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Lexar MULTI-CARD 25-IN-1 Quick Start Manual

Made by: Lexar
Type: Quick Start Guide
Category: Card Reader
Pages: 10
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micro SD



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the Lexar


 Multi-card 25-in-1 usB 3.0 reader is an easy-to-use, all-in-one file 

transfer solution. the reader has an innovative pop-up design, supports multiple 
memory card formats,* and has the ability to support concurrent downloads and 
card-to-card file transfer. 

Product highlights: 


 extremely versatile—reads 25 popular memory card formats*  


 enables concurrent downloads and card-to-card file transfer 


 Pop-up design protects card slots


 Quickly and easily transfer photos, videos, music, and files


 includes usB 3.0 cable—no external power supply needed


 One-year limited warranty


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this Quick start guide explains how to set up, connect, and use the Lexar Multi-
card 25-in-1 usB 3.0 reader.

Package Contents


 Lexar Multi-card 25-in-1 usB 3.0 reader


 usB 3.0 cable


 reader operation instructions



 usB 3.0

System Memory Requirements




 XP/Windows Vista


/Windows 7


 Mac Os


X 10.6.4 and up


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A Quick Look at the Reader

Release button

Release button

LED activity light

USB 3.0 port




M2/MS Duo


One-push, pop-up design— 
protects card slots when not in use


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Connecting the Reader 

The Lexar Multi-Card 25-in-1 USB 3.0 Reader has a plug-and-play design, with 
no driver installation needed. 

 To connect the reader, simply follow these steps:  
  - Remove cable and reader from the box  

-  Locate the mini USB port on the back of the reader and 

insert the USB cable into the reader as illustrated above

-  Locate the USB 3.0 port on your desktop or laptop 

and connect the USB cable into the port

To open the reader, locate the release button on each 
side of the reader and push simultaneously. The reader 
will pop open. 

Note: Windows XP Network users 

If your laptop or desktop is linked to a work or home network with multiple drives, your 

system may not detect all 5 reader slots. If that’s the case, follow the instructions below:
-  On your desktop screen, right click on MY COMPUTER and select MANAGE
- Select DISK MANAGEMENT from the menu located on the left hand side of your screen
-  Locate and select your REMOVABLE DRIVE (reader slot), then right click
-  On the right side, you will see a drop-down menu with a letter. Click on the drop-down  

arrow, select a new letter for your REMOVABLE DRIVE (reader slot), and click OK 

Repeat the above process for each undetected reader slot. 


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To Remove Cards: 

To remove a card from the reader, eject the card in the same manner you would a 
disk drive from your computer:


PC: Click on the SAFELY REMOVE HARDWARE icon on the toolbar 

Mac: Drag the REMOVABLE DRIVE icon to the recycle bin

After the blue LED activity light stops blinking, it is safe to remove the card.


Do not remove the card from the reader when the LED activity light is 

blinking or you may lose data or damage the card. 


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LED Activity Light

The LED activity light was specifically designed to safeguard the files stored on 
your memory card, preventing interrupted file transfer, and reducing the risk 
of data loss or card damage. The light acts as a status indicator to help ensure 
proper use of the reader.

LED Indicators:

LED off:

 The reader is plugged into the computer but does not have a  

card inserted.

LED on:

 The reader is plugged into the computer with card(s) inside the reader

LED blinks continuously:

 The reader is transferring data between memory cards 

in different slots, or memory card and computer. Once the LED stops blinking, 
the data transfer is complete.


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Lexar Customer Support Options 


Please visit the FaQ section at www.lexar.com/support to find answers to com-
monly asked questions.

Live Support: 

click on the “LiveHelp” link at www.lexar.com/support to start a live chat 24 
hours a day, 7 days a week.


e-Mail us at support@lexar.com with your contact information, product details, 
and a description of your problem.


Phone support is available during regular business hours, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pst, 
Monday through Friday. 
1-877-747-4031 (u.s. and canada) or 1-208-363-5862 (outside the u.s.  
and canada).

*reads the following types of memory cards: compactFlash® type i and type ii, sd™, 
sdHc™, sdXc™, minisd™, minisdHc™, MMc™, MMcplus™, rs-MMc™, microsd™, 
microsdHc™, Memory stick™, Memory stick (with Magicgate™), Memory stick PrO™, 
Memory stick PrO duo™, Memory stick duo (with Magicgate), Memory stick PrO duo 
Mark 2, Memory stick PrO-Hg duo™, Memory stick PrO-Hg duo “HX”, Memory stick 
Micro™ (M2™), xd-Picture card™, xd-Picture card type-M, xd-Picture card type-M+,  
and xd-Picture card type-H.


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©2012. Micron consumer Products group, inc. all rights reserved. information is subject to 
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