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Genesis Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer User Manual

Made by: Genesis Platinum
Type: User Manual
Category: Water Dispenser
Pages: 23
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GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer


Make sure to carefully read this user's manual before using your new Genesis 

Platinum Water Ionizer. 


This product is intended only for residential use.

User's Manual

- Korean FDA Manufacturing approval number 1134.


Item No. 08-763 

Alkaline water ionizer

Computer Controlled Smart Ionization

One-touch Operation

Dual Filtration

300 Watts of Ionizing Power


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GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Thank You, 

Congratulations on your Water for Life USA

Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer

Dear Customer


We sincerely appreciate your purchase of the Water for Life USA water Ionizer. This machine is 
considered a “

medical substance producer

” because of the many health benefits it provides. We 

wish you many years of improved health and enjoyment while using your Genesis Platinum.

Before operating the ionizer, it is important that you 

read this user manual carefully

.  It contains 

directions for proper installation and operation of your ionizer. The benefits you receive from the 
water will be enhanced by proper use and maintenance of the machine. Because it is a medical 
substance producer, please 

make sure that you are drinking water at a pH level that is 

appropriate for you

. If you have serious existing health conditions, we recommend that you consult 

with your doctor before use.

We assume no responsibility for accidents that occur due to improper use of the Genesis Platinum, 
so be sure to read this user's manual.

All employees of Water for Life USA  are knowledgeable about the machine and care about your 

experience.  We respect your opinion and your needs and will always strive to assist you with 
excellent customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us through our 


, or call our main office (


). We hope that this is 

the beginning of a long and satisfying relationship and you'll feel confident in referring our 
company and product to your family and friends.

Thank you,
The entire staff at Water for Life USA

The Genesis Platinum: A Remarkable Machine

The Genesis Platinum:  A Remarkable Machine

Your Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer has the ability to turn ordinary tap water into water with the 
ability to effectively counter the three most probable causes of sickness, chronic disease and 
premature aging; (1) high acidity levels in the body, technically called acidosis, (2) damaging run 
away free radical activity and (3) body dehydration. 

High body acidity is caused primarily by the foods we eat and the beverages we drink. Ideally our diet 
should be 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. In reality the American diet is just the opposite. Highly acidic 
foods include animal protein, grain products, dairy products, most beans, fats and oils and even some 
fruits and vegetables.

High acidity beverages include alcohol, soft drinks, most sports and energy drinks, reverse osmosis water 

(most bottled water is R/O water), and coffee. As you can see, it is very difficult to consistently eat an 
alkaline diet. 

When body pH is lowered (towards acidic) ALL major bodily functions are negatively affected. High acid 
intake results in the creation of excess acidic waste. To protect kidneys and liver, our chief detoxification 
organs from acidic overload, the body stores excess acidic waste in fat cells. In a continually acidic internal 
environment, these fat cells continue to accumulate resulting in gradual and consistent weight gain. The 
blood must remain at a very precise alkaline pH of 7.365. Should blood pH drop to pH 7.0, we will go into 
a coma and die. To buffer blood pH, the body steals minerals from bones, a direct cause of osteoporosis. 
High acidity levels in the body also hinder the body’s ability to circulate blood, raising blood pressure. 
Alkaline ionized water at pH levels between 8.5 and 9.5 is VERY effective at neutralizing body acidity, 
helping to return the body to an alkaline state. It is a significant fact that disease will easily germinate and 
flourish in an acidic environment whereas it literally CANNOT SURVIVE in an alkaline environment. 

Free radicals are molecules that are missing an electron and are therefore chemically unstable. To become 
stable, a compelling chemical urge, a free radical must find an electron – somewhere. Free radicals can and 
will attack and steal electrons from healthy cells damaging them, killing them or alternating their DNA. 
Free radical damage has been directly linked to cancer. A substance that contains easily accessible or free 
electrons that can be used as an alternate source of electrons by free radicals is called an antioxidant. 
Alkaline ionized water contains huge numbers of OH negative ions, molecules that have an extra electron, 
making alkaline ionized water a VERY POWERFUL antioxidant. As a side benefit, the interaction between 
OH negative ions and free radicals produces Oxygen providing the body with LOTS of NATURAL energy!

Alkaline ionized water is restructured making it up to six times more hydrating than ordinary water. Smaller 
water clusters more effectively penetrate cells resulting in much more efficient delivery of nutrients and 
oxygen to cells and removal of waste material and toxins from cells.

Alkaline ionized water actually enables the body to heal itself and to keep itself healthy and free of sickness 
and disease, what it was designed to do. Alkaline ionized water is very similar in nature to the famous 
miracle water of Lourdes France, considered by many to be the fountain of youth.

Table of Contents:

Genesis Platinum Thank You …......................................................................................... page 2
The Genesis:  A Remarkable Machine …......................................................................... page 2-3
Safety Precautions …........................................................................................................ page 3-8
Features …....................................................................................................................... page 9-10
Product Description .......................................................................................................... page 
Touch Button Instructions ................................................................................................. page
Unpacking your Genesis Platinum ....................................................................................... page


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GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Table of Contents Continued

Installation Instructions …..................................................................................................  page 14
Operation Instructions …................................................................................................  page 15-18
Programming the Genesis Platinum .............................................................................. page
Genesis Platinum Auto-Diagnosis Codes .......................................................................  page
How to Create Super Alkaline/Acid Water ................................................................... page
Water Problem and Solution Chart .............................................................................. page
How to Change the Filters …............................................................................................  page 19-20
Alkaline and Acid Water Use …......................................................................................... page 21-22
Product Specifications ….................................................................................................... page 23-24
Troubleshooting …............................................................................................................... page 25
Warranty .................................................................................................................................... page 26

Precautions During Installation

Safety Precautions Prior to Use:

If you suffer from achlothydria, you shouldn't drink alkaline water. Achlorhyrdria refers to 
an abnormal deficiency of free hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, often associated with 
severe anemias and cancer of the stomach.

The Genesis Platinum is designed to operate with tap water.  If you have well water, please 
consult Water for Life USA  for our recommedations for prefilters to treat conditions in 
your well water such as lack of minerals, too much hardness, too many heavy metals, etc.

When you begin drinking alkaline water, start with alkaline water level one for the 
first week.  Alkaline water helps your body to detoxify, which could cause some 
tiredness, mild nausea, etc.  If no negative symptoms occur, then progress to alkaline 
water level two for the next week.  Then you can drink alkaline water level three, 
which is the final step.  

Warning:  Don't drink alkaline water level four.  It's only 

for cooking and for use as a detergent!

Because of unknown possible interactions, don't take your prescription medication with 
alkaline water.  Use the filtered only water function on the Genesis Platinum instead.

If you have a chronic disease, suffer from liver or bowel problems, or you are taking 
prescription medications, don't drink alkaline water prior to consulting your physician. 

The red warning sign means “danger” and indicates a severe safety threat that 
represents an imminent hazard that could result in injury or death. 

The orange warning sign indicates a potential hazard that could result in moderate 
injury or damage to property.  

