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GeoVision SD–220 User Manual

Made by: GeoVision
Type: User Guide
Category: IP Camera
Pages: 17
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Internet Camera   

( SD – 220 ) 


s Guide 















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About the Manual 


This manual describes the functions of Internet Camera components, installation   
procedure, Web interface setup, as well as DVR application program operation.   




Users can connect Internet Camera to Ethernets, hi-speed Ethernets standard   
network.  Internet Camera differs from conventional PC cameras in such a manner   
that    Internet Camera is an independent system including 1 CPU and 1 Internet   
Server that allows users to set up and monitor remotely by PC or Notebook via the   
Fields of applications   

  Security and burglarproofing for households, offices, stores, banks, factories,   

warehouses, etc.   

  Care for the elders, children, etc.   

  Admittance control for shopping lots, schools, communities, etc.   

  Shopping via the Internet.   


System Requirement 





 JAVA-supportive and compatible Browser   

 DVR supporting Windows 98, 2000, or XP   


GPentium III compatible or above   


G64MB or above   

 Display card

Gwith resolutions 1024X768 or above   

 Hard disk space

Gmore than 1GB hard disk space reserved if recorded via DVR   








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Remote Eyes

-  internet connectivity empowers you to vision what   

happening at home while you are away at work or traveling   

2.    True DIY - No complicated camera cables to wire, or Ethernet connection to   

your PC, everything is up and running in 20 minutes.   

3.    Products compatible with the 802.3 standard.   
4.    Built-in web server for Remote surveillance monitoring and remote   

management via the Internet/Intranet.   

5.    Support: HTTP, ARP, TCP/IP, ICMP, PPPoE, SMTP     
6.    Unlimited IP Cam served.   
7.    Bundled PC application software of Digital Video Recording(DVR) provides   

scheduling, recording, management, playback, transmitting, video quality   
adjustment, and Remote DVR   

8.    Remote DVR capability allows any Internet client device (supports JAVA),   

such as PC, PDA, Smart-phone, can access home surveillance, anytime and   

9.    Video quality up to VGA resolution.   
10. QVGA(320*240) 5 frame per sec, VGA(640*480) 1 frame per sec   
11. Advanced video compression to save PC storage. A 20G HDD will hold up to   

one months

pictures @1fps   

12. Bundle professional DVR software.   
13. No Server is needed: the highly efficient built-in CPU allows users to   

connect their cameras to the Internet and work independently without a   
computer or image Server.   

14. Dynamic detection: once the intrusion is found, users will be notified via   


15. Digital recording: the image data will be zipped and stored on the hard disk.   

There is no need to change magnetic tapes.   

16. Digital transmission: image data is transmitted digitally to ensure the   

authenticity of the image quality.   









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1.  Professional Type: Metal, changeable Lens  



1.    Video Format: Motion Jpeg   
2.    Image Sensor: CMOS   
3.  Picture resolution: up to VGA(640 x 480), 24-bit color   
4.  Frame Rate: QVGA(320*240) 5 fps, VGA(640*480) 1 fps   
5.    Video Adjustment: Quality, Brightness   



1.    Running on PC Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP, Celeron 300MHz or above,   

with at least 200Mbyte space available   

2.    Microsoft-style, intuitive user interface, easy to operate   
3.   Password protection  
4.   Simultaneous viewing  


    Simultaneous viewing of up to 25 cameras on a PC screen   


    Only one voice can be heard   

5.  Flexible recording schedule for any hour any date   


  Allow selection of a particular hour, or hours, continuous or not,     

during a day.   

6. Playback   


  Allow viewing of archived files    


  Preview of 6 sections simultaneously, each section representing a   

period of 10 minutes within that hour   


  Support picture Print, Pause, Fast Forward, Stop, and Recall   

7. Memory capacity indication   


Total HDD capacity allocated for surveillance   


Free capacity indicator   


Estimated total recorded hours   

8. Historical Archive   


Archive filed each hour   


Can be viewed and extracted at an interval of 10 minutes for external   


9. Motion detection   


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User selectable Sensitivity Level to trigger detection   


Target area selection for motion detection: total or Sub-area       


When motion is detected, it will trigger a higher picture framing rate   


Users can select to trigger an alarm, in the form of Email to be sent to   

the pre-defined addresses   

10. Alarm by form of emails   
11. Remote DVR   


Any remote PC or Java capable device is allowed to access the   



Make Internet connection: Typing the DVR server’s IP address, which   

is allocated by the ISP in the from of dynamic or static IP.   


Each time a IP is changed, the DVR web server will automatically   

inform the pre-defined address by sending emails   


Recording: To view and record the remote pictures   


Playback: to select a remote file and playback, allowing to pause, stop,   

or fast forward.   

