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Levoit LV-H132 Manual

Made by: Levoit
Type: Manual
Category: Air Cleaner
Pages: 16
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Compact HEPA Air Purifier

Model: LV-H132


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Thank you for purchasing the LV-H132 Compact HEPA Air Purifier by Levoit. We are dedicated 

to providing you with quality products so that you can see a better you. Should you have any 

questions or concerns about using your new product, feel free to reach out to our helpful 

customer support team at (888)-726-8520 or by email at support@levoit.com. We hope you 

enjoy your new product!

Thank You.


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Table of Contents

Safety Information

Main Functions



Care & Maintenance



Customer Support

Warranty Information











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Safety Information

IMPORTANT: Please read, understand, and comply with all of the instructions provided in this manual before using the 

device. Failure to comply with the instructions given in this manual and/or using the device in ways other than the ones 

mentioned in this manual may result in serious injury and/or damage the product.

•  DO NOT immerse air purifier in water or liquids, doing so my result in damage to the appliance, electric shock, or fire.

•  DO NOT clean the appliance with water or any other liquid to avoid electric shock and/or a fire hazard.

•  DO NOT use the appliance if the plug, the power cord, or the appliance itself is damaged.

•  DO NOT allow children to play with or near this purifier. Keep this appliance away from children. 

•  DO NOT block the air outlet and inlet by placing items on the air outlet or in front of the air inlet.

•  This air purifier should not be used as a substitute for kitchen or bathroom ventilation or  vacuum cleaning.

•  This appliance has a polarized plug, always make sure it is correctly plugged into a polarized electrical outlet. 

•  To avoid fire or electrical shock hazards, always make sure this appliance is plugged into a 120V AC electrical outlet. 

•  If the electrical outlet used to power the appliance has poor connections, the plug of the appliance becomes hot. Make 

sure you plug the appliance into a properly connected wall socket.

•  DO NOT place this appliance on soft surfaces like sofas or beds; the air purifier may tip over and block either the air inlet 

or outlet.

•  Always place and use the appliance on a flat, stable surface. 

•  Always allow 15 in. (38 cm) of clearance on all sides of the purifier.

•  DO NOT sit or place anything on top of the purifier 

•  DO NOT place the purifier directly below an air conditioner to prevent any moisture from getting into the purifier.

•  Make sure all filters are properly installed before you turn on the appliance; remove the packaging from the filters inside 

the air purifier before use. 

•  DO NOT use any other filters with this air purifier. Only use Levoit LV-H132-RF replacement filters for this unit.

•  Avoid hitting the purifier with hard objects. 

•  Always unplug the appliance before lifting or moving it.

•  DO NOT insert fingers or objects into the air outlet.

•  DO NOT use this appliance with indoor smoke-type insect repellents or in places with oily residues, burning incense or 

chemical fumes.

•  DO NOT use the appliance near gas appliances, heating devices or fireplaces.

•  Always unplug the appliance after use and before cleaning it.

•  DO NOT use the purifier in a room with major indoor temperature changes as this may cause condensation to build up 

inside the appliance.

•  The appliance is only intended for indoor household use under normal operating conditions as stated in this manual. 

•  DO NOT use the air purifier in humid environments. 

•  The appliance does not remove carbon monoxide (CO) or radon (Rn). It cannot be used as a safety device to prevent or 

clean up accidents with combustion processes and hazardous chemicals.

•  This appliance should be kept at least 6.5 feet (2 meters) away from electronics that use radio waves. 

•  This appliance should only be used in rooms with temperatures between 40°F and 110°F.


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•  DO NOT attempt to repair this device in any way or use any replacement components or parts to modify the air purifier. 

Doing so will void your warranty. Contact customer service immediately if your appliance is no longer working.  

•  WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, DO NOT use the appliance with any solid-state speed control 




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Main Functions












1.  Housing

2.  Air outlet

3.  Air inlet

4.  Power button

5.  Night light button

6.  Filter reset button

7.  Fan speed button

8.  Power cord

9.  Nano-silver pre-filter

10.  HEPA filter

11.  Activated carbon filter

12.  Filter cover

13.  Anti-skid pads

Top view of filter

Bottom view of filter







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1.  Flip over the purifier to reveal the filter cover. Turn the 

the filter cover counterclockwise to the unlock position 

and remove the cover. 

