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Made by: Lexar
Type: Quick Start Guide
Category: Other
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Quick Start Guide

(For UDMA CompactFlash


 and Standard CF Memory Cards)


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The Lexar


 Professional ExpressCard



 Reader helps you save 

time and improve workflow by providing high-speed downloads from UDMA 
Compactflash (UDMA CF) and CompactFlash (CF) cards to your computer. This 
allows you to quickly and easily manage, view, and sort your digital images. 
Designed for photographers on the go, this portable, high-speed reader includes 
such features as: 


 Provides ultimate high-speed file transfer when used with a UDMA 6 CF 

card—up to 133MB/s* 


 Reads UDMA CF and CF cards 


 Works with any Mac


 computer or PC laptop with 54mm or 34mm Express-

Card slot


 Connects directly to your computer’s PCIe bus interface to  

improve performance  


 Extra-deep card slot provides added card protection 


 LED activity light blinks during file transfer, so you know when the job is done


 No cables needed


 Free, dedicated customer support


 Two-year limited warranty



Highest possible transfer protocol speed 


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This Quick Start Guide explains how to set up, connect, and use the Lexar  
Professional ExpressCard CompactFlash Reader.

Reader Package Contents


 Lexar Professional ExpressCard CompactFlash Reader



 ExpressCard slot (34mm and 54mm) with direct PCIe bus interface

Operating System Requirements




 XP/Windows Vista




 Mac OS


X 10.4 and up

System Memory Requirements


 Window-based system: 1GB and above


 Apple MacBook


 Pro system:

    – 2GB or less (for system with 4GB and above, see below for special image   

viewing instructions) 

    – 800MHz FSB or less (for system with 800MHz FSB and above, see below for  

  image viewing instructions

Special photo viewing instructions for MacBook Pro notebook with 24GB of DRAM and 800MHz FSB and above: To 
view photos, please transfer and save all images from CompactFlash card to your computer first before viewing images. 
DO NOT VIEW IMAGES DIRECTLY FROM THE CARD. It will cause the system to stall.   


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A Quick Look at the Reader

Extra-deep card slot

LED activity light

PCIe bus connector  
(works with 54mm or 34mm ExpressCard slot)


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To Begin, Download and Install Driver 

To download the driver:

  -  Go online to http://www.lexar.com/drivers/index.html 
  -  Select “Card Reader Drivers”
  -  Look for “Professional ExpressCard CompactFlash Reader”
  -  Select the correct driver for your operating system (Mac or PC) and follow 

the instructions to download the driver and view instructions on installing 
the driver into your system 

To install driver:
For Window-based laptop/computer: 

  -  Insert CompactFlash card into the reader and slide the reader into the 

ExpressCard slot (supports both 34mm and 54mm)  

  -  Double click on file name JMB368CF_WinDrv_R1.01.09.00
  -  Select SETUP.EXE and follow the instructions to install the driver 
  -  Click on “MY COMPUTER” and the reader icon will appear on the screen
  -  For Windows 7, icon will ONLY appear on the screen when CompactFlash 

card is inserted into the reader

For Mac-based laptop/computer:


  -  Insert CompactFlash card into the reader and slide the reader into the 

ExpressCard slot (supports both 34mm and 54mm)  

  -  Click on “JMicronATADriver.dmg” and follow the instructions to install the driver 


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  -  If the driver is successfully installed, the system will reboot 
  -  Once the system reboots itself, a new icon will appear on your desktop, 

which indicates the ExpressCard reader folder

Connecting the Reader

Insert your UDMA CF or CF card into the enclosure first and carefully Insert the 
Professional ExpressCard CompactFlash Reader into the ExpressCard 34mm or 
54mm slot of your laptop (usually located on the side) until you hear a “click,” 
which will indicate the reader is securely connected. 


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To Remove Cards: 

To remove the inserted card, eject the card in the same manner you would eject 
a disk drive from your computer. After the blue LED activity light stops blinking, 
it is safe to remove the card.  


Do not remove the card from the reader when the LED activity light 

is on or blinking or you may lose data or damage the card. You should follow 
the steps listed above to safely eject the card from the reader.


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LED Activity Light

The LED activity light was specifically designed to safeguard the files stored on 
your memory card, preventing interrupted file transfer, and reducing the risk 
of data loss or card damage. The light acts as a status indicator to help ensure 
proper use of the reader.  

LED Indicators: 
LED off: 

The reader is plugged into the computer but does not have a  

card inserted.

LED blinks continuously: 

The reader is transferring data between the memory 

card and computer. Once the LED stops blinking, the data transfer is complete.


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Lexar Customer Support Options 


Please visit the FAQ section at www.lexar.com/support to find answers to com-
monly asked questions.

Live Support: 

Click on the “Click to Chat Live” link at www.lexar.com/support/index.html to 
start a live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


E-Mail us at support@lexar.com with your contact information, product details, 
and a description of your problem.


Phone support is available during regular business hours, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, 
Monday through Friday. 
USA:  1-888-363-4309510 
UK: +44 1-483-797-788

©2010. Lexar Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Information is subject to change without 
notice. Lexar, and the Lexar logo are trademarks of Lexar Media, Inc. ExpressCard is a 
trademark of PCMCIA. Mac, MacBook, Mac OS and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple, 
Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Windows, Windows Vista, and the Windows 
logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States 
and other countries. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their 
respective owners. Lexar Media, Inc. is a subsidiary of Micron Technology, Inc.


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