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LG Chocolate TG800 Quick Start Manual

Made by: LG
Type: Quick Start Guide
Category: Cell Phone
Pages: 1
Size: 0.74 MB


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background image

Parts of the phone

Open view


Navigation keys

- In standby mode:


List of Media


List of Contacts


List of Messages


List of Call history

- In menu: 

scroll up & down

Alpha numeric keys

- In standby mode:


numbers to dial. Hold down

- International calls

- Dial Voice mail centre.


- Speed dials

- In editing mode: 

Enter numbers & characters

Left soft key/

Right soft key 

These keys perform the function
Indicated in the bottom of the

Send key


Dial a phone number 

and answer a call.


In standby mode:

shows a

history of calls made, received,

and missed.

Clear key

Deletes a character with each
press. Hold the key down to clear
all input. Use this key to go back
to a previous screen.

Confirm key

Selects menu options and

confirms actions.

Left side view

Right side view

Side keys

- In standby mode (opened):

Volume of key tone

- In standby mode (closed):

The main LCD light on.

- In menu: 

scroll up & down

- During a call: 

volume of the


End key

Switch on/off 
(hold down)

End or reject a call.

Camera/MP3 and
Multimedia hot key

Activates the MP3 player
(long press) and
Multimedia menu (short
press) directly.

Menu Tree

1. Internet

1.1 Home
1.3 Settings

2. Media

2.1 Camera
2.2 Video camera
2.3 Voice recorder
2.4 MP3 player
2.5 Ring Tunes
2.6 Photo album
2.7 Video album
2.8 Graphics
2.9 Sounds
2.0 Others
2.* Settings

3. Games & Apps

3.1 Download Games
3.2 My Games & Apps
3.3 Profiles

4. Call history

4.1 Missed calls
4.2 Received calls
4.3 Dialed calls

4.4 All calls
4.5 Delete recent calls
4.6 Call Timer

5. Rogers Mall

5.1 Search
5.2 Music & Tones
5.3 Games
5.4 Graphics
5.5 Email/Chat
5.6 TV/Video
5.7 Caller Ring Trax
5.8 Celebrity Voicemail
5.9 News & Info
5.0 Internet

6. Messages

6.1 New Message
6.2 Inbox 
6.3 Drafts
6.4 Outbox
6.5 Listen to voice mail
8.6 Info message
6.7 Templates
6.8 Settings

7. Tools

7.1 Calendar
7.2 Memo
7.3 Alarm clock
7.4 Calculator
7.5 Unit converter
7.6 World time

8. Contacts

8.1 Search contacts
8.2 Add new
8.3 Caller groups
8.4 Speed dial
8.5 Own number
8.6 My business card
8.7 Settings

9. Settings

9.1 Profiles
9.2 Date & time
9.3 Display
9.4 Power saving
9.5 Language
9.6 Connectivity
9.7 Calling
9.8 Security
9.9 Memory status
9.0 Reset settings


Installing the SIM card and
the handset battery

Make sure the power is off before you remove

the battery.

1. Remove the battery.

Press and hold down the battery release
button and slide the battery down.

2. Install the SIM card.

Insert and slide the SIM card into the SIM
card holder. Make sure that the SIM card is
inserted properly and that the gold contact
area on the card is facing downwards. 
To remove the SIM card, press down lightly
and pull it in the reverse direction.

To insert the SIM card To remove the SIM

3. Install the battery.

Slide the battery upwards until it snaps back
into place.


The metal contact of the SIM card can be
easily damaged by scratches. Pay special
attention to the SIM card while handling.
Follow the instructions supplied with the
SIM card.

Making a call

1. Make sure your phone is switched on.

2. Enter a phone number, including the area

- Press and hold the clear key


erase the entire number.

3. Press the send key

to call the


4. To end the call, press the end key


Making a call from the
call history list

1. In standby mode, press the send


, then the latest incoming,

outgoing and missed phone numbers will
be displayed.

2. Select the desired number by using the

up/down navigation keys.

3. Press

to call the number.

Charging the Battery

Before connecting the travel adapter to the
phone you must first install the battery.

1. Ensure the battery is fully charged before

using the phone for the first time.

2. With the arrow facing you as shown in the

diagram push the plug on the battery
adapter into the socket on the side of the
phone until it clicks into place.

3. Connect the other end of the travel

adapter to the mains socket. Use only the
charger included in the box.

4. The moving bars of battery icon will stop

after charging is complete.


• Do not force the connector as this may damage

the phone and/or the travel adapter.

• If you use the battery pack charger out of your

own country, use an attachment plug adaptor for
the proper configuration.

• Do not remove your battery or the SIM card while



• Unplug the power cord and charger during

lightning storms to avoid electric shock or fire.

• Make sure that no sharp-edged items such as

animal teeth or nails, come into contact with the
battery. There is a risk of this causing a fire.

• Do not place or answer calls while charging the

phone as it may short-circuit the phone and/or
cause electric shock or fire.

Disconnecting the

Disconnect the travel adapter from the phone
as shown in the diagram below.










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