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Gestetner P7675 Supplementary Manual

Made by: Gestetner
Type: Supplementary Guide
Category: Printer
Pages: 12
Size: 0.63 MB


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This manual contains detailed instructions and notes on the operation and use of this machine. For your
safety and benefit, read this manual carefully before using the machine. Keep this manual in a handy
place for quick reference.

Power Source

220-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 10 A

Please be sure to connect the power cable to a power source as above.

Laser Safety:

This machine is considered a class 1 laser device, safe for office/EDP use. The machine contains four
AlGalnp laser diodes, 10-milliwatt, 770-810 nanometer wavelength for each emitter. Direct (or indirect
reflected ) eye contact with the laser beam might cause serious eye damage. Safety precautions and
interlock mechanisms have been designed to prevent any possible laser beam exposure to the operator.

The following label is attached on rear side of the printer.


Contents of this manual are subject to change without prior notice. In no event will the company be li-
able for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages as a result of handling or oper-
ating the machine.


Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified in this manual
might result in hazardous radiation exposure.

Do not copy or print any item for which reproduction is prohibited by law.

Copying or printing the following items is generally prohibited by local law:

bank notes, revenue stamps, bonds, stock certificates, bank drafts, checks, passports, driver's licenses.

The preceding list is meant as a guide only and is not inclusive. We assume no responsibility for its
completeness or accuracy. If you have any questions concerning the legality of copying or printing cer-
tain items, consult with your legal advisor.

Two kinds of size notation are employed in this manual. With this machine refer to the metric version.

For good print quality, the supplier recommends that you use genuine toner, maintenance kits and parts
from the supplier.

The supplier shall not be responsible for any damage or expense that might result from the use of con-
sumables (toner, maintenance kits and parts) other than genuine consumables from the supplier with
your office products.

Some illustrations in this manual might be slightly different from the machine.

Certain options might not be available in some countries. For details, please contact your local dealer.

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Safety Information

When using your printer, the following safety precautions should always be fol-
In this manual, the following important symbols are used: 





Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if instructions are not followed, could result 
in death or serious injury.

Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if instructions are not followed, may result 
in minor or moderate injury or damage to property.

Confirm the wall outlet is near the machine and freely accessible, so 
that in the event of emergency, it can be unplugged easily.

Only connect the machine to the power source described in the man-

Avoid multi-wiring.

Do not damage, break or make any modifications to the power cord. 
Do not place heavy objects on it, pull it hard or bend it more than nec-
essary. These actions could cause an electric shock or fire.

Do not incinerate used toner or toner containers. Toner dust might ig-
nite when exposed to an open flame. Dispose of used toner containers 
in accordance with local regulations.

Plug and unplug the power cable with dry hands, or an electric shock 
could occur.

Do not remove any covers or screws other than those specified in this 
manual. Some parts of the machine are at a high voltage and could 
give you an electric shock. Also, if the machine has laser systems, di-
rect (or indirect) reflected eye contact with the laser beam may cause 
serious eye damage. When the machine needs to be checked, adjust-
ed, or repaired, contact your service representative.

Do not take apart or attempt any modifications to this machine. There 
is a risk of fire, electric shock, explosion or loss of sight. If the ma-
chine has laser systems, there is a risk of serious eye damage.

Enclosed set of power cord is only for the use with this product and 
should not be used with any other electronic equipment or applianc-
es. Do not use any other power cord with this product. They could 
cause electric shock or fire.

Keep the machine away from flammable liquids, gases, and aerosols. 
A fire or an electric shock might occur.

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If smoke is coming out, there is a strange smell, or anything looks un-
usual, immediately turn off the power switch of the machine, such as 
the main power switch, and then unplug the machine from the outlet. 
Otherwise, it could cause an electric shock or fire. Next, contact your 
sales or service representative. Do not use the machine if it is mal-
functioning or not operating normally. If foreign objects, such as met-
al, liquid, etc. falls inside the machine, immediately turn off the power 
switch of the machine, such as the main power switch, unplug the ma-
chine from the wall outlet, and then contact your sales or service rep-
resentative. Otherwise, it could cause an electric shock or fire.

