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Lexmark E120n Product Profile

Made by: Lexmark
Type: Product Profile
Category: Printer
Pages: 1
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Southwest Microwave, Inc  

9055 S. McKemy Street  
Tempe, AZ 85284 
(480) 783-0201 Fax (480) 783-0401








Product Profile # 542                    

Lexmark E120n Mono Laser Printer                       




Laser Printer 
Lexmark E120n Mono Laser Printer





This laser printer is used with the INTREPID MicroPoint and MicroNet Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems 
(PIDS) for alarm reporting. The Lexmark mono laser printer prints up to 20 pages of alarm reports per minute 
and comes with 16MB of memory. Selectable print resolution allows optimized printer/job performance. 
Adjustable print resolution settings let you optimize print quality and performance. 






Automatic loading for up to 150 sheets. 



Manual loading dock for transparencies, 
card stock, etc. 



USB 2.0 and Ethernet 10/100 Base TX 






12 Scalable PCL fonts.  



Stack output neatly in upright collection 
bin or at optional horizontal front output. 




Printer cartridge 


User’s Guide 


USB Cable 





Dimensions: 9.8”H x 15.3”W x 14.6”D  

Weight: 15.2lb (6.9kg)