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Lexmark C720 Product Update

15W0003 - C 720 Color Laser Printer 15W0008 - C 720dn Color Laser Printer

Made by: Lexmark
Type: Product Update
Category: Printer
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 C720 Product Update

Keep this information with your Lexmark C720 Quick Reference Card.

Operator panel messages

The printer operator panel displays two new messages: 

89 Clean Charger


89 Replace Charger

. These 

messages remind you when to clean or replace the charger on the photo developer cartridge. Complying with these 
messages will help your printer maintain print quality.

Photo developer charger

The charger on the bottom of the photo developer cartridge prepares the photo developer to accept the toner that 
creates your printed images. You must periodically clean the charger to maintain print quality.

When the photo developer has printed 10,000 images, 

89 Clean Charger

 appears on the operator panel display. 

This message indicates it is time for you to remove the photo developer cartridge and clean the charger.

For information about cleaning the charger, refer to Cleaning the photo developer charger in the Troubleshooting 
section of your Lexmark C720 Publications CD.

When the photo developer has printed 20,000 images, 

89 Replace Charger

 appears on the operator panel 

display. This message indicates it is time for you to remove the photo developer cartridge and replace the charger.

Information about replacing the charger is in the package with your new charger. The part number to use when 
ordering a replacement charger is 15W0918.

Starter cartridges

Your printer shipped with a starter photo developer cartridge and starter toner cartridges.

The starter photo developer cartridge is rated at 50 percent maximum life and yields up to 20,000 images. The 
following table shows the maximum life difference between a starter photo developer cartridge and a replacement 

The toner starter cartridges are rated at 42 percent maximum life. The following table shows the maximum life 
difference between a starter and replacement toner cartridge.


Starter cartridge maximum life

Replacement cartridge maximum life

Photo developer

Up to 

20,000 images

Up to 

40,000 images

Toner cartridge

Starter cartridge maximum life

Replacement cartridge maximum life


Up to 5,000 pages @ 

5% toner coverage

Up to 12,000 pages @ 

5% toner coverage


Up to 3,000 pages @ 

5% toner coverage

Up to 7,200 pages @ 

5% toner coverage


Up to 3,000 pages @ 

5% toner coverage

Up to 7,200 pages @ 

5% toner coverage


Up to 3,000 pages @ 

5% toner coverage

Up to 7,200 pages @ 

5% toner coverage

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