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Geniatech ATSC X8000A Quick Install Manual

Made by: Geniatech
Type: Quick Install Manual
Category: PCI Card
Pages: 14
Size: 0.85 MB


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Geniatech Hybrid ATSC X8000A 

Quick Install Manual 


Defining the Geniatech Hybrid ATSC X8000A 

Important Notice: “All channels are subject to coverage and may be changed from time to 
time. Reception may depend on the type and condition of your existing aerial. Aerial 
upgrade may be required. Please confirm coverage in your area.” We strongly recommend 
that you install an outdoors antenna when you use the DTV receiver indoors.




Defining X8000A





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X8000A is a small board that is plugged into a PCI slot of your computer. 


s fully compatible 

with your desktop PC use. Lets you enjoy digital (FTA) Radio and TV programs and Analog 
TV programs. 


• Advanced TV Application 

Supports Digital HDTV for ATSC & Analog TV for NTSC 

Rewind and fast forward live TV shows with Always Time Shifting recording 
Electronic Program Guide (EPG, by 3  party software)



Support HDTV Receiving up to 1920 X 1080i 

• Listen to ATSC digital radio 

Receive digital radio stations from your PC 
Automatic station searching 
Create favorite stations for convenient listening 

• Digital Personal Video Recording 

Schedule TV recording and save directly to your PC’s hard drive


Installing the Hybrid ATSC X8000A device 


In this chapter the system requirements and the installation of the Hybrid ATSC X8000A device are 

System requirements 

Recommended OS system

Watching TV and recording


IBM compatible PC with Pentium 4, 2.0GHz or above, 



At least 


256 MB RAM, 512 MB RAM recommended


At least 30MB free hard disc space



Sound Blaster compatible audio card



3D graphic card recommended (with hardware


 overlay support, up to date 





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One free PCI interface 


Sound card for audio


Supported operating systems:



Windows 2000 Professional/Server (Service Pack 4 required) 
Windows XP Home/Professional (Service Pack 2 required) 
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (upgrade driver later) 

Additional requirements:



DirectX 9 or higher 
MediaPlayer 9 or higher 
At least 10GB hard disc space or above, that’s necessary for DVR functionality 

Additional system requirements for PCI devices 

1 available PCI slot f


or each PCI card (do not use the one directly under AGP 

graphic card connector). 
If you use a multiple number of PCI cards, you have to calculate with a current of 4A on the 5V rail 
for each of the used Geniatech Hybrid ATSC X8000A PCI card. 

Recommended system requirements for HDTV reception 


Hybrid ATSC X8000A 

IBM compatible PC with Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP CPU with 2400MHz or above



3D AGP or PCI express graphic card recommended (with MPEG2 hardware acceleration, 


hardware overlay support and up to date drivers) 

Recommended operating systems:



Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 4 required) 
Windows XP Home/Professional (Service Pack 2 required) 

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition will be supported in the future 


Important information 

For best results, a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels with 16 bit color dept or higher is 
recommended for use with DTV applications. A screen resolution of at least 1280x1024 pixels with 
24 bit color dept or higher is recommended for HDTV. 
You should update all your system drivers (main board, graphics, sound and network adapter 
drivers) to the current version before installing the driver for the DTV-PC TV device. You also should 
update your operating system with all service packs and hot fixes available. 

Package contents 

X8000A ATSC Hybrid Stick x1 
Remote Cable x1 
Remote Controller x1 
Multi-Function Cable x1 
Quick installation Guide x1 (PDF format only) 
Software CD (Driver and Application Software)


Installation of the Hybrid ATSC X8000A Device 

Installation of the PCI device 

To install the 

Hybrid ATSC X8000A

 PCI board make certain that the computer is turned off. Precede 




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the following steps to install the PCI card into your PC system: 
1. Turn off the PC. 
2. Open the case of your computer to expose the PCI slots. 
3. Now you have to choose a free PCI slot. If possible choose a different slot than the slot next to 
your AGP connector. 
4. Unscrew the metal dust protector of the slot you have chosen. 
5. Put the Hybrid ATSC X8000A board into the PCI slot.



Figure 2.1: Inserting the DTV board into a PCI slot 

6. Tighten the screw on the 

Hybrid ATSC X8000A


7. Repeat the steps 3 to 6 for any additional PCI card you want to install. 
8. Close the case of your computer case. 
Your Hybrid ATSC X8000A hardware is installed now. 

