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LEVC TX Quick Start Manual

Made by: LEVC
Type: Quick Start Guide
Category: Automobile
Pages: 8
Size: 1.68 MB


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T X   Q U I C K - S T A R T   G U I D E

We want you to get the most from your time with TX, so this brief guide is designed 
to help you familiarise yourself with some of the basic controls and functions, as well 
provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about operating the 
Electric Taxi.

The instructions and images in this guide are taken from the LEVC Operator’s Manual 
app, which contains full instructions on all the topics covered.  To download the app 
to your smart device, please visit Google Play or the App Store and search ‘LEVC’.

O F F I C I A L   L E V C   O P E R A T O R S 

I N F O R M A T I O N   A P P


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L O C K I N G   A N D   U N L O C K I N G

G E T T I N G   C O M F O R T A B L E

R E M O T E   K E Y   F O B

1 – Panic function (activates alarm)
2 – Lock
3 – Unlock
4 – Boot release (press and hold)

! A back up manual key blade is stored 
inside the key fob in the event of a remote 
key failure.

! The vehicle will not lock if the doors are 
open, the vehicle is active or the handbrake 
is not applied.

D R I V E R ’ S   S E A T

1 – Back rest angle
2 – Up / down
3 – Forwards / backwards slide
4 – Lumbar support

Press and hold to adjust the seat position:
1 – Back rest angle
2 – Up / down
3 – Forwards / backwards
4 – Cushion angle
5 – Lumbar support

If the seat has entered sleep mode, press 
any control button one way and then the 
other to activate the seat.

To learn more about taxi-locking,

download the guide at



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S T E E R I N G   W H E E L


Release the steering wheel by pushing 
the lever downwards.


Adjust the height and reach by moving 
the wheel


Lock the wheel in place by pulling the 
lever firmly upwards

D O O R   M I R R O R S


Select the desired door mirror by 
pressing ‘L’ or ‘R’ (the button will 


Adjust the mirror by moving the joystick


After adjustment press ‘L’ or ‘R’ again to 
save the setting.

! The mirror rotates on an axis – the 
maximum inwards / outwards adjustment 
can be achieved a less extreme up/down 
angles (and vice-versa)

S T A R T I N G   A N D   S T O P P I N G

To start the taxi:

Ensure the key is inside the driver’s 


Ensure the gear selector is in Neutral 


Press the brake pedal


Turn the rotary switch clockwise and 
release it

To stop the taxi:

Turn the rotary switch clockwise and 
release it

! When the speedometer and gear selector 
information is displayed, the vehicle is active.

! To turn the vehicle off in an emergency, 
turn the rotary switch clockwise and hold it 
for two seconds.


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P A R K I N G   B R A K E 


To engage the parking brake, pull up on 
the lever


To release it, press the lever down

A warning indicator is shown on the driver 
display when the parking brake is engaged.


To activate the automatic parking brake 
function press (A) (a green light is 
illuminated on the switch*).

*The parking brake will release as the 
vehicle pulls away and re-engage 
automatically when the ignition is
switched off.

R E G E N E R A T I V E   B R A K I N G

This function allows the taxi to harness 
some of the energy lost while slowing down 
and use it to replenish the drive battery.
With Drive (‘D’) selected, move the lever 
left/right to select the desired level of 
regeneration – 0 (off), 1 (low) or 2 (high),

! The level of regeneration selected is shown 
at the bottom of the right-hand dial in the 
driver display.

! The vehicle will default to Smart mode 
automatically on each re-start.

! When the drive battery is fully charged, 
regenerative braking is automatically 


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D R I V E   M O D E S

To change the drive mode, swipe the 
touchscreen screen from right to left and 
select the relevant icon (at any time):

Smart – uses the battery first, before starting 
the range-extender as the level of charge 
becomes low.

Pure EV – will not engage the range 
extender. The battery will be depleted until 
the vehicle stops.