12. Net DVR   


To integrate all DVR Servers and network cameras into a network   

surveillance system for centralized surveillance and administration.   


Allows the system to be installed and administered in a flexible   

manner; and enhances expansion.   


To be integrated with the Airwave 955 series.   


Unpacking the Internet Camera 


Please take out the camera and all accessories from the box. Be sure you have all the   
accessories as follows:   


Internet camera: 1 piece   

DVR installation CD: 1 piece   

AC transformer: 1 piece   

Camera stand: 1 piece   

Network cord: 1 piece   

Quick installation guide   



If you find any accessories missing or damaged, please contact your distributor for   


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Hardware Description 


Front Panel 


    Lens: Exchangeable C/CS-type lens   



Adjusting the Camera Focus 


    To adjust the focus, please rotate the lens slowly until the picture becomes clear.   

  When you adjust the focus, please do not rotate the lens too much so as not to   

drop the lens.       


Replacing the Lens 


The Internet Camera can be replaced with any stand C or CS type lens   
1.    Wind the lens to remove the lens   
2.    Turn the new lens all the way to the end   
Turn the lens slowly and adjust the focus until the picture becomes clear   




Rear Panel 


    Reset button: Push reset button for 3 seconds, the system will be reset to default   


  Network Cable Connector: The Internet Camera has a RJ45 connector for   

connection to 10/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet       

DC Power Connector: The DC Power Connector connects the AC power adapter to   

supply power to Internet Camera.   


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Button Panel 


Bracket Cavity: The Bracket Cavity is used to connect the camera stand onto Internet   
Camera by attaching the screw head on the camera stand into the mounting cavity   

Internet Camera.   





Hardware Installation 


1.    Connect an Ethernet cable   

Connect an Ethernet cable to the network cable connector located on Internet   

Camera’s rear panel and attach it to the network.   


















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2.    Attach the external power supply       

Attach the external power adapter to the DC power input connector located   
on AWS2100’s rear panel and connect it to your local power supply.   










3. Install the stand   

Follow the instructions to assemble the stand and connect the stand to the base of   

Internet Camera.   








Internet Camera is a network camera. After connecting to the network, users can log   
in remotely. To protect your data, please change your password when you use   
Internet Camera for the first time. You can also change the password after resetting   
the system default to protect your data.   

Software Installation 


This section shows you how to set up Internet Camera via Internet browser.   


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Web Configuration 


 1. Open    

Activate the Internet browser and enter the defaulted IP address (   
Press Enter to activate Internet Camera setup page.   





    Your PC has to be on the same subnet as the Internet Camera defaulted address. 


(for example: PC’s IP address192.168.0.100 

A Internet Camera: IP address  

2. Log-in   

Enter the defaulted password (user) to activate the Internet Camera User mode   
setup page.   






Enter the defaulted password (admin) to activate the Internet Camera Administrator   
mode setup page.   


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Please change your password right after login for the protection of your data and   

3. System setup 



   Image Parameter  





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1. Resolution 


You can adjust Image resolution QVGA (320*240) or VGA(640*480)   

2. Anti-flicker 


      You can adjust the frequency 50HZ or 60HZ 


3. Image Quality 


      You can adjust Image’s quality for High ,Middle,Low 


4. Image Brightness 


You can adjust Image’s brightness for High ,Middle,Low       

5. Image Orientation 


      You can adjust Image Orientation for Normal or Upside Down 




Network Configuration(Administrator mode only) 




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1. Select Fixed IP or ADSL PPPoE   
    2. If you use Fixed IP to connect , just fill the IP Address as you want to set.   
        3. If you use ADSL PPPoE you can fill the User’s ID and User’s Password that   

provide by your ISP.   

  Fill the email address and SMTP server can let Internet Camera alert you the new   

IP Address .   





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Change Password(Administrator mode only) 



  Enter old password  enter new password    Press Save Complete   









Please make certain that your browser supports Java JVM 1.3.1 and above. For   
details of JVM, please refer to http://java.sun.com/     

Browser environment   

(1) Windows 98





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Browser should be defaulted to support JVM. If you have a hard time   
playing images, please check the JVM Version regarding downloading   
and installation under Windows XP.       


  (2) Windows XP:   

If your browser is a new version under Windows XP and cannot   
support JVM, please check   

http://java.sun.com/products/archive/ for downloading and installation. 



 (2)  Netscape & Mozilla


If your browser is Netscape or Mozilla, please check whether your Plugins 
support JAVA-Applet.   


If not, please connect to http://wp.netscape.com/plugins/index.html  





Choose MIME-TYPE  application/x-java-applet  



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Please select the proper version for downloading and installation according to   
your operation system.