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LF Gaming Stealth series Owner's Manual

Made by: LF Gaming
Type: Owner's Manual
Category: Indoor Furnishing
Pages: 18
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CUSTOMER REFERENCE INFORMATION ..............................2 

SEATING SAFETY TIPS ............................................................3

CHAIR FUNCTION ...................................................................4 

& BENEFITS: ............................................................................9

NORTH AMERICAN LIMITED WARRANTY  ..........................12 



 CARE INSTRUCTIONS ..................14 

MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS ...........................................16

TROUBLESHOOTING AND TIPS ...........................................17


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THIS BOOKLET has been designed to assist you in the care 
and operation of your chair. Specific cleaning instructions have 
been provided for your Brisa UltraFabrics




Please record the following information about your LF Gaming 
chair for future reference. 

Serial number:

(You’ll find it under the seat on the white sticker with the bar 

Place of purchase:  

Date of purchase:  

Additional information:  


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Thank you for your purchase. LF Gaming chairs are designed 
to support your body for optimal posture and comfort. When sat 
in improperly, any chair will place strain on the legs and spine, 
which can cause pain. Ergonomic Chairs work optimally when 
they have been adjusted and are used properly. Improper use 
of even the best chairs mitigates their effectiveness and may 
even result in injury. Familiarize yourself with the functions of 
the chair and follow the tips below to ensure years of risk-free 
seated comfort.

•  Always sit fully in the chair, with your back against the 


•  Never perch on the edge of the seat, sit cross-legged or sit 

with your legs up on a desk or other tall surface. Leaning too 
far in any direction, so that a shift in your body weight causes 
the chair’s casters to leave the floor, increases the risk of 
the chair tipping over. Ensure all casters remain completely 
on the floor at all times. Not doing so may cause harm to 
yourself, surrounding property and others, and may void  
your warranty. 

•  Never stand on your chair or sit on the arms of your chair.  

Do not use the arms to lift yourself out of the chair.

•  Exercise caution when moving your chair between different  

floor surfaces. Push the chair while you are standing, rather  
than attempting to do so while seated.

•  Use the chair’s tension control mechanism to compensate for 

different body weights. Always ensure the control is properly 
adjusted, resulting in a smooth and controlled tilt motion.

•  Your chair should be checked every 6-12 months to ensure  

all the parts are tight and in optimal condition.


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Raises or lowers seat height to achieve  
desired setting.


Paddle Location



 Forward most trilobed 

paddle on Right side

 (while seated)


*Note this paddle is shared with Tilt 
Tension adjustment.

 Seat Height is 

activated by main portion of paddle, 
whereas Tilt Tension is adjusted by the 
very end portion of the paddle.


 To  Adjust:


To raise

 - with no weight on 

seat, rotate main paddle backward. Seat 
will raise until you release the paddle or 
the seat reaches its maximum height. 

To lower

 - while seated on chair, rotate 

main paddle backward. Seat will lower 
until you release the paddle or the seat 
reaches its minimum height.



Allows user to adjust angle of backrest  
while seated.


 Paddle  Location: 

Rearward Most paddle  

on Right side 

(while seated).


To Adjust:

 Lift paddle and hold in 

upward position to engage angle, then 
release paddle to lock in any infinite 



All locations are referred to as if sitting in the chair.


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Allows user to adjust the seat depth to 
suit your body, or as preferred for most 
multi-user situations.


Paddle Location:

 Rearward most on 

Left side 

(while seated)


To Adjust:

 Hold paddle upward to 

unlock seat slider - pull seat forward 
or rearward to increase/decrease seat 
depth. Release paddle at desired 
position to lock.


Allows user to adjust height of backrest  
while seated.


To Adjust:

 Simply lift the backrest 

upwards to reach desired height. To 
reset the cycle, lift the backrest until 
maximum height is reached, where 
the internal mechanism will reset and 
backrest will drop down. Press firmly 
down on the backrest to engage the 
ratchet function and begin lifting to 
restart cycle.



All locations are referred to as if sitting in the chair.


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Allows user to increase or decrease lumbar 


Paddle Location

: Schukra


 Lumbar handle  

is located on right side on the outside of  
the backrest.


To Adjust:

 To maximize lumbar pressure, 

push lumbar handle downward. To minimize 
lumbar pressure, lift handle upwards. To  
fully utilize this feature, combine use with 
Ratchet Back Height Adjustment.


Allows arm height and width adjustment. 