Do not handle the plug with wet hands. Doing so might cause an electrical 

Keep the machine in an area that is within optimum environmental condi-
tions. Operating the machine in an environment that is outside the recom-
mended ranges of humidity and temperature can cause an electrical fire 
hazard. Keep the area around the socket free of dust. Accumulated dust 
can become an electrical fire hazard.

Place the machine on a strong and level surface. Otherwise, it might fall and 
injure someone.

If you use the machine in a confined space, ensure there is continuous air 

Keep toner (used or unused) and toner containers out of reach of children.

If toner or used toner is inhaled, gargle with plenty of water and move into 
a fresh air environment. Consult a doctor if necessary.

If toner or used toner gets into your eyes, flush immediately with large 
amounts of water. Consult a doctor if necessary.

If toner or used toner is swallowed, dilute by drinking a large amount of wa-
ter. Consult a doctor if necessary

Avoid getting toner on your clothes or skin when removing a paper jam or 
replacing toner. If your skin comes into contact with toner, wash the affected 
area thoroughly with soap and water.

If toner gets on your clothing, wash with cold water. Hot water will set the 
toner into the fabric and may make removing the stain impossible.

Our products are engineered to meet high standards of quality and function-
ality, and we recommend that you use only the expendable supplies avail-
able at an authorized dealer.

Do not pull out the paper tray forcefully. If you do, the tray might fall and 
cause an injury.

Before installing options, the machine should be turned off and unplugged 
for at least an hour. Components inside the machine become very hot, and 
can cause a burn if touched.

MartiniP2_Safety_F-GB_FM_forPaper.book  Page ii  Monday, April 24, 2006  1:19 PM


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When moving from a cold to warm location, or if the local temperature rises
suddenly, condensation may occur inside. If this occurs, leave the machine
unused for at least one hour to let it acclimatize.

Extreme temperature rise inside the machine may cause malfunctions. Do not
place anything in the immediate area of the exhaust and intake vents.

Always keep all covers closed.

During printing, do not open the cover of any parts, and do not move the

Do not pull out the paper tray during printing. Printing will stop and paper
will jam.

Prevent foreign objects, such as paper clips, etc., from falling inside the printer.

During printing, do not switch the power off and do not unplug the power
cable. Sudden power interruptions can cause malfunctions.

While printing, protect the printer from external shocks, such as arranging
papers on top of the printer.

Depending on temperature and humidity, during printing a while steam may
come from the printing paper when it leaves the printer.

The paper exit and nearby parts may become hot during printing. This is nor-
mal and no reason for concern.

Voltage must not fluctuate more than 10%.

Before moving the machine, unplug the power cable from the outlet. If the 
cable is unplugged abruptly, it could become damaged. Damaged plugs or 
cables can cause an electrical or fire hazard.

The printer weighs about 188 kg (414.5 lb.). When lifting the machine, use 
the inset grips on both sides. Otherwise the printer could break or cause in-
jury if dropped. When moving the machine, contact your sales or service 

Do not touch the inside of the controller board compartment. Doing so may 
cause a malfunction or a burn.

The inside of this printer becomes very hot. Do not touch parts labelled “



(indicating a hot surface). Touching these parts will result in burns.

Do not push or pull the call-light when installed to the printer. Doing so may 
result in damage or malfunction of the call-light or the printer.

Keep the machine away from flammable liquids, gases, and aerosols. A fire 
or an electric shock might occur.

Do not use aluminum foil, carbon paper, or similar conductive paper to 
avoid a fire or machine failure.

If the machine is going to be unused for a long time, such as during holi-
days, unplug the power cable from the outlet.

Keep your hands clear of the booklet finisher tray when pulling out or push-
ing in the finisher's staple unit. You can trap your fingers if you do not.

MartiniP2_Safety_F-GB_FM_forPaper.book  Page iii  Monday, April 24, 2006  1:19 PM


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Positions of 






This machine has labels for 




CAUTION at the positions

shown below. For safety, please follow the instructions and handle the machine
as indicated.


