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Lexicon MC-8 Release Note

Made by: Lexicon
Type: Release Note
Category: Controller
Pages: 1
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The purpose of this document is to communicate any points that are not fully discussed in the MC-8
Digital Controller User Guide (Rev. 1). 

THX mode remote button not available with 2-channel sources

When 5 speakers have been selected in the SPEAKER SETUP menu, a 2-channel source is currently playing,

and the remote control 

 button is pressed the message, MODE SELECTION NOT AVAILABLE, is

displayed on the front panel and on-screen.

Installation Worksheet incorrect

The Installation Worksheet on page A-20 in the MC-8 Digital Controller User Guide erroneously includes
the following input names: LD, PVR, GAME, and TAPE. These inputs do not appear on the MC-8 front
panel, remote control, or in any menus.

At least one microphone required for automatic calibration

Automatic calibration of the MC-8 can be performed if at least one microphone passes the microphone
check. However, the more microphones that are connected to the MC-8 (up to four), the more accurate
the calibration. See page 3-40 of the MC-8 Digital Controller User Guide for more information.

Recalibrate if power is lost

If power is lost during automatic calibration of speaker levels or speaker distances, or during calibration of
EQ or LIVE, previous settings may be lost and recalibration of all of the above sections is required. 

No manual audio controls for LIVE

The Bass, Treble, Tilt, Loudness, and Room EQ controls do not function when LIVE is running. While LIVE is
active, the BASS, TREBLE, and TILT EQ parameters are shown in the AUDIO CONTROLS menu as set to 0.
The LOUDNESS parameter is shown as set to OFF.

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