To Adjust:

 1) Height - Lift finger pull on  

outside of arm structure, then lift upwards  
to raise or lower. 2) Width - Loosen 
handwheels located under the arm bracket 
under the seat. Pull or push arms in or out. 
Tighten handwheels when desired location  
is achieved.


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Swivel function provides user movement to 
suit their activity or task.


 To  Adjust:

 To swivel arm pad inward, 

gently push on outside of arm pad. Push 
on inside to swivel out. 

•  Always make sure your arm pads are  

pushed completely outward before sitting 
down in your chair. Not doing so may  
result in damage. 


 Keep fingers on top or on sides 

of upholstered arm pads - the swivel 
mechanism can create a pinch point.


 Allows user to adjust the ease of reclining. 


Paddle Location



 Tilt Tension adjustment 

is found on the end of the Trilobe shaped 
paddle on Right side 

(while seated)


Note this paddle is shared with Seat 

Height adjustment. 

Seat Height is 

activated by main portion of paddle, 
whereas Tilt Tension is adjusted by the 
very end portion of the paddle.


To Adjust:

 Turn the knob on the end of  

the Trilobed paddle. Turning the handle 
clockwise or counter-clockwise increases  
or decreases Tilt Tension.


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Allows user to freely rock forward and  
backward or lock chair into one of five  
preset positions - while anti-kick prevents  
sudden release.


 Paddle  Location:

 Forwardmost trilobed  

paddle on Left side 

(while seated).


To Adjust: To Lock

 - when in desired  

position, rotate paddle forward, chair will  
lock into closest of five preset positions.


To unlock

 - rotate paddle backward and  

lean gently against backrest to release  
lock and resume tilting.


•  Your LF Gaming chair rotates 360 

degrees without obstruction. Use your 
feet to turn yourself around.



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•  Built in Headrest (High Back Model Only) - Provides 

constant support of head while reclining. Alleviates muscle 
strain and discomfort.

•   Schukra


 Lumbar Support - Encourages “S” shaped spine, 

which reduces pressure on disks between the vertebrae. 
Enables optimization of shape of backrest to fit curvature of 
the spine around lower back. 

•  Nylon Resin Back Frame - Provides strength and stability. 

•  Lateral Shaped Back with LIFE-Foam™ Memory Foam 

- Supports/cups backrest while memory foam reduces 
pressure points and aids circulation. 

•  Ratchet Back Height Adjustment - Adjustability enables 

you to achieve optimum back posture and support. Allows 
backrest to be adjusted so Lumbar Support fits properly in 
the lower back.

•  Upholstered LIFE-Foam™ Memory Foam Arm Pads - 

Provides soft and extremely comfortable padding which 
reduces pressure points on elbows and enhances comfort 
for users with sensitivity issues like Elbow Tendonitis. 

•  Arm Pad Swivel Function - Allows user to rest wrists and 

forearms comfortably while typing. 

•  Height and Width Adjustable Arm Brackets - Provides 

support when not using keyboard to minimize tension build 
up in the shoulders. Optimizes the lateral proximity of the 
armrest to you.

•  Contoured Seat - Designed to redistribute the body’s 

weight over a larger area, pressure points are reduced in 
troublesome places like the back of the thighs and tailbone.



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•  High Density Foam Core - Prevents the foam from collapsing 

and “bottoming” out. 

•  Temperature and Pressure Sensitive LIFE-Foam™ Memory 

Foam - Conforms to your body’s unique contours to further 
reduce pressure on your bones and joints. 

•  Front Waterfall Edge - Our signature moulded foam design 

offers greater support and comfort with unrestricted blood 
circulation behind the knees.

•  Synchro-Tilt Control Mechanism - Features a unique 

synchronized ride that cradles the user as they recline in  
the chair. 

•  Back Angle Adjustment - Allows the back angle to be 

opened up which encourages blood flow through the 
pelvis. When shoulders are back, the chest is open, 
thereby exchanging more oxygenated blood to the brain. 
Subsequently less mistakes are made, you feel more alert 
and productive. 

•  Tilt & Tilt Lock Function - Allows user to freely rock forward 

and backward or lock chair into one of five preset positions, 
while anti-kick feature prevents sudden release. Enables you 
to position your pelvis above your knees, opening the pelvic 
angle which improves “S” shape of spine when sitting, 
reducing load on spine and improving blood flow. 

•  Tilt Tension Adjustment - Provides an individual fit, so  

that rocking sensation supports and holds the user’s 
bodyweight fully. 

•  Seat Height Adjustment - Ensures proper height, hips should 

be slightly higher than the knees also opens the pelvis 
allowing blood to flow freely through upper and lower body. 

