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Get-a-Way RMS-10 Elite Use & Care Manual

Made by: Get-a-Way
Type: Use & Care Manual
Category: Massager
Pages: 12
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Interactive Health Get-A- Way “Elite” RMS-10

Interactive Health

3030 Walnut Avenue

Long Beach, CA  90807



6 speeds

4 speeds

Faux Leather

Upright 29”W x 47” L x 45” H,  Reclined 29” W x 68” L x 29” H

Air Pressure: High, medium, low

167 LBS

Width between Rollers


Optical sensors automatically detect 

acupressure points along back with every

preprogrammed massage.  

Massage program is automatically 

tailored to you.


Robotic Massage





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Limited Three (3) Year Warranty

Please read the following warranty information for important disclosures before using your new Get- A-Way®  massage chair.

It is Interactive Health ’s  mission to design, develop, manufacture, and sell innovative, high quality massage products that 
create a better and healthier way of life. We appreciate your commitment to our mission and our products and are pleased to 
let you know that the Interactive Health‚ Get- A-Way® massage chair that you purchased comes with a limited three-year 
warranty.  The warranty provides peace of mind that you are covered for mechanical or structural defects in workmanship 
within the coverage guidelines and limitations outlined below.

Coverage Guidlines

The warranty begins on the original purchase date and consists of:

• Factory Service (Labor):  Interactive Health will supply packing materials, cover return shipping to Interactive 

Health, repair parts covered by this warranty and labor for repair work and return shipping to purchaser when 
repairs are completed.

• Parts Only (Parts):    Interactive Health will supply repair parts that are covered by this warranty and return shipping 

to purchaser for repairs performed at the factory.

• Structural (Metal Frame):  Interactive Health will supply packing materials and repair parts covered by this warranty 

and return shipping to purchaser for repairs performed at the factory.

In the unlikely event that your chair malfunctions or requires repair, please contact Interactive Health Customer Service at 
(800)355-2762 or cs@interhealth.com between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM PST for assistance. All warranty service 
requires approval and authorization by Interactive Health. Products require a Return Merchandise Authorization Number 
(RMA)for any returns to the factory.  For returns, the consumer is responsible for packing the product in the original box or in 
approved packaging that is available for sale from Interactive Health.  Shipping and freight coverage under this warranty 
requires scheduling by Interactive Health and only includes "curb-side" pickup/delivery.  Products received without a valid RMA 
number or one clearly marked on the box will be refused.

General Limitations:

• The warranty is only valid within the United States and Canada provided the product has been operated according to 

the instructions accompanying it and has not been misused or damaged in any way that is beyond the control of 
Interactive Health.

• All service covered by this warranty must be approved by Interactive Health and repairs performed by authorized 


• The warranty applies only to the massage chair; accessories or enhancements are not covered.
• Important exclusions apply to cosmetic items such as fabrics, woods, foams, padding, plastics covers, etc.
• Interactive Health is not responsible in any way for losses, damages, or inconvenience caused by equipment failure.
• For a complete listing of warranty coverage, exclusions, and limitations, visit www.interhealth.com.
• Warranties do not apply to rental, business, commercial, institutional,or other non-residential users.
• Separate warranty terms apply to used/refurbished products including those received out-of-box. Proof of purchase 

(original receipt) is required for all warranty repairs.

Extended Warranties:

Interactive Health offers extended warranty programs of up to FIVE YEARS to enhance ownership of the Interactive Health 
Get- A-Way® Chair! 

Extended warranty purchases are available within 90 days of purchase of Get- A-Way ® Chairs from either
the retailer or direct from Interactive Health's Customer Service Department.

Please visit www.interhealth.com for the latest terms and pricing for extended warranties.


Get- A-Way® 

Chair Models 

Factory Service 



New Products (Original Packaging Only) 

90 days 

 1 year 

3 year

Refurbished Products 

60 days 

6 months 

6 months

Floor Demos (including "out of box") 


6 months 

6 months

Interactive Health

Interactive Health

Interactive Health


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Get-A-Way “Elite” allows you to select your desired Automatic Program massage.
There are five different Healthcare programs, and three Well-Being programs.

Invigorating morning massage


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Interactive Health


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Interactive Health

Interactive Health

Interactive Health


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