The yellow warning sign means “attention” and indicates a potential hazard that 
could result in minor injury to the body or damage to property. 

Power Supply Precautions:

Do not use a damaged power cord or loose connector.  
Shock or fire may occur.

Don't touch the power cord with wet hands.  Shock or fire 
may occur.

Do not forceably bend the power cord and make sure no 

objects are sitting on top of it.

If water gets on cord or outlet, make sure they are 
completely dry prior to use.

These safety precautions are provided to help you avoid potential problems with your Genesis 
Platinum.  Please read them carefully so that you can use your Genesis Platinum safely.  For the 
purposes of this manual, we have graded the severity of the safety threat with three color-coded 
warning signs. 

*This ionizer must be connected ONLY to a 110 Volt power source. Higher voltage supply will 
damage the unit. Please check your voltage before connecting the unit. (Machines using 220 Volts are 
available for international shipping and use, but must be special ordered by an authorized dealer or 
direct from Water for Life USA.)

Safety Precautions Prior to Use


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GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Safety precautions 

Installation Safety Tips

During product inspection or parts replacement, unplug 
the power cord.

Use a dedicated power outlet for this machine.

Do not separate, sever, or splice the power cord.  
Electrical shock or fire may occur.

Do not plug and unplug the power cord repeatedly.  
Electrical shock or fire may occur.

If the electrical plug or cord is damaged, contact Water for 
Life USA. Do not attempt to replace it.

Other Installation Safety Tips:

* Do not attempt to repair or take apart the machine. Contact Water for Life USA.

* Keep the electrical plug free from dust and dirt.

* Do not place any objects, food or beverage on the product.


If you aren't going to use your Genesis Platinum for a long 
period of time, be sure to unplug it and disconnect it from 
your tap.  Otherwise, leaks or electrical shock may occur.

Don't poke or scratch the screen with a sharp 
object, this may cause an electrical shock or 
damage the screen.

If you mainly use alkaline water, occasionally set your Genesis 
Platinum to its acid water settings and run some water.  This helps 
the Genesis Platinum stay properly calibrated. 

During hot and humid weather, it is normal for some 
condensed water to drip from the stainless steel hose.  
However, this is not normal during cold weather and is 
indicated of a leak.

Safety Precautions During Use


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GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer




Safety precautions

Do not place anything on top of the Genesis Platinum, 
especially if it holds liquid.  Spilling a liquid on the 
Genesis Platinum could result in electrical shock or 

If the Genesis Platinum makes abnormal noises or if 
you see smoke rising from the Genesis Platinum, 
disconnect it immediately and consult a Water for Life 
USA warranty specialist.

If you notice a leak from anywhere on the body of your 
Genesis Platinum, disconnect it immediately, pull out 
the plug, and contact a Water for Life USA warranty 

Be sure to change your filters as indicated by the filter life 
displayed on the screen, or every nine months, whichever 
comes first. 

benzene or thinner........ Danger

Disconnect the power cord prior to cleaning. 
Do not clean with paint thinner or benzene.

Do not spray water directly on the power inlet.

Do not spray water directly onto the Genesis Platinum.  Instead, 
use a damp cloth.

Other Safety Precautions 

If you need to move the Genesis Platinum, do not drag it by the 
power cord as this will damage the unit.

Don't ever open up the Genesis Platinum and attempt to disassemble or 
repair it yourself.  Doing so will void your warranty.  Contact a Water 
for Life USA warranty specialist.

Use only filtered water in a fish tank.  Alkaline water may 
kill your fish.


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GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer




Genesis Platinum Features

Installation Safety Precautions

Do not install the Genesis Platinum near heat 
appliances or directly in the sun, or in excessively 
humid areas like a bathroom.  

Do not install the Genesis Platinum on an uneven surface.

Do not use hot water with the Genesis Platinum.


Make sure the Genesis Platinum sits above its drain line, so 
that water can drain freely from the drain line.

Don't use more than eight inches of tubing for your drain line, 
otherwise water may back up and compromise the Genesis 
Platinum's performance.

Computer Controlled Electrolysis System

The Genesis Platinum calculates the water flow and quality of the source 
water and automatically adjusts ionization to create the best ionized water.

One-touch Automatic Water Flow Control

Just press the water “on” button to release water through the Genesis 
Platinum, then press it again to stop the water flow.

Voice Announcements

The Genesis Platinum announces ionization level, self-cleaning, and many 
other important functions. 

Filter Replacement Microchip System

Microchips in each filter inside the Genesis Platinum communicate 
with the Genesis Platinum so that it can accurately tell you when to 
change your filters.  

Modern and Elegant Design 

The Genesis Platinum's design will fit into any kitchen, adding style and 

LCD Screen Color Back Light 

A multi-colored back light enhances the LCD display, showing you the 
color of the alkaline and acid water setting that you choose. 

Genesis Platinum Product Features:

The Genesis Platinum offers a combination of EOS's highly advanced technology,
elegant design, and advanced computer system, providing ease of operation and 
excellent performance.


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GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Genesis Platinum Features



Platinum Features


Electrolytic antibacterial system 

The process of electrolysis inhibits micro-organisms from multiplying and 
automatically cleans the system. 


Advanced Filtration

The dual filter activated carbon system inside the Genesis Platinum will 
remove 99.99% of most contaminants from your source water, making it 
safe, fresh and healthy to drink!

Other Genesis Platinum Features: 


SMPS Type Power Supply

SMPS (switch mode power supply) provides extremely stable power, 
eliminating energy loss and shortened lifespan as is typical with older 
technology such as transformer-based power supplies systems.

Cutting edge slotted electrolysis plate technology:  

Oversize platinum titanium 

electrolysis plates incorporate Water for Life USA’s slotted plate technology, 
providing the best of all worlds; extremely long lifespan, optimal electrolysis and 
optimal ionization with none of the problems associated with mesh plates or the 
less effective ionization capabilities of non-slotted plates.

Dual high capacity filters: 

Filter one is a  precarbon/sediment that filters water 

for 7000 liters (1850 gallons).  Filter two is a more advanced activated carbon 
filter that lasts 4000 liters (1050 gallons). Both filters have long life-spans, 
cutting down on the cost per gallon. It is recommended that these filters be 
replaced once a year with average use, or when the filter life remaining reaches 
70 liters – whichever comes first.

Nine preset pH levels: 

Four alkaline water settings (8.5pH, 9.0pH, 9.5pH and 

11.0pH) one pure water (filtered only) setting and four acidic water settings 
(6.0pH, 5.0pH, 4.0pH and 3.0pH) all with a convenient touch sensor selection 

76 programmable pH and ORP levels: 

The Genesis  Platinum enables you to 

program nearly any pH and ORP for the pH level that’s right for you. This feature is 
essential due to the wide range of tap water quality in North America. Non- 
programmable ionizers cannot adjust to local tap water conditions, so these ionizers 
are at the mercy of your tap water and a handful of pre-set pH levels. The actual pH 
levels of non-programmable ionizers can vary greatly from the pH levels posted on 
the control panel of the unit. Simply put, when used in two different cities, a non- 
programmable ionizer will typically get two completely different pH level outputs 
when kept at the same pH setting.

