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Genius VIDEOCAM SMART300 Getting To Know Manual

Made by: Genius
Type: Getting To Know
Category: Digital Camera
Pages: 15
Size: 0.95 MB


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Genius VideoCAM Smart 300 

Electronic User’s Manual 


Introducing the Genius VideoCAM Smart 300


Getting to Know Your Camera


Installing the Digital Camera Software


Using Your Camera


Managing Photos in the Camera




Using the Camera as a Video Camera


Care and Cleaning




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Introducing the Genius VideoCAM Smart 300 

Welcome to the world of taking pictures and capturing video, then you can store them to your PC. Using 
the VideoCAM Smart 300 as a digital camera, you store up to 120 vivid photos with the focus-free lens 
and the auto-flash device



And when you use it as a video camera, you can capture live video images


and share them with your family and friends by email, web albums, etc. 
Once we’ve explained how to attach the camera to your system with the USB cable (included), then you 
can open any of the bundled video-based programs and use it as a Web Camera. It can also be used 
for video-conferencing in a program like Microsoft NetMeeting®. So let’s get started and get acquainted 
with all the features of the VideoCAM Smart 300. 
The Genius VideoCAM Smart 300 has the following features: 

  Small size for easy transportation and it’s simple to use 

  High resolution: 640 x 480 pixels in digital camera mode; selectable 640 x 480, 320x240,  

or 160 x 120 pixels in PC camera mode 

  24- bit true color representation for high image fidelity 

  Onboard 8MB memory to store up to 130 images in digital camera mode 

  Mode selectable flash 



  Focus range: 60 cm to infinity 



  Easy recognizable LCD screen for camera and image handling 

  USB interface for easy and quick connection to PC 

  Automatic power- off system 

  Three operation modes: 

Digital camera mode for taking photos 
PC camera mode for using the camera as an image capturing device for the PC 
Video camera mode for capturing video clips to a PC 


System Requirements 

  Pentium III 500MHz MMX CPU or higher and at least 128MB RAM 

  Video Card with minimum 2MB of RAM for 16 bit (High Color) display or higher 

  5MB available hard disk space for driver use 







Available USB port



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Getting to Know Your Camera 





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The Status Display




Installing the Digital Camera Software 

Insert the digital camera software CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. The following software installation 
menu will appear on your screen automatically. Select the software you want to use. 


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If the software installation menu did not appear, open Windows Explore and double-click on the 

Setup. exe

” icon in the CD- ROM directory. Click the 

Utility Driver

 first to install the digital camera 

software. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed. When you are done installing the digital camera 
software, you have the choice to go back to the software installation menu and install the other bundled 
software programs.



Using Your Camera 

The Genius VideoCAM Smart 300 camera has three different operation modes: Digital camera mode, 
PC camera mode, and video camera mode. With these modes, you can use the Genius VideoCAM 
Smart 300 to take photos, capture video and show these images in various ways. 

The digital camera mode 

In the digital camera mode, you can take photos, then view and download them from your camera to 
your PC and save them as files.


Taking pictures 

Turn on the power of the camera by pressing the 


 button. The camera beeps three times and 

enters camera mode. The status of camera will appear on the status display. Press 


 to take 




This icon   indicates that the camera is in High resolution mode. You can change it to Low resolution 
mode by pressing the 


 button once. The counter indicates the number of photos taken. 


Managing Photos in the Camera 

Deleting the last photo taken 

Press the 


 button and this icon 


appears in the display status. 

Press and hold the 


 button for 1.5 seconds. The last photo taken will be deleted. 



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Deleting all photos 

Press the 


 button and this icon 


appears in the display status. Hold the button for 1.5 

seconds and this  icon 


blinks on the status display. 

Press and hold the 


 button for five seconds. All photos and video files in the camera memory will 

be deleted. 






Downloading photos from the camera 

Refer to the illustration below to connect the camera to the PC using the USB cable.  

Turn on your PC if it isn’t on already. Click on the PhotoImpression icon 


n the Windows 

Desktop, or choose 

Start > Program Files > ArcSort PhotoImpression 3.0 > PhotoImpression 3.0.


The following PhotoImpression main screen will appear.


Note: Make sure the ArcSoft PhotoImpression software is installed. If not, please install it first. 

(Refer to the section “

Installing the Digital Camera Software



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Click the 


 button, then click on the 



. The following Twain 

Interface window will appear.



Use the button 

 to preview the picture you just took. Click on 



 to download the 

picture from the camera to your PC. 


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Using the flash 

Your camera is equipped with a flash. We recommend that you use the flash within this distance (1.5m 
~ 3m) for optimum pictures. 

Turning the flash on/off 

Press the 


 button until the icon 

 appears. Then press the 


 to enable the flash and 

you will see the FLASH indicator blink. After the FLASH indicator stops blinking, your camera has been 
charged and you can use the flash. 




During the charging, the FLASH indicator blinks. When the charging is completed, the FLASH 

indicator will stop blinking. When this icon 

 blinks, you can’t use the flash.



Capturing Motion Video 

The capturing motion video function allows you to capture motion video. To use this mode, press the 


 button until the capture motion video icon 



Now press the 


 and hold it until the timer begins to run. Release the 


 to stop capturing 

motion video. 


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Enabling the self-timer 

The self-timer function lets the camera take pictures 10 seconds after the 


 is pressed. To enable 

the self-timer, press the 


 button until the self-timer icon 



Press the 


 and the camera will start making a “beeping” sound. After 10 seconds, the camera 

will take pictures automatically. 

The video camera mode 

The video camera mode lets capture motion video and save it as a video file. 

Note: Make sure the ArcSoft VideoImpression software is installed. If not, please install it first. 

(Refer to the section “

Installing the Digital Camera Software




Using the Camera as a Video Camera 

Refer to the illustration below to connect the camera to your PC using the USB cable. “


” will appear 

in the display status. 




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Turn your PC on if it isn’t already on. Click the 


button in the Windows Taskbar, and select 


ArcSoft VideoImpression



. The following 



screen will appear. 



Click the 






the following 


screen will appear. 


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Click on 


 and the 


 screen will appear. 




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Then click on 



 and you can capture the video. 

If you want to stop capturing, press 


 or click on 






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Care and Cleaning 

  Do not use your camera over the following environmental range: temperature: O C to 40 C, relative 

humidity: 45% ~ 85%. 

  Do not use or store your camera in the environments listed below: 

Direct sunlight 
High humidity or dusty places. 
Next to an air conditioner, electric heater or other heat sources. 
In a car when it’s extremely hot outside or is directly under the sun. 
Unstable areas. 

  If your camera becomes wet, wipe it with a dry cloth as soon as possible. 

  Salty seawater may cause severe camera damage. 

  Do not use organic solvents, such as alcohol, etc., to clean your camera. 

  If the lens or viewfinder is dirty, please use the lens brush or a soft cloth to clean the lens. Do not 

touch the lens with your fingers. 

  To prevent electrical shock, do not attempt to disassemble or repair the camera by yourself. 

  Water may cause a fire or electric shock. Therefore, please store your camera in a dry place or keep 

it in the accompanying case. 

  Do not use your camera outdoors when it is raining or snowing. 

  Do not use your camera in water. 

  If a foreign substance or water gets in your camera, please tum the power off immediately and 

disconnect the batteries and the cable. If possible, remove the foreign substance or water, and 
return it to where you purchased your camera. 


Transfer the data to the computer as soon as possible to avoid losing any image data.



If you have any specific questions, you can contact by email at: 



Customer Service Dept.: csd@email.geniusnet.com.tw