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Lexmark C950 Print Defects Manual

Made by: Lexmark
Type: Print Defects Guide
Category: Printer
Pages: 1
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Print defects guide

Repeating defects measurements

Match a set of repeating defects on a print job to the marks on one of the vertical lines to determine whether a photoconductor
unit is defective. The color of the repeating print defects indicates which photoconductor unit is causing the defect.


Make sure the current selection in the printer for Scale to Fit in the PDF menu is set to No for the rulers to be printed at

the correct size.

Change the photoconductor unit if the repeating defects appear in these instances:

Every 94.2 mm (3.71 in.) of the page

Every 37.68 mm (1.48 in.) of the page

Every 31.4 mm (1.24 in.) of the page


The printer has four photoconductor units. Replace the photoconductor unit that has the same color as the repeating print


Print defects guide

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