Choice of pH or ORP display

The Genesis Platinum can display either the OPR or 

the pH of the water it's ionizing. 

Complete auto-diagnosis system 

The Genesis Platinum continually monitors all 

internal operating systems, ensuring that you are immediately notified in the unlikely 
event of a problem.

Automatic cleaning system: 

The Genesis Platinum monitors plates for contamination 

levels and initiates cleaning cycles automatically when needed. 

Automatic draining system: 

Drains water into the electrolysis cell system and filter 

to enhance full system cleaning and greatly extend the lifespan of the machine.

Automatic pH and ORP control and display: 

The Genesis Platinum controls the pH 

and ORP of your water by adjusting the ionization according to the mineral content of 
your tap water. This allows the ionizer to estimate and display the pH and ORP of 
your water.

Stainless steel adapters: 

Unlike the plastic adaptors which are used in other systems 

and are prone to problematic leaks and the subsequent need for replacement, the 
Genesis Platinum comes equipped with stainless steel attachments for your faucet or 
cold water line.

Contemporary design: 

The Genesis Platinum’s sleek and modern design easily fits in 

with your home décor.



background image

GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Product Description

Product Description

LCD Screen

① Alkaline Water indication

② Acid Water indication

③ Purified Water Indication


Cleaning Indication 


Volume Control 

⑥ Filter Two Filter Life

⑦ Check for Problem

⑧ Current pH Indication

⑨ Current ORP Indication

⑩ Water Flow in Liters Per Minute


Ionization Indication

⑫ Filter One Filter Life




Flexible Stainless Steel 

LCD Screen

Touch Buttons

Key Hole Slots

Filter Cover


Power Switch

Acid water Outlet

Dust filter

Tap Water Inlet



background image

GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Touch Button Directions

Touch Button Directions

Touch Button


Alkaline Water button
Steps 1 -



Mode button
For changing setup.

Set button
To save changes in setup.

Acid Water button
Levels 1-4,

Filtered Only  Water Button

Water  ON/OFF button 

Alkaline Water Buttons Level One Through Four

Touch these sensors to produce alkaline water (water with a pH greater than 7.0). Level one is 
on the far left, level four is on the far right, levels two and three are in the middle.  

If the voice prompt is turned on, a message tells you what level of alkaline water is being 
produced. There are four preset alkaline water levels or steps: first step = pH 8.5, second step = 
pH 9.0, third step = pH 9.5 and fourth step = pH 11.0 

Mode Button for Changing Genesis Platinum Setup

See “Programming the Genesis Platinum.”

Set Button for Saving Changes Made in Mode and also Toggling Between pH and ORP 

The pH level or the ORP value of the water being produced is displayed on the LCD screem. 
Touch the “Set” touch sensor to switch between pH level and the ORP value.
This button is also used to increase levels you are adjusting in the Mode.

Acid Water Selection Button Levels One Through Four 

Touch this sensor to produce acid water (water with a pH less than 7.0). Continue touching the 
sensor to increase or decrease the pH level of acid water to be produced. 
The selected water is delivered through the stainless steel hose on the top of the product. If the 
voice prompt is turned on, a message lets you know what level of acid water is being produced. 
There are four preset acidic water levels or steps: first step = pH 6.0, second step = pH 5.0, 
third step = pH 4.0 and fourth step = pH 3.0.

The next time you use your product it will have automatically switched back to alkaline water 
for safety reasons. Do not drink acid water. You can also use this button to lower settings in the 

Filtered Only Water Selection Button

Touch the purification button, followed by the on/off button to get filtered only water. No 
ionization is performed. The pH of the water will be the same as the pH of the supply water 
(tap water). Purified water will be delivered through the stainless steel hose. You can also use 
this button to increase settings in the mode.  


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GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Unpacking Your Genesis Platinum

Installation Instructions

Water On/Off Button

Switches the product from production mode to off/standby mode. Touch this sensor to 
start producing water. The product will automatically start producing water at the selected 
alkaline level. At startup the product may enter into a self cleaning cycle. Let this cycle 
run its course before using any of the water produced during cleaning. Discard this water. 
*When the power switch is first turned on, the product is designed to perform an 
automatic cleaning for 30 seconds. In cleaning state, the acid water flows out of the 
alkaline water exit while the alkaline water drains out of the acid water exit. 

Installing Your Genesis Platinum 

Unpacking Your Genesis Platinum:


You view installation videos at the Water for Life USA website, 


, and click on resources. 

If you still find you have questions please contact your Dealer and for those of you that 
purchased direct from Water for Life USA please call our toll free number 877-255-3713 
for assistance.

Inside the Genesis Platinum Box

- Genesis/Genesis Platinum 
- Hardware box containing installation parts and accessories
- GenesisGenesis Platinum user's manual
- Water for Life USA product literature (varies)
- Informational DVD (Not currently included) Available on the website and You Tube, 
just search for account “waterforlifeusavideo”
- 6 feet of 1/4” white water tubing- to be cut to length during installation for in water and 
out drain.

Let's get started!

1) Please examine your delivery to insure your new Genesis Platinum has not been 
damaged during shipping. Please contact your dealer or Water for Life USA 
immediately if damage has occured.

2) Remove your Genesis Platinum, lay it on its back and remove the clear cover 
(sealed at the bottom of your machine)

3) Open the hardware box where you will find your flexible stainless steel hose, two 
diverter valves (faucet and cold water line), power cord, 1/4 line suction cup for the 
out line, pressure reducer valve for high water pressure areas (usually cities), and pH 
drops for testing your water after installation has been completed.  Please refer to the 
color chart on the bottle when you are testing your alkaline/purified/acidic water.

4)  Decide which method of installation you will use (faucet or cold water line) and 
return any unused hardware to the hardware box so it does not get misplaced.


background image

GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

5) Now, we need to remove the plugs from under the Genesis, inserted in the IN and OUT 
quick connect valves.  These plugs are very similar to golf tees or an umbrella with a flat 
top. These tees prevent water from leaking from your new Genesis. Why is there water?  
All of our products have been tested for quality control, We test all settings on your 
ionizer prior to shipping to you to ensure performance.

Below the cap of the plug on the quick connect valve is a small, barely visible white ring. 
Place your thumb and index fingers below the cap then press with the tip of your thumb 
and index finger toward the quick connect valve, pushing in on the small ring to release 
the plug, while at the same time gently pulling the plug out.

There is a video on plug removal on our website in the resource section and also on You 


Your Genesis/Genesis Platinum includes a five-year bumper to bumper parts and 

labor warranty. Your warranty registration is on the last page of this manual. Please 
complete the warranty information and fax it to 


or mail it to 

Water For 

Life USA, 12612 Deoudes Rd., Boyds, MD 20841. 

Make a copy for your records and 

please make sure to include the serial number of your Genesis and the date of purchase. 


Please keep your Genesis box and packing materials in the event there is a need to 

ship your Genesis back for any reason to Water for Life USA  for service/warranty/repair. 

Installation Tips:

-- Be sure to only supply clean quality water to the Genesis Platinum. 