MartiniP2_Safety_F-GB_FM_forPaper.book  Page iv  Monday, April 24, 2006  1:19 PM


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 The inside of this printer becomes very hot. Do not touch parts with this label
(indicating a hot surface). Touching these parts will result in burns.


Do not touch this section of the machine. It could cause injury.


Do not touch this section of the machine. It could cause injury.


Do not touch this section of the machine. It could cause injury.


High temperature - Do not touch this cover when removing misfed paper.


Do not touch the paper exit section of the finisher. It could cause injury.


 Do not touch the paper exit section of the finisher. It could cause injury.


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User Information on Electrical & Electronic 

Users in the EU, Switzerland and Norway

Our Products contain high quality components and are designed to facilitate re-
Our products or product packaging are marked with the symbol below. 

The symbol indicates that the product must not be treated as municipal waste.
It must be disposed of separately via the appropriate return and collection sys-
tems available. By following these instructions you ensure that this product is
treated correctly and help to reduce potential impacts on the environment and
human health, which could otherwise result from inappropriate handling. Recy-
cling of products helps to conserve natural resources and protect the environ-
For more detailed information on collection and recycling systems for this prod-
uct, please contact the shop where you purchased it, your local dealer or
sales/service representatives.

All Other Users

If you wish to discard this product, please contact your local authorities, the
shop where you bought this product, your local dealer or sales/service repre-

MartiniP2_Safety_F-GB_FM_forPaper.book  Page vi  Monday, April 24, 2006  1:19 PM


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Noise Emission 


Sound Power Level

Sound Pressure level 



The preceding measurements made in accordance with ISO7779 are actual values.


Measured at the position of a bystander.

Main unit only


51 dB (A) 

During Printing

71 dB (A)

Main unit only


44 dB (A)

During Printing

67 dB (A)

MartiniP2_Safety_F-GB_FM_forPaper.book  Page vii  Monday, April 24, 2006  1:19 PM


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Low-power Mode (Energy Saver mode)

This printer automatically lowers its power consumption 60 minutes after the
last operation has been completed. To exit Low-power (Energy Saver) mode,
press any key on the control panel. For more information about how to con-
figure Energy Saver mode, see “Making Printer Settings with Control Panel”,
Software Guide as a HTML file on the CD-ROM.


Recycled Paper

In accordance with the ENERGY STAR Program, we recommend use of recycled
paper which is environment friendly. Please contact your sales representative
for recommended paper.

As an ENERGY STAR Partner, we have determined that this machine model meets the ENER-
GY STAR Guidelines for energy efficiency.

The ENERGY STAR Guidelines intend to establish an international energy-saving system for 
developing and introducing energy-efficient office equipment to deal with environmental is-
sues, such as global warming.

When a product meets the ENERGY STAR Guidelines for energy efficiency, the Partner shall 
place the ENERGY STAR logo onto the machine model.

This product was designed to reduce the environmental impact associated with office equip-
ment by means of energy-saving features, such as Low-power mode.

Energy Saver mode

Power Consumption

30 W or less

Default Time

60 minutes

MartiniP2_Safety_F-GB_FM_forPaper.book  Page viii  Monday, April 24, 2006  1:19 PM


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MartiniP2_Safety_F-GB_FM_forPaper.book  Page ix  Monday, April 24, 2006  1:19 PM


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MartiniP2_Safety_F-GB_FM_forPaper.book  Page x  Monday, April 24, 2006  1:19 PM


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In accordance with IEC 60417, this machine uses the following symbols for the main switch: 


 means POWER ON.


 means STAND BY.

Declaration of Conformity

“The Product complies with the requirements of the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC and its amending di-
rectives and the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and its amending directives.”

Declaration of Conformity

Notice to Users in EEA Countries

IEEE 802.11b Interface Unit Type H (R-WL11B):

This product complies with the essential requirements and provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC of the Eu-
ropean Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 1999 on radio equipment and telecommunications
terminal equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity.

The CE Declaration of Conformity is available on the Internet at URL:


Outdoor use of this product is prohibited in France and Italy.

Copyright © 2006

Printed in the Netherlands

GB     GB     G148-7209

/"&% '

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