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Shakespeare Electronic Style CPA-110 Installation Instructions Manual

Made by: Shakespeare Electronic
Type: Installation Instructions
Category: Cell Phone Accessories
Pages: 1
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Installing the Cell Phone Adapter

The Style CPA-110 Cell Phone Adapter lets you connect Motorola 


MicroTAC™ II, PL 550/950, or Slim Lite phones 

to your boat’s cellular antenna.


Shakespeare Electronic




 · Marine Products

6111 Shakespeare Rd., Columbia, SC 29223

 · 803-2


 · Fax: 803-


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©1998 Shakespeare Co.

Supplied Parts

1 Antenna adapter cable
1 Replacement black cap
1 Replacement flex antenna

Installation Instructions

1. Extend the cell phone’s retractable antenna as far as it will go.

2. Unsnap the antenna’s black base cap at its base with a thin

bladed screwdriver. See picture #1.

3. Pull the coil assembly out of its socket and slide it away from

the phone along the antenna.

4. Unscrew the antenna from the


phone by twisting it counter-

    clockwise. See picture #2.

5. Snap the (supplied) black replacement
    flexible antenna into place in the phone’s
    antenna socket. The small metal connector
    at its base should point toward the back of


  the cell phone. See picture #3.

6. Snap the supplied replacement black cap into
    position. See picture #4.

7. Connect the adapter cable to your ship’s antenna,
    and plug the other end into the connection at the
    base of the replacement antenna.






· Form I-CPA-110 J: rev.