--Do not hook up directly to a well, lake, river, etc.

--Do not supply unit with ionized water.

--Do not use well water, groundwater, contaminated water, and water contained 
with high amounts of heavy metals before speaking to a representative.

--Do not dispense contaminated water to this product. Tap water is best.

--Remember to test your water once per month for pH using the supplied pH test 

There are two installation methods: 


Connection to the faucet

With this installation, the Genesis sits on the countertop and the water supply line is connected 
to your faucet by removing the existing aerator and installing the provided faucet diverter valve.

The drain line from the Genesis is placed in the sink. The Genesis power cord is plugged into 
an above the counter electrical outlet. Ionized water is delivered via the ionized water output 
hose on top of the Genesis. This is the simplest installation configuration.

B) Connection to the cold water line.

Your Genesis is shipped with an optional cold water supply line diverter valve. This diverter 
valve is installed on the cold water supply line in the cupboard area below the sink. This 
eliminates the need to attach the Genesis water supply to the faucet head. To implement this 
option, you will need a 1/4" access hole through either the lip of the sink or the counter top 
depending on what type of sink you have and how it is mounted. If you have an accessory you 
do not use (like a soap dispenser) you can remove that accessory and use that hole.  If an access 
hole is not available, you will need to drill one.

For more information on these installation options, contact Water for Life USA or your Water 
for Life USA dealer.

A) Countertop Faucet Installation:

1) Lay the Genesis on its back on your countertop where it will be placed when you are 
operating it so that the bottom of the unit is accessible.

2)  Attach the power cord to the bottom of the Genesis and turn the master power switch to the 
ON position. 


plug the unit in at this time. 

3)  Using a pair of scissors carefully cut the plastic clasps that are attached to the 1/4 inch 
tubing provided with your Genesis. 

4)  Cut this tubing into two equal halves.

5)  Insert one end of one of the tubing halves into the 


quick connect connector on the bottom 

of the Genesis. To insert the tubing, hold the connector with one hand and insert the tubing into 
the connector with the other hand until it is pressed 

all the way 

into the connector 



background image

GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

6) Insert one end of the other tubing half into the 


quick connect connector on the 

bottom of the Genesis.  Make sure the tubing is pressed 

all the way 

into the connector 



: To remove tubing from a quick connect connector, push the ring 

on the connector in (towards the body of the connector) and pull out the tubing. 

7) Turn the connectors (and tubing) in the direction needed to exit the tubing towards the 

8) Press the tubing into the guides at the edge of the Genesis bottom. Set the Genesis in an 
upright position and place it where you intend to use it. 

9) Both the “IN” tubing and the “OUT” tubing should be exiting the Genesis toward 
sink.  If they are not, lay the unit on its back and switch the direction of the connectors and 
tubing accordingly.

10) Locate the stainless steel faucet head diverter valve and the stainless steel male/male 
adapter and set these next to your sink.

11) Remove the existing aerator that is installed on your faucet head. Store this aerator in a 
safe place in the event you need to use it at a later date.

12) Depending on what threads are your faucet head, you may or may not need to use the 
male/male adapter to match the threads on the faucet head diverter valve. If required, 
screw the adapter onto the faucet head. Then screw the faucet head diverter valve onto the 
faucet head. Tighten securely. 

13) Measure the length of the 


tubing needed to reach the diverter valve installed on the 

faucet head.

14) With the Genesis placed where it will be used on a daily basis, take the 



which is the tubing 


the acid line sink attachment and run it to the pin on the faucet 

head diverter valve.  Do not pull on the tubing when measuring the length needed.  You 
want the tubing to have some slack so you can move the Genesis when cleaning the 
counter top.

15) If your faucet head is designed to rotate, you will need to allow ample tubing for the 
faucet to move freely once the tubing is attached to the faucet head.  To do this, position 
the faucet head at the point furthest from your Genesis. Mark the tubing with a marker and 
cut at a square ninety degree angle with a razor blade or sharp knife, again leaving some 
slack in the tubing.

16) Press this IN tubing onto the pin of the faucet head diverter valve.
Position the tubing in the sink where you want it to drain (leaving some slack). 

17) Mark the OUT tubing at the desired length with a marker and cut it with a razor blade or 
sharp knife to the desired length.

18) Slightly wet the suction cup of the acid line sink attachment and the area of the sink where 
you want to install the acid line and press the suction cup onto the wetted area of the sink. 

19) Connect the Genesis ionized water output delivery hose to the Genesis. Screw the threaded 
end of the deliver hose into the adapter on top of the Genesis. Tighten the hose securely. 
Plug the Genesis power cord into a 110 Volt electrical outlet. 

20) Adjust the input water pressure (water flow rate) into the Genesis using the faucet. You 
want the water flow rate on the Genesis LCD Display to read between 2.0 and 2.5 liters/minute.

B) Cold Water Line Installation:


: Installing the optional water supply line diverter valve that is shipped with your Genesis 

enables you to connect the Genesis IN quick connect connector on the bottom of the Genesis 
directly to the cold water supply line under the counter. This eliminates the need to connect the 
Genesis water supply tubing to the faucet. If you have an electrical outlet under the counter, 
you can also plug the Genesis power cord into this outlet. 

DRILLING the Access Hole


Determine where you want to place the Genesis on your countertop.  You will want the 

water output hose located on top of the Genesis to reach the sink. The access hole should be 
relatively close to the Genesis in order to minimize the amount of tubing that will be exposed 
above the counter.


Drill a 1/4” hole in the selected access hole location.


: If you have an electrical outlet under the sink and you want to plug your 

Genesis into this outlet (recommended if an outlet is available) you will need to make the 
access hole large enough to accommodate both the Genesis power cord plug and the 1/4" water 
supply tubing. DO NOT plug the Genesis in at this time.


the COLD water valve (


the right hand valve).


background image

GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions


Turn on the cold water faucet to (1) make sure you shut off the correct valve and (2) 

that the shut off valve is functioning probably (actually shutting off the water).  If cold 
water still runs after shutting off the valve, check to make sure you shut off the correct 
valve. If you are not sure which valve is the cold water supply, turn off 


valves. If cold 

water is still running, the shut off valve is defective and must be replaced. This requires 
that water be shut off at the main water input to the house. 


attempt to complete 

this installation if cold water still runs after you have shut off the cold water supply valve. 


Check to see what type of water line you have connecting the cold water shut off valve 

to the cold water faucet. You probably will have one of two types:  a copper line or steel 
flex hose.


: If you have a copper line, it is highly recommended that you replace 

it with a 30” flexible stainless steel hose that you can purchase at Home Depot or Lowes 
for about $6.00. This will make the job much easier. Remove the line at both ends; at the 
cold water shut off valve and at the faucet. Discard this line and replace it with the 30” 
steel flex hose.


Thread the female end of the diverter valve onto either the COLD water faucet stem 


the COLD water copper line running from the single handle faucet 

MAKE SURE the o- 

ring stays in the female end of adapter. 

Tighten securely.


Thread the 1/2" female end of the 30” steel flex hose onto the male threads of the 

diverter valve. Tighten securely. 