2. Remove the filter from its plastic packaging. Reinstall 

the filter with its pull tabs facing the opening. The 

HEPA filter should be facing the opening. Place the 

nano-silver pre-filter on top of the HEPA filter.

3. Replace the filter cover on the air purifier, making sure 

the arrows on the housing and filter cover align. Turn 

the filter cover clockwise to the lock position to secure 

the filters; the filter cover should snap shut on the 


4. Place the air purifier on a flat, stable surface. Connect 

the purifier to a an electrical outlet and the device 

will chime, indicating that it is connected to a power 



•  Always allow 15 inches of clearance on all sides of the 


•  Ensure the air filter is properly positioned in the 

purifier before use. 

Tabs should face 

the opening.

15 inches






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Button Controls

General Maintenance

The Filter Reset Button

Press once to turn on or turn off the air 


Press the Night Light button once to turn on 

the air purifier. Press the Night Light button 

once more to dim the light, and press the 

button again to turn off the light. Press and 

hold the Night Light button to turn off the 

button lights on the air purifier. To turn the 

lights back on, press any button except for 

the Power Button.

NOTE: The night light will remain off as a default setting 

when turning on the air purifier. 


•  When the Filter Reset button lights up, it does not 

necessarily mean that you must change your filters. 

However, it is important to watch out for the following 

signs of expired filters:

•  Increased operating noise

•  Decreased airflow

•  Clogged filters

•  Increased presence of odors 

•  The environment in which the air purifier is being used 

may also extend or shorten the lifetime of the air filter. 

Using your air purifier in an environment of relatively 

high pollution may mean you will need to change the 

air filter more often. 

•  If the air pollution in your environment is very 

high, there is a possibility that the filter may not be 

Lights up when the air filter needs to be 

checked or replaced. Press and hold the 

Filter Reset button for 3 seconds after 

checking or changing the air filter in the 

purifier. (See The Filter Reset Button.)

Press the Fan Speed button to cycle 

through the three fan speeds of the air 

purifier. Please note that the purifier will 

automatically default to level 2 when it is 

turned on.

Care & Maintenance

•  Wipe down the housing with a soft, clean cloth. 

•  DO NOT immerse the purifier in water or liquid 


•  If necessary, wipe the housing with a clean damp 

cloth, then immediately dry the  housing with a 

separate clean cloth. 

It is recommended to change the air filters about every 6 

months—this is based on the average daily use as well as 

the average air quality in the U.S. The Filter Reset button 

will light up to remind you to check the air filters; this light 

will turn on sooner or later based on how often you use 

your air purifier.

If the Filter Reset button has illuminated, please 

remember to reset the air purifier after checking the 

filters by pressing and holding the Filter Reset button for 

3 seconds (See Resetting the Air Filter Lifetime).


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6. Replace the filter cover onto the housing, making sure 

the arrows on the housing and filter cover align. Turn 

the filter cover clockwise to the lock position.

7. Follow the instructions in the Resetting the Air Filter 

Lifetime section to complete the filter replacement 





Tabs should face 

the opening.

1.  Turn off and unplug the air purifier.

2. Flip over the purifier and remove the filter cover. 

3. Remove the old filter. 

4. Clean any remaining dust or hair inside the purifier 

using a vacuum hose. DO NOT use water or liquids to 

clean the purifier.

1.  Plug in the air purifier and turn it on.

5. Remove the new filter from its packaging and place it 

into the purifier with the pull tabs facing the opening. 

The HEPA filter should be facing the opening.  


Replacing the Air Filter

Resetting the Air Filter Lifetime

If your air filters can no longer filter fresh air, they must be 

changed to ensure the lifetime of your air purifier. Follow 

the steps below to properly install new air filters in your 

unit. You can also scan the QR code to purchase new air 


completely effective and may need to be replaced 

before the Filter Reset button lights up. 

•  Please remember to reset the air purifier after 

changing the air filter.


•  DO NOT wash and reuse air filters. The air filters 

cannot be be cleaned manually. 

•  Only use Levoit LV-H132-RF True HEPA Filters when 

changing the filter for this device.


The air filter lifetime must be reset if the Filter 

Reset button lights up.

2. While the air purifier is on standby, press and hold the 

Filter Reset button for 3 seconds. 

3. The Filter Reset button light will turn off, indicating that 

the reset is complete.