•  Seat Slider Depth Adjustment - allows user to adjust seat 

depth up to 2” forward. Optimum seated position should 
be a minimum space of two finger widths behind the knee, 
which encourages blood flow behind the knees.


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•  27” Diameter Five Star Base - Provides strength and stability 

of the chair. 

•  Dual Wheel Casters with Soft Polyurethane Tread - Ensure 

smooth rolling on either low pile carpeting or hard floor 
surface (safe for use on Hardwood, Tile and Plastic  
Chair Mat).

•  Upholstery - Choose from one of our many beautiful designs, 

each handmade in our factory in Calgary, Canada. 

•  Brisa UltraFabrics


 - The PU Leather that leaves the rest in 

it’s dust. Engineered to be breathable and easy to clean. 
Extremely soft and comfortable to sit in. 

Brisa Ultrafabrics



made without the harsh chemicals of PVC’s or Plasticizers. 
There are no toxic by-products from the production of 
this fabric and over 99% of the solvents recaptured and 
recycled. GREENGUARD Certified. 

•  Therma-Guard™ Temperature Regulating Technology - 

Phase Change Materials (PCM’s) prevent the chair from 
overheating. Lasts throughout the lifetime of the product. 
Long-term temperature regulation offers immediate,  
ongoing, measurable and noticeable results.


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For a period of ten (10) years from date of purchase: Frame, 

Fabric Covering and Workmanship.



For a period of five (5) years from date of purchase: Foam, 

Control Mechanism, Gas Lift and All Moving Parts.



Maximum weight limit: 300 lbs 




This limited warranty applies to purchases made directly from  

LF Gaming and those used for normal personal (non-commercial 




Weight verification may be required to ascertain whether 

warranty is valid. 



Customer’s Original Bill of Sale and serial number must be  

provided at the time of claim. 



Limited Warranty begins from the date of purchase - if 

customer’s Original Bill of Sale is not provided then by default 

the date of manufacture will be used. 



LF Gaming foam products are of the industry’s highest quality.  

LIFE-Foam™ material (including visco-elastic and high density)  

will see a gradual decrease in viscosity (bounce back) over 

many years of use. This is a natural occurrence and is not 

covered by our warranty. LF Gaming warrants to the original 

purchaser that LIFE-Foam™ used in LF Gaming chairs will be 

replaced or repaired at our option if deemed defective due to 

structural integrity or faulty workmanship within five (5) years 

from date of purchase. 



Although LF Gaming ensures the highest quality of workmanship 

in all of its products, LF Gaming does not cover normal 

wear, fading, or damage that has occurred during the life of 

upholstery. Puddling and stretching of fabric is generated by 

repeated use and is not considered a defect. 



Minor variations arising from the manufacture of our handmade 

workmanship are not covered by this limited warranty.



The limited warranty covers parts only and applies to the 


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original owner only - it is not transferable. Customers are 

responsible for transportation costs to and from LF Gaming. 



Normal wear and tear, scratches, dents and/or cuts in fabric  

covering - caused by accident, abuse or act of God are not 

covered by this limited warranty. 



Obvious signs of abuse, misuse or negligence voids this 

limited warranty. LF Gaming is not responsible for damage 

caused by transport, improper assembly or installation, 

maintenance, modification, tampering or for the damage or 

degradation of product that may occur due to extreme hot, 

cold or humid temperatures after it has left LF Gaming. 


If you have a warranty claim, please contact our Customer 

Service Department at 800-661-8568 (Canada & USA) Monday 

to Thursday 8am to 4pm and Friday’s 8am - 12pm MT. (Local & 

International call (1+) 403-720-3966). Alternatively please email 

us with your information at info@LFGaming.com. 

Please be sure to have ready the following information:



Chair’s serial number (located under the seat on the 

white rectangular sticker - under the bar code).



Include your contact information, name, phone number, 




Detailed description of the issue you’re experiencing.



If the warranty problem is visual, take a digital 

photograph or video and send to info@LFGaming.com.

Many times, just troubleshooting with our experienced 

Customer Service Representatives will help you through 

whatever issue you might be experiencing. However, there are 

some times when a part may be needed. Once your Warranty 

Claim has been verified by our Staff we will send the part(s) 

you need via UPS Ground service. Our Warranty does not 

include freight, so a nominal fee must be paid.