Thread the 3/8” female end of the steel flex hose onto the cold water shut-off valve. 

Tighten securely. 


:  Disconnect the hose 


at the faucet (end).  You will 

reuse this hose. 


Thread the female end of the diverter valve onto either the COLD water faucet stem 


the COLD water copper line running from the single handle faucet.  

MAKE SURE the o- 

ring stays in the female end of adapter. 

Tighten securely.


Thread the 1/2" female threads on the disconnected end of the steel flex hose onto the 

male threads of the diverter valve. Tighten securely.


Feed the 1/4" tubing connected to the 


quick connect connector on the bottom of the 

Genesis down through the access hole


How to use your Genesis Platinum:

1) Turn the water on from either your cold water line or your faucet.  Turn it up all the way.
Now, adjust the water flow with your faucet or cold water line diverter valve. Don't open the 
valve all the way, usually half way is ideal.

8.  Connect this tubing to the water adjust valve on the diverter valve. Tighten the nut securely 
but NOT too much.


Instead of adjusting the water flow to the Genesis using the faucet (standard 

countertop installation option), you will adjust the water flow to the Genesis using the water 
flow adjust valve attached to the water supply line diverter valve. After you have turned the 
cold water shut off valve back on (AND CHECKED FOR LEAKS), adjust the water adjust 
valve unit the water flow rate on the Genesis LCD displays reads between 2.0 and 2.5 

2) Press  the water “on” button on the front of the Genesis Platinum. 
The first time you use your Genesis Platinum, it will run a cleaning cycle.  The screen will turn 
red and chimes will sound for about twenty seconds.  Afterwards, the water will automatically 
shut off.

3) While the cleaning cycle is running, look at the screen and locate the water flow in liters per 
minute. Verify that the water flow is between 2.0 and 2.5 liters per minute. If it isn't, then adjust 
the flow rate with your diverter valve, NOT with your faucet handle or cold water line knob.   

If there is too much water pressure on the Genesis, no water will be released through the 
machine until you turn it down.  Also, if there is not enough water pressure (more than one liter 
per minute), the Genesis will be unable to complete its cleaning cycle.  

4) Now, choose the alkaline or acid water level that you want and press the water “on” button.
To turn the water off, press the water “off” button.  Do not turn the water off with your faucet 
handle or diverter valve until after you press the water “off” button.   If you do, you will see an 
error message called “check” and the icon of the wrench will blink, telling you that your 
Genesis Platinum is stil on waiting for water to ionize, but you have shut off the water that it 
needs.  So, again, be sure that you turn the water on and off with the water “on” and “off” 
button on the front of the Genesis Platinum.  Then you can turn your tap off with your faucet 


background image

GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Installation Instructions

Programming the Genesis Platinum

5) Now, test the pH of your Genesis Platinum.  Set the Genesis to alkaline 
water level four and collect about 50 ml into a glass.  Then locate the red 
bottle of pH testing drops and drop in three drops into the glass.  The 
water should turn purple, indicating a 10+ pH.
Next, set the Genesis Platinum to the number four acid level.  Collect the 
water.  Put in three drops.  The color should be orange to red, indicating a 
2 to 4 pH.

Programming the Genesis Platinum

Programming your product is not necessary since your Genesis  Platinum is already set for 
optimal performance. 

Thing(s) you may want to program are: (1) adjusting the voice volume or muting the voice 
(step 6). 

You can exit programming at any time by touching the SET  touch sensor.

1) Wait for the Genesis to go into the STANDBY  mode (LCD display gone dark).ater flow 
rate on the Genesis LCD displays reads between 2.0 and 2.5 liters/minute.


To make even stronger acid water, set the Genesis Platinum to the 

number four alkaline setting and collect the acid water runoff from the 
secondary drain hose.  This will be the stongest acid water the Genesis 
Platinum can make.


You can test the other levels of the Genesis Platinum with your 

testing drops.  Compare them to chart below.  Note: color and pH results 
will vary based on the temperature, mineral content, TDS, and hardness of 
your tap water, so expect some variation in the colors you see.  If you 
notice a big discrepency, please contact your dealer for information on 
prefilters, or reference the resource center in the Water for Life USA  
website for a “water problem and solution chart.”


Never drink the water with the pH testing drops in it!  If you 

do, contact poison control immediately.  


The Genesis Platinum automatically cleans itself.  You won't see a 

cleaning cycle until after a couple months of use, when debris and 
minerals begin to build on the plates.  This cleaning cycle will keep the 
plates relatively clean for a few months. We recommend that you clean 
your Genesis Platinum every nine months to one year with the Genesis 
Platinum cleaning cartridge, that conveniently fits into the number two 
filter slot.

LCD Backlight Option

2) Continue touching the 


touch sensor until the LCD display lights up and “OFF” 

flashes on the display. Switching this option to “ON” will keep the backlight on your Genesis 
screen constantly lit.  We recommend that you keep this option on “OFF” so that the screen 
only lights up when you press a button. 

3) Touch the Mode touch sensor ONCE.

Water Direction Option

“Pure”  will flash on the LCD display.  This option determines the direction that your alkaline 
water will flow.  We recommend that you don't change this option.

4) Touch the 


touch sensor ONCE.

Volume Control Option


background image

GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Programming the Genesis Platinum

Programming the Genesis Platinum

Programming the Genesis Platinum

The speaker icon 

will blink.  This allows you to (1) set the voice volume or (2) turn off the 

voice. Use the “+” (Pure water) touch sensor to increase the voice volume.  Use the “- “ (Clean) 
touch sensor to decrease the voice volume. To turn the voice off continue touching the “- 
“ (Clean) touch sensor. If you have turned off the voice and want to turn to back on again touch 
the “+”  ( Pure water) touch sensor and then adjust the volume level by using the “+” and “- 
“ touch sensors.

Touching the Mode touch sensor ONCE.

Ionization Strength Option

“pH” and “Purifi” will be flashing on the display. This is used to set the initial ionization 
strength of the Genesis Platinum. The weakest setting, for water rich in minerals and not hard, 
is 6.5.  The strongest setting, recommended for hard water and water lacking in minerals is 8.0.  
Adjusting this value affects all the pH and ORP levels of the Genesis Platinum.  You can fine 
tune each individual setting in step 12.  We set each Genesis Platinum to 7.0.  This is the best 
setting for most water in the US.  However, if your water is hard, lacking in minerals, or 
prestine water like in Hawaii, you may want to make an adjustment here,higher or lower.  Test 
your pH with your pH testing drops to determin how well the Genesis Platinum is performing 
with your tap water. If the ionization is too strong, turn down this setting from 7.0 to 6.5.  If the 
ionization is too weak, turn up this setting from 7.0 to 7.5 or 8.0. 

Touch the Mode touch sensor ONCE. 

Filter Change Warning Option

“CL”  will blink on the LCD display. This option allows you to adjust how many liters warning 
the Genesis gives you to change your filter.  The default is 30L, which means when your filter 
life gets down to 30L, the Genesis Platinum will tell you it's time to change that filter.  You can 
adjust this warning signal higher or lower by pushing the + or – buttons.  However, we 
recommend that you leave it as  it is.  

