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Lexmark 6500e Information Manual

Made by: Lexmark
Type: Information Guide
Category: Printer
Pages: 1
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Information guide

Help menu

The Help menu consists of a series of Help pages that are stored in the scanner as PDF files. They contain information about using
the scanner and performing various tasks, including copying, scanning, and faxing.

English, French, German, and Spanish translations are stored in the scanner.

Other translations are available on the Lexmark Web site at 



Menu item


Print All Guides

Prints all the guides

Copy Guide

Provides information about making copies and changing settings

Fax Guide

Provides information about sending faxes using fax numbers, shortcut numbers, or the
address book, and about changing settings

E-mail Guide

Provides information about sending e-mails using addresses, shortcut numbers, or the
address book, and about changing settings

FTP Guide

Provides information about scanning documents directly to an FTP server using an FTP
address, shortcut numbers, or the address book, and about changing settings

Print Defects Guide

Provides help in resolving repeating defects in copies or prints

Information Guide

Provides help in locating additional information

Supplies Guide

Provides part numbers for ordering supplies

Setup Guide


Setup Guide

 that is shipped with the scanner provides information about setting up the scanner and configuring it with the


Software and Documentation



Software and Documentation

 CD packaged with the scanner includes a 

User's Guide

. The 

User's Guide

 provides information

about loading paper, turning on or off the multifeed sensor, selecting ADF media type, printing, ordering supplies,
troubleshooting, solving paper feed problems, clearing jams, maintaining the printer, cleaning ADF parts, customizing the home
screen, and using solutions.

For updates, check our Web site at 



Home screen customization and using solutions

For information about customizing your home screen and using solutions, see the “Setting up and using the home screen
applications” section in the 

User's Guide


Additional language support


User's Guide

Quick Reference

, and 

Networking Guide

 are available in other languages on the 

Software and



Information guide

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