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Not all PU “Polyurethanes” are alike 

LF Gaming’s Stealth Chairs feature:

• Unbeatable soft hand

• Exceptional wear resistance

•  Climate control technology shields from temperature 


• Repellency to moisture and liquids

•  Endurance to alcohol-based cleaners and  

1:5 bleach/water solution

• Leading durability

• Exclusive Takumi Technology

• Earth Friendly

The aesthetics and durability of UltraFabrics


 brand products 

make them a brilliant leather alternative with superior quality. 



 utilizes efficient manufacturing processes that are 

based on conservation of raw materials, toxic-free solutions, 

and minimal dependency on natural resources. As harmony 

with human and environmental integration is the nature of this 

brand, the breathability, PVC free, and the low VOC performance 

attributes of UltraFabrics


 products ensure a sustainable 

presence within your inner and outer environment. 


One of the best ways to keep UltraFabrics


 brand surfaces 

looking great is to properly maintain them by cleaning regularly to 

prevent excessive dirt from accumulating. 
Below is a general outline to help you keep your quality 



 brand products looking their best. Following these 

guidelines will help to extend the life of the fabric. 

Vacuum dust and clean regularly with soap and water 


Wipe up spills as soon as they occur 


Lift most stains with an alcohol based cleaner like Fantastik 


Disinfect using a 5:1 water/bleach solution 


All cleaning solution residue should be thoroughly rinsed  

with water 


Air Dry 


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 Wipe the stain off with ethanol (rubbing alcohol). [If this is 

unsuccessful, proceed to step 2]. 


Prepare a solution of 50% chlorinated bleach, 50% water. 


Place a thin tissue over the ink stain. 


Apply the chlorinated bleach solution. Be sure not to over 

saturate the tissue. 


Cover tissue with polyethylene film (plastic wrap) to prevent 

chlorinated bleach solution from drying. 


Check on stain repeatedly. 


Do not leave the chlorinated bleach solution for more than 

one (1) hour. 


 When the stain looks almost gone, remove the tissue and 

rinse the stain with water. 


 To neutralize the bleached area, place a tissue on the 

bleached area and apply 15% hydrogen peroxide solution. 

10.  Leave on for thirty (30) minutes, and remove the tissue. 
11.  Remove the peroxide residue with water. 
12.   While the foregoing instructions have proven to work in 

many cases, especially in which ink stains are addressed 

immediately, not all ink stains can be removed in every 




These are recommended or suggested methods of cleaning. 

Always try any cleaning method in a hidden area to convince 

yourself of the results. LF Gaming is not responsible for damage 

incurred while cleaning. Like any upholstery material, all fabrics 

can fade to some degree if exposed to the sun or direct light. 

Protect your furniture from sun and direct light.


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Casters, bases and arms can be wiped clean with a damp 
cloth. For extra shine, they may be polished with products 
specifically formulated for metal, plastics, nylon and fiberglass. 
It should be understood that all products with moving parts will 
make noise from time to time.

Please note that squeaks and creaks are typical of chairs that 
have not been adjusted or serviced for a long time. To help 
alleviate the frequency of noises please go through the steps 
outlined below:

•  The easiest way to alleviate noise is to systematically move 

through each moving part and repeatedly adjust it. For 
example, unlock the tilt lock paddle and rock in the chair for 
several minutes – this will help move the lubrication along the 
spring and stop loud squeaks.

•  It may be that the plastic finger guard (if applicable) on 

your control has shifted and is now rubbing against the 
mechanism paddles. Remove the guard and reattach it to 
stop the clicking.

•  Check and if need be, tighten bolts attaching the seat and 

back to the mechanism.

•  Gas lifts will squeak if left idle for extended periods of time. 

Lifting and lowering your chair, and rotating in your chair a 
few times will eliminate these squeaks.

•  Check casters and remove any carpet lint, dust or grime. 

Check the bottom of the casters for flat spots. This can 
occur on chairs that are rarely moved. Replace casters if 

• Tighten hand wheels attaching arms to mechanism. 


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If you are experiencing difficulty in adjusting your Ratchet 
Back, ensure you are following all of the steps carefully. Often 
times with the larger models it can take a little more effort to 
ensure the internal mechanism is resetting.

First, to reset the cycle FIRMLY lift the backrest until the 
maximum height is reached. The internal mechanism will reset 
and the back will drop down. FIRMLY press the backrest 
downwards until you hear a click and the cycle will start over. 
Lift the backrest upwards to reach desired height.

If you don’t hear a click when the backrest is pressed 
downward at the bottom of the cycle – ensure the seat is not 
impeding the backrest – (using the Seat Slider) you may need 
to pull the seat forward away from the back until the backrest 
is set to the desired location. Return the seat to the desired 


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