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Genius WG-12PS How To Use Manual

Made by: Genius
Type: How To Use
Category: Video Game Controller
Pages: 4
Size: 0.2 MB


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How to use this manual?


The game controller is compatible with PC, PlayStation®2 and PlayStation®. 
For PC users, please refer to section A of “Installation for PC system”. 
For PlayStation®2 and PlayStation®, refer to section B of “Installation for PlayStation®2 and 



A. Installation for PC system 

1.  Install four AA batteries in the game pad 
2.  Make sure you turn your computer on. 
3.  Insert the driver disc into the CD-ROM drive, 

and the setup program will start automatically. If 
not, start the setup program manually by 


 and type in 



(Where “E:” represents the location of the 
CD-ROM drive), then press the Enter key.



(If you are using Windows 98, just follow the 
instructions on the screen to finish the installation) 

4.  Please follow the instructions on the screen to 

finish the driver installation. (Some operating 
systems will install the DirectX program 
automatically first, so just follow the 
instructions on the screen to finish the program 

5.  After the software installation is completed, you 

can plug the USB connector of the cable to the 
port on the receiver and another USB connector 
to the USB port on your computer. 

6.  Press and hold the Connection/Vibration button of the game pad until the MODE LED 

flashes in green, then press the button of the receiver to connect with each other.   

7. Click 

Start / Settings / Control Panel

 and double click on the 

“Game Controllers”


“Gaming Options”


8. In the 

“Game Controllers”


“Gaming Options”

 screen, you can calibrate and test your 

game controller before you play any game. 

9.  When you finish the calibration and test, you can now play any game. 


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Connect Game Pad with Receiver   

1.  Press and hold the Connection/Vibration button of the game pad until the LED flashes. 
2.  Press the button of the receiver to connect with each other. 


On line 

Off line 



OFF  Flashes 


B. Installation for PlayStation®2 and PlayStation® 

1.  Install four AA batteries in the game pad.   
2.  Make sure you turn your game console on. 
3. Plug the PlayStation’s standard interface of the 

receiver to the standard port on your game console.   

4.  Press and hold the Connection/Vibration button of 

the game pad until the MODE LED flashes in 
green, then press the button of the receiver to 
connect with each other.   


Condition  On line  Off line 



OFF Flashes 

5.  When you finish the connection, you can now 

play any game. 

6.  The game controller’s function is according to the 

game software you are using. For details, refer to 
the game software manual. 

PlayStation®2 and PlayStation® Function 

1.  Analog Mode: When the controller is in analog mode, the following buttons and sticks 

may be operated in analog fashion depending on the features supported by the software 
title. Refer to the game software manual for details. PlayStation®2 format software 
Directional buttons / 

TM buttons / left analog stick / right analog stick / L1,R1, 

L2, R2, L3, R3 buttons PlayStation® format software Left analog stick / right analog stick 
/ L3, R3 buttons. 

2.  Digital Mode: When the controller is in digital mode, all function buttons are operated 

digitally, but the analog sticks will not work. 



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3.  Vibration function: The game controller features a vibration function when the function is 

supported by the software title. The vibration function can be set to ON or OFF on the 
software option screen. 

4.  You can switch to the appropriate mode for use. But some software makes this adjustment 

automatically. In such cases, the software overrides the A/D mode button. For details, 
refer to the game software manual. 


1.  The driver will work with the DirectX 7.0a or a newer version in PC system. Please check 

the DirectX version on your system, and upgrade if necessary. 

2.  The vibration effect occurs according to game software. For details, refer to the game 

software manual. 

3.  This game device with radio frequency gives you free action and an enjoyable experience. 

For optimal performance, place the receiver at least 8 inches (about 20 cm) away from 
other electrical devices, such as the computer, monitor, and etc. 

4.  If you feel this game device does not move as smooth as usual, then the batteries have lost 

their charge, so please replace them. 

5.  Please do not use the wireless game pad with a 2.4GHz wireless mouse or a 2.4GHz 

wireless keyboard and mouse kit at the same time, especially when playing a game. If you 
do, you will encounter interference between the devices. 


LED Indicator: 

LED signal is compatible with PC, 

PlayStation®2 and PlayStation® system.


1. Vibration Mode:



You can switch the vibration mode by pressing the Vibration /Connection button. 


Vibration ON 

Vibration OFF 





2.  Analog and Digital Mode: 

The game device has Analog/Digital. You can switch to the appropriate mode for use.   


Analog LED 

Digital LED 

Pressing Mode Button Red Light 

Red Light 

Note: If your game pad is in Vibration mode, the LED flashes when indicating. 



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This game pad is equipped with Analog and Digital modes, and there are some 

different features with PC mode as follows: 

Hardware / Mode 

Analog mode 

Digital mode 



X & Y axis motion 

Left mini-stick 

X & Y Axis motion 

X & Y axis motion 

Right mini-stick 

Throttle & Rudder 

Throttle & Rudder 

LED Indicator 

Red Light   

Red Light   


3. Power Saving Mode: 

When you stop operating this game pad for some time (shown below), it enters a “Power 
Saving” status to prevent battery usage. You can wake up it by pressing one of the 
key-buttons like Vibration/Connection, Mode, Select and Start. 


On line 

Off line 

Mode Setting 

Time to Power Saving 

2 Min 

15 Sec 

1 Min 


4.  Battery Status of the Receiver LED:   

When the Low-battery LED is Red, please change new batteries in game pad.   


The vibration function will be

 turned OFF

 automatically in Low Battery Power 



Normal Battery Power Supply  Low Battery Power Supply 


Green Light 

Red Light