Installing the driver and software 



In this chapter the installation of Hybrid ATSC X8000A PCI is exemplary described for the 

operating system Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2. The installation for the other operating 
systems as Windows 2000 is similar.   

Install the driver


Turn on the PC. Insert the install CD to CD ROM. Then plug the X8000A into one of the PCI 


1.  When you start your computer for the first time after installing the Hybrid ATSC X8000A PCI 

card, the message “

Found New Hardware

” appears. 

Please choose “






Run Driver Install or Driver\setup.exe, Computer will now automatically show an install 

page, click “






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Choose “

Continue Anyway

” for installing 3 devices in Windows XP






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 When all finished, please check on Control panel, select “






Device Manager

”, you can see one device new drivers installed.






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X8000A HDTV 

You will see three new device installed. 



Installation of Software packages 


 Run TotalMedia/Setup.exe to install the application software.   

Total Media





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Step2: Installation of Total Media, Choose setup language 



Click “


” to continue installation





background image




Click “


” after installed of “

Arcsoft TotalMedia





Choose rote for installation if you want to change the recommended, please click 


” and click “


” (Recommended is better)





background image




Please select a program folder.







background image



Program starts to copy files. 



Click “


” to finish Arcsoft TotalMedia software install. 


Arcsoft Total Media Users 

How to use TotalMedia, you can get online help. 




X8000A Connection (Only ATSC) 

1. Connecting 

ATSC Hybrid X8000A TV Receiver

 to PCI interface on your PC 






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2.  Connecting Analog TV Cable (for analog TV) or digital antenna (for digital TV) to 


Hybrid X8000A TV Receiver




3. When you want to switch Analog, please switch to Analog Cable (ATSC Antenna can’t 
receive the Analog TV Channel) 
4.  Input & Output Connections 






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Remote Controller Button List 

1 TV/AV:

 Switch between S-Video, Composite, and TV 





0 - 9:

 Channel Number Keys 

4 ESC: 



 On/Off volume mute 

6 Up 






7,8 CH+/CH-: 

Channel Up/Channel Down 




 Volume Down/Volume Up 





 Record/Stop recording the current program 


Play a recorded program 


 Pause a program 


 Stops pre-recorded viewing and returns to live TV 


 Forward the current movie clip 


Rewind the current movie clip 


 Time-Shift function 


Takes a picture of what is on screen


Show/Hide Control Center: 

Show/hides the display panel 

Full Screen/Restore:

 Switches from full screen to the 

default screen 


TV wall function 


 Turns computer off 


Trouble shooting 
1. Can not lock any program channel when auto scan. 


1.  Please check if there is ATSC broad casting program in your area; 
2.  Please check if your signal condition is too weak, try to move the antenna around 

and re-scan again, it is better to move the antenna near the window 

3.  Please check you connect the antenna and tightly 
4.  Please check you select right country in the Total Media software scan function 





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5.  Please try to use an outdoor antenna and scan once more.   

2. I do find some channels, but this time I get fewer channels than last time 

1.  Maybe you moved antenna’s position or angle, try to find the better position and keep 

the antenna vertical 

2.  The weather also can also affect your receiving signal quality, if the weather is bad today, 

that is the reason   

3.  In some new start ATSC broadcasting area, the provider of ATSC broadcasting may 

change their broadcasting power


day by day, try to find the best power strength.   

4.  If you put a CAN of cola on the antenna, that will make signal weak, please move them 


3. When I watch program, Screen blacked out when playing or freezes on first 

Unfortunately, you are in a weak signal condition. You can see that from the Yellow light on 
the top of U6010A. The reason is same as question 2.   

4. Video playing but Audio failed 


Please check the sound card or the volume setting. 

5. Remote control does not work 


1. Check remote controller batteries.   
2. Check remote receiver: the light will be on when receive, that is showing it is getting 
3. Check if you are in 5m between the Remote Receiver, don’t keep to far away. 
4. Please point the receive window, that is to say, the angle of the receiving and sending is 



6. Watching TV some time freeze or slow, also audio stroke


1.  Please check your PC is not Pentium 3 or 2, X8000A need a high CPU to decoding 

ATSC stream 


Please check you VGA driver is properly installed and updated 



Please don’t run other high CPU loading software such as game and CAD.