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Force Resetting the Filter Lifetime

When using the air purifier in a heavily polluted 

environment, the lifetime of the air filter may be 

significantly reduced and the filter may stop filtering air 

properly. You can change the filters even if the Filter 

Reset button does not light up. Follow the steps below to 

force reset the filter.

1.  Replace the air filters as mentioned in the Changing & 

Replacing the Filter section.

2. While the air purifier is on standby, press and hold 

the Filter Reset button for 3 seconds. The Filter Reset 

button will light up. 

3. Press and hold the Filter Reset button again for 3 

seconds; the Filter Reset button will now turn off. The 

reset is now complete.


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Air purifier does not work. 

Plug is not connected to an electrical 


Connect the plug into a powered electrical outlet. 

Power button is not on. 

Press the power button once to turn on the air purifier. 

Significantly reduced airflow. 

Filter packaging has not been removed

Remove filter packaging before use.

Fan speed is low.

Press the fan speed button to adjust fan speed. 

Filter is dirty or has not been replaced.

Replace the filter. 

Not enough clearance on all sides of 

the purifier.

Ensure there is at least 15 in. ( 38 cm ) of clearance on 

all sides of the purifier.

Poor air purification quality. 

Room is too large for the air purifier’s 

applicable area.

Ensure the room is smaller than 86.1 ft² ( 8 m² ).

Air inlet or outlet is blocked.

Remove objects blocking air inlet or outlet.

Filter is not properly placed in housing.

Properly place filter as noted in the Set-Up and 

Changing & Replacing the Filter sections. ( page 9 )

Filter reset light is still on after 

replacing the air filter. 

The air filter’s lifetime has been 

incorrectly reset. 

Press and hold the filter reset button for 3 seconds 

until the button lights up. Press and hold the filter reset 

button again until  the light turns off.


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Power Supply:  


AC 120V / 60 Hz

Rated Power : 


28 W

Applicable Area:  


86.1 ft² (8 m²) 

Noise Level:  


≤ 43dB



110 ft³ / min

1 x Compact HEPA air purifier

1 x User manual

Package Contents


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Should you encounter any issues or have any questions regarding your new product, feel free to contact 

our helpful Customer Support Team. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Levoit Corporation

1202 N. Miller Street, Suite A

Anaheim, CA 92806





Support Hours

Monday - Friday: 

9:00am - 5:00pm PST

*Please have your order number ready before contacting customer support.

Customer Support


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Warranty Information

Terms & Policy

Levoit warrants all products to be of the highest quality 

in material, craftsmanship, and service. effective starting 

from the date of purchase.

Levoit will replace any product found to be defective 

due to manufacturer flaws based on eligibility; refunds 

are available within the first 30 days of purchase. 

This warranty extends only to personal use and does 

not extend to any product that has been used for 

commercial, rental, or any other use in which the product 

is not intended for. There are no warranties other than 

the warranties expressly set forth with each product.

This warranty is non-transferrable. Levoit is not 

responsible in any way for any damages, losses or 

inconveniences caused by equipment failure or by 

user negligence, abuse, or use noncompliant with the 

user manual or any additional safety, use, or warnings 

included in the product packaging and manual.

This warranty does not apply to the following:

•  Damage due to abuse, accident, alteration, misuse, 

tampering or vandalism.

•  Improper or inadequate maintenance. 

•  Damage in return transit.

•  Unsupervised use by children under 18 years of age.

Levoit and its subsidiaries assume no liability for 

damage caused by the use of the product other than 

for its intended use or as instructed in the user manual. 

Some states do not allow this exclusion or limitation 

of incidental or consequential losses so the foregoing 

disclaimer may not apply to you. This warranty gives you 

specific legal rights and you may also have other rights 

which may vary from state to state.





Additional 1-Year Warranty

You can extend your one-year warranty by an additional 

year. Log onto www.levoit.com/warranty and enter your 

order number (i.e. Amazon or Houzz) to register your 

new product for the extended warranty. 

If you are unable to provide the order number for your 

product, or if your product has been gifted to you, please 

type a short note in the order number field along with the 

date you received your product (i.e. “Gift received on dd/


Defective Products & Returns

Should your product prove defective within the specified 

warranty period, please contact Customer Support via 

support@levoit.com with your order number. Once our 

customer service team has approved your request, 

please return the unit with a copy of the invoice or your 

order number.


LV-H132 Air Purifier

Default Warranty Period

2 Years

Order Number:
Date of Purchase:


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