot enough.

Check the thermostat and steam flow

Water has condensed in the pipes
because you are using steam for the
first time or you have not used it for
some time.

Press the steam control button away from
your ironing board until the iron produces

Water streaks appear on
the linen.

Your ironing board is saturated with
water because it is not suitable for use
with a steam generator.

Check that your ironing board is suitable.
You should be using a mesh/vented ironing

White steaks come
through the holes in the

Your boiler has a build-up of scale
because it is not rinsed out regularly.

Rinse the boiler every 10 uses (see § rinsing
the boiler). If your water is hard, increase
the frequency.

Brown streaks come
through the holes in the
soleplate and stain the

You are using chemical descaling
agents or additives in the water for

Never add this type of product in the boiler
(see § what water to use).

Your linen is not rinsed sufficiently or
you have ironed a new garment before
washing it.

Ensure linen is rinsed thoroughly to remove
any soap deposits or chemicals on new
garments which have been sucked up by
the iron.

The soleplate is dirty or
brown and may stain the

You are ironing at too high a

See our recommendations regarding
temperature control setting.

You are using starch.

Always spray starch on the reverse side of
the fabric to be ironed.

There is no steam or there
is little steam.

The boiler is empty.

Fill the boiler.

The boiler is not yet ready.

After starting the appliance, wait for 8 mins
or until the steam ready indicator light
comes out.

Steam escapes from the
boiler cap.

Cap screwed on incorrectly.

Screw the cap back on.

The seal on the cap is damaged.

Contact an Approved Service Centre.

The appliance is faulty.

Stop using the generator and contact an
Approved Service Centre.

Steam or water escape
under the appliance.

The appliance is faulty.

Stop using the generator and contact an
Approved Service Centre.


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