Touch the Mode touch sensor Once.

Preset Alkaline Level pH Adjustment Option

“Alkali” and “pH” will blink. This option allows you to increase or descrease the ionization 
strength of each of the four preset alkaline water levels.  There are 76 levels of ionization.  
Press the #1 alkaline setting and you will see a number between 0 and 18, 0 is the weakest and 
18 is the strongest for this #1 alkaline level. If you want more ionization on the #1 alkaline 
level, program the number to 18.  If you want less ionization, program a number closer to 0.  
You can do this for the other three alkaline levels as well.  The #2 alkaline setting has a range 
between 19 and 38. #3 has a range between 39 and 57. Finally, #4 has a range between 58 and 

Touch the Mode touch sensor ONCE.

Preset Alkaline Level OPR  Adjustment Option

“Alkali” and “ORP” will blink. This allows you to increase or decrease the ORP  value of the 
four alkaline preset levels, just like you adjusted the pH value for each of the four settings. The 
ORP values are already programmed into your Genesis Platinum so we recommend that you 
don't adjust this option.  

You are done! Touch the “set” touch sensor to exit product Programming.


When you make any adjustment to an option in the “mode” you must hit “set” to save 

the changes you made.  If you want to change another option in the “mode,” you must go back 
into it by pressing the “mode” button for ten seconds, then hitting the “mode” button until the 
option is displayed you want to change.  Then, after you make your changes, you must hit set 


If you adjust the overall ionization strength of the Genesis Platinum in step 8, it will 

change all of your pH and ORP  values to their default setting. So, if you want to also fine tune 
each pH and ORP value for the four alkaline settings, you must enter the “mode” again, adjust 
these values, then hit “set” to save your changes.  You cannot adjust multiple options at the 
same time.  You must reenter the “mode” each time. 

Programming the Genesis Platinum


background image

GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

List of Genesis Auto-Diagnosis Errors

Creating Super Alkaline and Acidic Water

List of Genesis Platinum Auto – Diagnosis Errors:

Your Genesis Platinum constantly monitors itself for problems.  Here is a list of error messages 
you may see and what to do about them.


The water flow from your supply hose is less than 1 liter per minute and the Genesis 

Platinum does not have enough water flow to ionize water. Please increase the water flow to 
between 2.0 and 2.5 liters per minute (as displayed on the LCD screen).  Don't 

exceed 3.5 liters 

per minute.  

If you do, you will see the same E0 message.  In this case, turn the water flow 

down.  The only other possible reason for the E0 message is too much water pressure in your 
supply water.  This is why we have included the white, square water pressure reducer. If you 
have adjusted your water flow to between 2 and 2.5 liters per minute and you are still seeing E0, 
please install the white water pressure reducer between your faucet or cold water line and the 
Genesis Platinum.  Just cut the line and insert the cut ends into the water pressure reducer.  
NOTE:  If you install the white water pressure reducer and your supply water doesn't need it, 
this will cause the E0 message.  In this case, just remove the white water pressure reducer.  
Only customers in big cities typically need to install this white water pressure reducer.  


an imitation or recycled filter has been installed, or there is some problem with the filter. 


There is a bad connection to the filter microchip, or the microchip is faulty.


There is a problem with the filter life display. 


There is problem with the filter serial number. 


The Genesis Platinum has been running for too long and needs to cool down or there is a 

problem with the supply water quality (minerals are deficient or the source water is too hard). If 
you ordered from a Water for Life USA  dealer, contact them to help with this issue.


If your water is too hard or too soft or too cold or too hot you will not be able 

to achieve these waters without pre-treatment of your source water.  See the “Source 
Water Problem and Solution” chart in the "prefilter" page under "products."

1)  Set the Genesis electrolysis to the maximum level. Go to the “Programming Your 
Genesis” video in this Genesis instructions section:

a) Change the pH of the source water to be ionized to 8.0.

b) Set the highest pH on the #4 alkaline setting.

c) Increase the ORP to its highest level

This is the highest level of electrolysis the Genesis can produce. 

2) Now, lower the water flow rate to between 1.0 and 1.2 liters per minute by 
adjusting either your faucet diverter valve or cold water line diverter valve.

3) Select the #4 alkaline setting and push the “on” button. 

4)  Collect the acid water draining from the disposal hose on the bottom of the 
Genesis.  This is the strongest acid water your Genesis can produce.  Its pH will not 
be displayed on the screen.  You can only measure its pH accurately with a pH 
meter.  Usually the pH is between 2 and 3 pH. You can use this water to kill bacteria 
and viruses and other uses.

5) To create super alkaline water, set the Genesis to the #4 acid level and collect the 
alkaline water from the disposal hose.  Usually this water is 11pH and higher.  You 
can use this water to disinfect. 

Note:  Do this at your own risk. 

Water for Life USA and EOS Tech are not 

responsible for misuse of this water.


Return the Genesis to its previous settings before drinking the water again.

Creating Super Alkaline/Super Acidic Water

EOS Tech has designed the Genesis to not produce water stronger than a 11 pH 
alkaline or 3.0 pH acid.  They did this for your safety.  Drinking either of these 
waters could be dangerous to your health.  But since there are uses for super alkaline 
water (greater than 11 pH) and super acid water (less than 3.0 ph), we thought we 
would include instructions on how to achieve them with normal (not too hard, not too 
soft, not too cold, not too hot) water. 


background image

GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Water Problems and Solutions

Water Problems and Solutions

Water Problems and Solutions

Soft Water:

Grains per Gallon = Less than 1.0
Milligrams per Liter (mg/l) or Parts per Million (ppm) = Less than 17.1

Slightly Hard Water:

Grains per Gallon = 1.0 to 3.5
Milligrams per Liter or Parts per Million = 17.1 to 60

Moderately Hard Water:

Grains per Gallon = 3.5 to 7.0

Milligrams per Liter or Parts per Million = 60 to 120

Hard Water:

Grains per Gallon = 7.0 to 10.5

Milligrams per Liter or Parts per Million = 120 to 180

Very Hard Water:

Grains per Gallon = Over 10.5

Milligrams per Liter or Parts per Million = Over 180

What type of Water do I have?  



According to the United States Geological Study 89.3% of US homes have 
hard water. The softest waters occur in parts of the New England, South 
Atlantic-Gulf, Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii regions. Moderately hard waters 
are common in many of the rivers of the Tennessee, Great Lakes, Pacific 
Northwest, and Alaska regions. 

Hard and very hard waters are found in some of the streams in most of the 
regions throughout the country. Hardest waters (greater than 1,000 mg/L) are 
in streams in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Arizona, and southern California.

Water Problems and Solutions Chart

Water in the US varies greatly.  Areas in the southern parts of the US usually have hard water 
whereas areas in the northern parts sometimes have soft water.  While the Genesis Platinum can 
correct for some variation in the source water, it cannot handle all types of water because some 
types of water simply can’t be ionized well.

