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LevelOne WAB-3003 Quick Installation Manual

Made by: LevelOne
Type: Quick Installation Guide
Category: Wireless Access Point
Pages: 13
Size: 1.65 MB


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108M 11g Outdoor PoE AP 



Quick Installation Guide 





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The 802.11 b/g compliant WAB-3003 is a 
Long Range Outdoor AP device that can be 
deployed as a traditional fixed wireless Access 
Point (AP). The metal sealed WAB-3003 is 
compact in size and weatherproof. Coming 
with a mounting kit, it can be mounted on a 
pole or wall. It is suitable for both indoor and 
outdoor usage with its 200mW output power, 
which is higher than a typical indoor AP 

This Quick Installation Guide (including FAQ 
Instruction Guide) provides instructions for 
getting started with WAB-3003. 




WAB-3003 x 1 


Quick Installation Guide (QIG) x 1 


User’s Manual with CD-ROM x 1 


Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) 
with AC cable x 1 


Mounting Kit x 1 


Water Proof Connector Pack x 1 


Caution: It is recommended to keep the 
original packing material for possible 
future shipment when repair or 
maintenance is required. Any returned 
product should be packed in its original 
packaging to prevent damage during 



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System Overview 













Red LED ON indicates Power on, and OFF indicates power off 


Wireless Signal Strength 

For showing the signal strength situation (7: Yellow; 8: Green) 


Green LED ON indicates system ready 

5 Wireless 




For showing the signal strength situation 

6 Ethernet 


Green LED ON indicates connection, OFF indicates no 

connection, and BLINKING indicates transmitting data. 

RJ – 45 PoE Connector 

For connecting to the Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) 

N-type Connector 

For connecting to an antenna   

Reset Button *(Screw)   

For resetting the system of AP 




Reset Procedure

1. Make sure the WAB-3003 completes booting and is already running 
(The booting process of system usually takes 2 minutes)

2. *Unscrew the Screw then you will see a reset button (inside the hole)

3. Use the provided reset pin to press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds

4. Release the reset button and leave the system re-booting for 2 minutes 


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Hardware Installation



The following diagram is a basic network topology which can be used for testing and configuring 
the WAB-3003. 


Installation Steps: 

Step 1.


Connect an N-type antenna to the N-type connector. 

Step 2.


Connect the PSE (POWER & DATA OUT) to the PSE 1 connector on the lower panel. 

Step 3.


Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the PSE 2 connector on the lower panel and the   
other end to a computer. 

Step 4.


Connect the power cord to the PSE. 

Step 5.


Power on the PSE in order to supply power to the WAB-3003. 



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Getting Started 

WAB-3003 is a pure Access Point which supports web-based configuration. It is required to follow 

the respective installation procedures provided to properly set up the system.   




Default IP Address of Web Management Interface: 

The default IP address and Subnet Mask for the WAB-3033 are as follows: 

IP Address 

Subnet Mask 




Default User Name and Password: 

The default user name and password for both the root and admin account are as follows: 




User Name 








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Access WMI (Web Management Interface) Login Pages 


Step 1:   IP Segment Setup for Administrator PC 
Set a static IP address on the same subnet mask as WAB-3003 in TCP/IP of the administrator PC, 

such as the following example. Do not duplicate the IP address used here with the IP address of 
WAB-3003 or any other devices within the same network. ( Default Mode needed.) 

>> Example of IP Segment: 
The valid range of IP address is 1 ~ 254. However, 1 must be avoided as it is already used by 

WAB-3003. Below depicts an example of using 100 (the underlined value can be changed as 

IP Address:   

Subnet Mask: 

Step 2:   Launch Web Browser 
Launch a web browser to access the web management interface by entering the default IP address,, in the URL field, and then press Enter



Step 3:  System Login 
The system manager Login Page will then appear.   

Enter “root” in the User name field and “admin” in the Password field, and then click Login to log 







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Step 4:  Login Success 
After a successful login to WAB-3003, a System Overview page of WMI will appear. To logout, 
simply click on the Logout button at the upper right hand corner of the interface. 





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Common Settings 



Step 1:  System Overview 



Click on the Status button and then select the System Overview tab.   





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Step 2:  Change Password   



Click on the Utilities button and then select the Password tab. 


Enter a new password in the New Password field and retype it in the Re-enter New Password 


Click SAVE to save the changes. 




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Step 3:  Network Settings 


Settings here are for example only 


Click on the System button and then select the Network tab. 


Enable Static, and then enter the related information in the fields marked with red asterisks. 


Click SAVE to save the settings. 




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Step 4:  ESSID Settings 



Click on the Wireless button and then select the General tab. 


Band: Select an appropriate band from the drop-down list box. 






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Click on the Wireless button and then select the VAP Config tab. 


ESSID: Enter respective ESSID for each VAP in the ESSID field or use the default. ESSID 
(Extended Service Set Identifier) is a unique identifier used for networking devices to get 
associated with WAB-3003. 


For QoS classification, please enable VLAN ID and specify a VLAN ID with respective ESSID


Click SAVE to save the settings. 





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Step 5:  Security Settings 



Click on the Wireless button and then select the Security tab. 


Select the desired VAP Profile and Security Type from the drop-down list boxes. The above 
figure depicts an example of selecting VAP-1 and WEP


Enter the information required in the blank fields.   

You must use the same information provided here to configure the network devices that are to be 
associated with WAB-3003. 


Click SAVE to save all settings configured so far. All updated settings will take effect upon 

The AP mode is now successfully configured. 

After WAB-3003's network configuration completes, please remember to change the IP Address of 
your PC Connection Properties back to its original settings in order to ensure that your PC 
functions properly in its real network environments. 




It is strongly recommended to make a backup copy of configuration settings. 


For further configuration and backup information, please refer to the User’s