Save –will engage the range extender as 
required to maintain the drive battery’s 
current level of charge

! In Pure EV mode the battery will be 
completely drained, so the remaining range 
displayed will be a few miles more than in 
shown in Smart mode.

! The vehicle will default to Smart mode 
automatically on each re-start.


TX is equipped with automatic headlights 
with Main Beam Assist (which switches 
between dipped and main beam 


Turn the end of the left-hand stalk to 
position three to select ‘AUTO’


Turn to position four and release to turn 
Main Beam Assist on/off


Manual full beam is activated by 
pushing the stalk towards the 

O T H E R   C O N T R O L S


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W I N D S C R E E N   W I P E R S

TX is equipped with automatic windscreen 


Press the wiper button on the front 
of the stalk to activate the automatic 


The sensitivity can be adjusted by 
rotating the stalk


Manual control can be selected by 
pushing the stalk upwards


The rear wiper is activated using the 
button on the end of the stalk


The touchscreen is used to control the infotainment, vehicle settings and heating 
and ventilation controls.


Press the button at the base of the screen to return to the home screen


Swipe left to right to access the infotainment and driver performance shortcuts 


Swipe right to left to access the vehicle function shortcuts


Swipe from downwards from the top edge to access the settings menu and 
Operator’s Manual

H E A T I N G   A N D   V E N T I L A T I O N   ( H V A C )


To open the HVAC controls, select the fan icon at the bottom of the touchscreen:


Adjust the temperature by selecting the current value


Adjust the fan speed, or choose ‘AUTO’


Turn off the ventilation system by turning the fan speed to ‘OFF’


To access the passenger compartment HVAC controls, swipe the HVAC screen from 
right to left. Here you can view or override the current setting

! The driver HVAC system must be active in order for the passenger compartment 
HVAC to operate. 


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S A F E T Y   S Y S T E M S

C H A R G I N G 

TX features cutting-edge active safety features as 


Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)


Stability Control (ESC)

! These safety systems are designed to provide peace 
of mind by complementing the driver only when 
required in an emergency situation. They cannot be 


Forward Collision Warning (FCW)


Lane Departure Warning (LDW)


Road Sign Information (RSI)

! These driver assistance features are designed for 
additional peace of mind. They can be adjusted / 
deactivated from the vehicle function shortcuts or in 
the vehicle settings menu.

TX can be recharged via several different socket types:


Type 2 AC charging >22kW (standard)


CCS DC rapid charging >50kW (standard)


CHAdeMO DC rapid charging >50kW (optional)

Connect the vehicle and begin the charge session on
the charging post (varies by device - follow the instructions
provided on the post).

! A Type 2 charging cable is provided in the boot of the vehicle. The rapid charging 
cable is fixed to the charging post itself.
! While charging, the cable is locked to the charging sockets

! The charging status is indicated by lights on the charge port
  (type 2/CCS) or on the plug (CHAdeMO).

! The ignition must be switched off to initiate charging

! Unlocking the vehicle during charging will end the charging session (Type 2 / CCS) 


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A C C E S S I B I L I T Y   F E A T U R E S

R O A D S I D E   A S S I S T A N C E

The fuel filler flap is on the passenger (near) side 


Push the release button to the right of the 
steering wheel.


Press the rear edge of the filler flap to open it


Fill with unleaded fuel only with a minimum 
95 RON octane


The fuel tank holds 36 litres of fuel


Push the rear edge of the filler flap to latch it 

! the filler flap is locked when the vehicle is locked

TX is equipped with features that ensure 
accessibility for all. 

To learn how to use these features, please 
refer to the ‘Working Day’ section within 
the LEVC app or view the video guide 
here: https://www.levc.com/corporate/

We hope you enjoy your time with TX.  If you have any questions or concerns, please 

do not hesitate to contact your Customer Relationship Executive.

If, for any reason, you should require urgent roadside assistance, please contact the 
RAC  on 0333 202 1861, quoting the policy reference “LEVC Electric Taxi”.