You’ll know if your Genesis is achieving the correct pH levels by using the provided pH testing 
drops (red solution).  Push the alkaline water level #4 button and the water “on” button, put a 
small amount of this water into a glass, like a shot glass.  Then add two or three drops of the pH 


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GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Water Problems and Solutions

Water Problems and Solutions Chart

Water Problems and Solutions Continued

drops.  You should see a purple result, like the color of the screen, indicating an 11 pH.  Getting 
this purple result tells you that your Genesis is accurately ionizing the water and no further 
treatment of your water is necessary.

Dark blue is also acceptable, indicating a 9.0 to 9.5 pH.  Any other color requires pretreatment 
of your water.


The optimal drinking water you should consume is indicated by a dark blue result with 

the pH drops.

Also, if you live in the southern parts of the US, there is an abundance of alkaline minerals in 
the water, like calcium.  So, it is very difficult to achieve a strong acidic pH with a water 
ionizer alone.  To get a stronger acid, you will need to pre-treat your water with a reverse 
osmosis filter and a remineralizing pre-filter set for your Genesis Platinum.  The reverse 
osmosis filter removes most of the scale from the water, while the remineralizing pre-filter adds 
soluble minerals necessary for ionization.  The following is a chart to give some general 
recommendations.  Please call your dealer for more specific information.

Source Water



Acceptable hardness

(Approximately 7-12 


Water contains acceptable 
mineral content. Genesis  
will produce nearly accurate 
pH and ORP water. 

No water pre-treatment is 

Very Hard” water 

(Approximately 12-16 

Water contains excessive 
mineral content that will 
shorten Genesis filter life..

Install an Omnipure 
descaler to reduce hardness. 

Very, Very Hard” water 

(16 grains and higher)

Water contains excessive 
mineral content that will 

shorten Genesis filter life


Install RO filter to purify 
water. Install 
remineralization filter set 
into your Genesis. Or install 
the “Hard Water Buster.”

Soft” water (below 7 


Water lacks enough mineral 
content for Genesis to 
produce accurate pH and 
ORP water.

Install remineralization 
filters to precondition 
Genesis  source water.

Soft Water (from salt – 
based water softener)

Water lacks enough mineral 
content for Genesis to 
produce accurate pH and 
ORP water.

Install remineralization pre- 
filter to precondition 
Genesis  source water.

R/O Water

Water is void of minerals 
necessary to ionize water.

Install remineralization pre- 
filter set to add minerals to 
water for ionization.

High Fluoride Water

Water has high levels of 
fluoride, usually in cities.

Install fluoride prefilter.

Chloramine in Water/Heavy 
Metals in Water

Water has heavy metals, 
like arsenic, or chloramine 
in water.

Install heavy metal (KDF 
85) prefilter.

Source Water Problems and Solutions Chart:

Please study the chart to right to determine if you need pre-filters or other types 
of water treatment to help your Genesis Platinum to produce optimal water.  

Note:  All pre-filters are available on the Water for Life USA  website or your 
local dealer.

To test your water for hardness and other contaminants, we recommend 


For more information on hard water, please read: 


Also please read: 



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GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

How to Change Filters

How to Change Filters

Changing the Genesis Platinum's Filters

When to Change the Genesis Platinum's Filters:

The LCD screen displays the amount of liters filtered counting down from 4000 liters on filter 
#1 and 8000 liters on filter #2.  When the counter reaches 70 liters on either filter, it will tell 
you it's time to change that filter.   


If you do not change that filter before the counter reaches 0 the Genesis Platinum will 

stop functioning until you change it.


If your water ever smells bad or the flow rate is severely reduced, you will need to 

change the filters even though the display shows remaining filter life. This will happen in the 
case of overly contaminated or hard source water. If your supply water is really bad you’ll need 
to install prefilters, please contact your dealer if you have questions.

How to Change the Genesis Platinum Filters:

1) Turn the product off underneath (

flip the red switch


2) Open the filter cover (1


filter: left side, 2


filter: right side) and unhook the wire connected 

to the filter sensor on top of the filter.

3) Hold the top of filter and turn it to the left then pull out.

5) Insert the filter bottom side first, push in, turn to the right as marked on the top of new filter. 
Make sure that the 0 – ring is seated properly and isn’t damaged. If it isn’t seated right or is 
damaged the filter will leak.

4) Remove the stickers covering the inlet and outlet of the new filter.

6) Connect the electric wire to the filter life monitoring sensor. Close the filter cover.

7) Turn the product on again then touch the water “on” sensor. A cleaning cycle will run for 30 
seconds.   When it returns to standby mode, touch the sensor for alkaline water. Let the water 
run through the new filter for 5 liters then it is ready to drink! 


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GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

How to use Alkaline Water 

How to use Acidic Water

How to Use Alkaline Water:

Ph 8.5 (1


level alkaline water)

Use this level when you first start drinking alkaline water. Drinking this level for one to weeks 
before progressing to 9.0 Ph is a fairly easy transition for some folks.
This is also a good level for mixing with powdered milk and for those with gastro enteric issues.

Ph 9.0 (2


level alkaline water)

After drinking pH 8.5 water for one to two weeks drink the 9.0 water for one to two weeks 
before increasing to 9.5 Ph level (3).

Ph 9.5 (3


level alkaline water)

This is the level most adults choose to drink.
This is also a good level for making tea & coffee; it enhances natural flavors and shortens 
stewing time.

If you drink alcohol this level of water is good to help with hangovers. Drink 2 cups prior to 
drinking and prior to going to bed.

pH11.0 (4


level alkaline water)

High alkalinity water has a detergent – like effect and is able to dissolve and draw out oil – 
based substances (pesticides are often oil – based and not removed with standard water) pH 
11.0 high alkalinity water more effectively emulsifies oil, cleans oily or greasy items strips oil – 
based pesticides off produce and infuses vegetables with negative ions that retard their 

Some specific uses include:

Clean cutting boards, knives and dishes.
Sterilize (soak) vegetables, beef, pork and fresh fish. Also help to bring out natural flavors and 
reduce acid.

Great for making soups.  Infuse vegetables with a high supply of antioxidants.

First rinse rick in pH 8.5 alkaline water and then cook that rice in pH 11.0 water to quicken 
cooking time reduce damage to the rice and maintain it natural flavor.

How to use Acidic Water:

Ph 6.0 (1


level acidic water)

Good for gargling and brushing your teeth.
Use this level water when making the batter for fried foods to make then crunchier.
Also good for boiling noodles.

Has excellent cleansing and astringent qualities – tightens pores like a toner. Sprits’ your face 
& neck, it’s wonderful for tightening the skin & kills bacteria, clears up acne and reduces the 
appearance of age spots!

Ideal for bathing sensitive skin & infants.

Ph 5.0 (2


level acidic water)

Beauty Water
Use this pH level when you take a bath or wash your face.
Also good for washing an infant.
Restores shine to hair / lends silky softness to skin.
Relieves sunburn.
Relieves skin problems such as psoriasis, rashes, eczema and dryness.

Ph 4.0 (3


level acidic water)

Good for removing sediment in a teapot or a tea cup.
Use this pH in your humidifier.

