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GhostBed Foundation TWIN XL Assembly Instructions Manual

Foundation TWIN\ Foundation FULL\ Foundation QUEEN\ Foundation KING\ Foundation CAL KING

Made by: GhostBed
Type: Assembly Instructions
Category: Indoor Furnishing
Pages: 2
Size: 1.68 MB


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background image

Center Frame

The top can be identified 

by the flat top that travels 

the length of the frame. 

Twin and Twin Long 

foundations do not use 

center frames.

  Please Note:

· The Foundation is to be assembled on a hard flat surface

· It is recommended that two people are available for assembly

· Wood is a natural product. If there are visual discolorations, knots   


or even minor cracks this will not adversely affect the foundation 


use or durability.

Phillips screw driver is required for assembly

Continue with step 2 on the other side of this sheet. 

60 - Wood Screws for Slats and Top &

        Bottom Rails (includes 4 extra screws)

Supplied Hardware

Please visit WWW.GhostBed.com for product 

information and video instructions.

>Limited 3 year warranty  visit 

  WWW.GhostBed.com to view

  and register warranty

>Compliant with CPSC FR1633

· Be aware of rough or sharp edges, use care during assembly

· Please follow steps in order for best results

Fabric Cover


Left Side Frame

The top can be identified by the 1 

inch wide rib.

The outside can be identified by 

the rounded corner.

The top can be identified by the 1 

inch wide rib.

The outside can be identified by 

the rounded corner.

Top Slat Bundle (2 sets)

Each set contains 1 top cross 

rail and 6 top slats. The top 

cross rail and slats are evenly 

spaced and connected with 

fabric strips.

Bottom Cross Rails

Right Side Frame



Identify components.

GhostBed • 7143 West Broward Blvd

Plantation, FL 33317 • 855-855-4499

Knock Down Mattress Foundation (Boxspring)

Assembly Instructions


Made in USA


background image

The top can be identified by the 1 inch wide rib.

The outside can be identified by the rounded corner.

The top can be identified by the flat top 

that travels the length of the frame.

Aligned & attached



Place the Center Frame between Left and Right Side Frames with the 

flat full length side facing up. Please note that the Twin and Twin Long 

foundations do not use a center support, so skip this step, if need be, and 

continue with step 4.



Place the Left Side Frame and the Right Side Frame with the 1" wide 

rib upward and to the outside.



Unroll one Slat Bundle. Note that the first slat (top cross rail) is longer 

than the others. Attach one corner of the Top Cross Rail to one corner of 

the Side Frame using two wood screws. Make sure the slat is flush all 

around. Align other Side Frame and fasten using two wood screws. Align 

Center Frame and fasten using one wood screws. Align and attach the six 

Slats with three wood screws per slat at pre-drilled locations. Make sure 

the slat is flush all around and the fabric stitching the slats is facing up. 

Align other Side Frame and fasten using two wood screws. 



Carefully turn the foundation over so the Slats are flat on the floor. 

Attach Bottom Cross Rails to the corners of the Side and Center Frames 

making sure they are flush all around. Attach bottom cross rails using five 

wood screws per rail. 



Unroll remaining Slat Bundle. As was done with previous Slat Bundle, 

attach Top Cross Rail to Frame ends using five wood screws. Make sure 

the Top Cross Rail is flush all around. Align and attach the six Slats with 

three wood screws per slat at pre-drilled locations.



Once again, turn the complete foundation over so the Slats are facing 

upwards. Unfold the cover and pull it over and around the foundation. 

Ensure  the  corners  are  aligned  tightly  and  the  entire  foundation  is 


Nature’s Sleep   KD-Foundation®  Assembly Instructions  Made in USA