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Mophie Marketplace for iPhone 3G & 3GS User Manual

Made by: Mophie
Type: User Manual
Category: Cell Phone Accessories
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Start Using GoPayment


1. Open the GoPayment App  

  and log in to your account

2. Swipe or manually enter  

  credit card information

3. Enter amount of charge  

  and have customer sign  

  with their finger. That’s it!


mophie marketplace


Made for Apple iPhone 3G & 3GS

Box Contents 

mophie marketplace, micro USB cable, manual

mophie marketplace Printable Manual

© mophie 2011    www.mophie.com

Take credit cards,  

anytime, anywhere.

To start accepting credit cards,  
you will need an Intuit GoPayment  
Merchant Service account.  
It should only take a few minutes 
to apply and get activated.

Intuit  GoPayment   

Support Available

Free support for your merchant 
account is available 24/7/365 at 


 During regular business hours, Monday- 

  Friday from 7 am – 6 pm PST or Saturday  
  7 am – 3 pm PST, excluding holidays. 
  Applications submitted outside of these  
  hours will receive a response the following  
  business day. Subject to occasional  
  downtime for system maintenance and  
  other reasons outside of our control.

Get Set Up


1. Connect your iPhone to the  

  card reader and slide the cover  

  over the top.

2. Download and open the  

  GoPayment App 

  GoPayment should load automatically.  
  If it doesn’t, simply go to the App Store,  
  search for GoPayment and download  
  the app.

3. Apply for your Account

  Click on 

New User? Start Now, fill in  

  the required fields and click 

Sign Up.  

  Complete the application using the  
  onscreen instructions. Your account may  
  be activated in as few as 15 minutes.


Note: You have the option to complete 
your application in the GoPayment App, 
over the phone


, by calling 888 556-4850 

or online at mophie.intuit.com

You have the option to send your customers 
receipts via text messages or e-mail, track 
item sales and download transactions into 



 Optional feature to sync data available in  

  supported versions of QuickBooks Pro and  
  Premier 2009 or later, sold separately.  
  Terms, conditions, features, pricing, service  
  and support subject to change without notice.