Ph 3.0 (4


level acidic water)

Strong acidic water has excellent disinfecting power that can prevent food poisoning. 


water kills viruses such as staph, strep, Candida, athlete’s food, fungus, e- coli, salmonella and 
a host of pathogen in as little as 30 seconds. Common uses include:
Disinfect knives cutting boards and counter top (soak for 20-30 minutes).
Sanitize dish rags and sponges (soak for 20-30 minutes).
Wash Dishes.
Sanitize your tooth brush (soak for 20-30 minutes).
Soak burns, eczema, psoriasis or other skin sores.
Clean cuts, bruises and scrapes.


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GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

How to drink alkaline water from the Genesis Platinum

Genesis Platinum Troubleshooting

Reduce inflammation and redness.
Soak vegetables and fruits to remove impurities.
Soak fish to remove impurities.
Clean your house without using toxic chemicals.
Filtered Only Water (Pure)
Use this level when taking medication 
The pH level of filtered only water is the pH level of your tap water and can change according 
to temperature, source water quality and water pressure of your supply water.


Use to supply water for fish bowls, fish tanks.

How to drink alkaline water from the Genesis Platinum:

When an adult starts drinking alkaline water he or she should always start off drinking the 8.5, 


step alkaline water. Start by drinking 2 to 3 glasses a day for 1 week then drink 3 to 4 

glasses a day of the 2


level alkaline water (9.0 PH) for the second week. Typically most adults 

stay on the number 2 alkaline water level for a while, remember, everyone is different. Some 
drink the number 3 level (9.5 PH). This is just advice and should not replace the instructions of 
a doctor.

Do not drink the number 4 alkaline water level (11.0 pH). Only use it for cooking.
Use filtered only water 


when taking medications not ionized water, assome 

medications are manufactured with alkalinity and may interact with such medications
When you first start drinking alkaline water it's advisable for you to consult a doctor. 

If you experience discomfort or problems beyond normal detoxification symptoms you should 
stop drinking alkaline water and consult a doctor


If you have kidney problems such as renal failure or a potassium evacuation disorder you 
should not drink alkaline water.

You should check the pH level of the Genesis Platinum by using the provided drops once a 

It’s best to drink alkaline water as soon as it’s made but if you want to preserve it:
Put it in an 

airtight glass 


polycarbonate bottle (never plastic)

, Store in the refrigerator.

The water will maintain it’s alkaline for approximately 3 days.

If the container is not airtight the water will return to neutral pH in about 12 hours.

If you have Achlorhydria please consult a doctor before drinking alkaline water.

Normal detoxification symptoms include minor diarrhea, bloated feeling, body aching, 
increased body odor and pimples. If the symptoms are too mush decrease the pH level or the 
amount of water consumed. If symptoms don’t improve consult a doctor.

Do not drink level 4 alkaline as it is too strong of PH.

Do not drink acidic water.

Genesis Platinum Troubleshooting:

One of the most common questions we get is: “How come my Genesis 
Platinum never cleans itself?

Actually, it does, but in a much more sophisticated way than customers 
are used to.  Most water ionizers run cleaning cycles once or twice a 
week based on an internal timer.  The Genesis Platinum actually senses 
the contamination of the plates and won't run a cleaning cycle until it is 

That is why many customers don't see a cleaning cycle until a couple 
months into ownership.  

It is also a good idea to clean your Genesis Platinum plates with our 
internal cleaning filter at least once a year, available at 


See the chart on the next page for answers to other common 
troubleshooting questions.  


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GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Trouble shooting problems and solutions

Product Specifications

Product Specifications




My water tastes 

Filter is at the end of its life. 
Or, there's something in your 
tap water that requires 
additional filtration (like 

Change the filter.  If taste persists, 
get a water test done.

Water isn't coming 
out of my unit or 
the water flow is 

The supply hose may be bent. 
The water diverter valve may 
need to be opened more.  The 
water “on” button may need 
to be pressed, or water 
pressure is too weak.

Check all hoses.  Check your 

water diverter valve to make sure 
flow is strong.  Make sure you 
have pressed the “on” button.  
Check your home water pressure.

I've tested the pH 

of the Genesis 
Platinum water and 
it doesn't test right.

Tap water mineral content is 
too low or water is hard. 
Water flow through Genesis 
Platinum is too high.   
“Mode” settings may be too 
low for your water.

Check to see if your tap water has 

a good supply of minerals, flow 
rate is between 2 and 2.5 liters per 
minute, and adust your mode 
settings  higher or lower 

My Genesis 

Platinum shuts 
down while I'm still 
using it.

The Genesis Platinum is 
overheating.  The Genesis has 
been running for more than 
five minutes continuously.  
The water pressure on the 
Genesis may be too strong.

Let the Genesis Platinum rest for a 
few minutes.  Check to make sure 
your water flow rate is between 2 
and 2.5 liters per minute.

There is a water 
leak from my 
Genesis Platinum.

One of the filters is 

improperly seated or the “O” 
ring is missing. There is 
something wrong with the 
Genesis Platinum internally.

Check both the #1 and #2 filter for 
proper installation.  If the leak is 
coming from under the unit near 
the electrical, unplug immediately 
and call your dealer.

There is a white 
substance left over 
on the bottom of 
my glass!

It's just minerals from your 
tap water because water 
ionization reduces water and 
concentrates the minerals.

Drink it! The minerals aren't 
harmful.  Clean the glass with soap.

My Genesis 
Platinum will only 
dispense “pure” 

The water flow rate may be 
greater than 3.5 liters per 
minute or less than 1 liter per 

Adjust the water flow to between 2 
and 2.5 liters per minute




Genesis Platinum


AC 100V-120V or AC 220V-240V / 50-60Hz 


Direct connection to tap water 



13 x 13 x 7 inches


Approx. 9 pds



Continuous Electrolysis


1.1 ~3.5ℓ/min



Alkaline water : 4 step / Acid water : 4 step



Automatic cleaning (cleaning time: approx. 30 seconds) 


7 Plates Platinum/Titanium  


Cartridge type (pair type) 

Filter lifetime

First-phase filter: 4,000ℓ, Second-phase filter: 8,000ℓ


Letter indication on LCD 

Filter materials

Three-layered sediment filter, granular activated carbon,

silver-containing  activated  carbon,  sulfurous  acid 


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GENESIS Platinum

GENESIS Platinum

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Product Warranty

The Genesis Platinum warranty is five years parts, labor, and shipping.

If there are any problems with the Genesis Platinum, contact your dealer.

Water for Life USA  will repair or replace your Genesis Platinum in the case 
of malfunction.

The customer will pay for repair costs and shipping if the malfunction of the 
Genesis Platinum is caused by any of the following:

a) Improper use or carelessness
b) Repairs or modifications made by an unauthorized agent.
c) Natural disasters such as fire, hurricane, tornando, or natural elements such 
as excessively salty air, too much heat, too much humidity, or exposure to 
direct sunlight.

The customer will pay for repairs and shipping if the malfunction occurs 
beyond the warranty period.





Agent you 



Product Warranty