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GGMM V-Linker Setup Manual

Made by: GGMM
Type: Setup Guide
Category: Media Player
Pages: 5
Size: 0.66 MB


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GGMM V-Linker 

Setup Guide 















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Product list   

V-Linker + HDMI extension cord + Wi-Fi / power line + Setup Guide + Warranty Card 



Adapter system


iOS5.0 and above, Mac OS 10.7 and above, Android 4.0 and above, Windows XP / Vista / 

7 / 8 / Phone 

Prompt:please download EZCast software on your device and upgrade it (if 

necessary).An Upgrade prompt will appear on the screen if V-Linker firmware is upgrading. 

Don't power off during the process of upgrading.The interface and operations may be 

slightly different from the setup guide after upgrading the software and firmware. 


Method of usage



Step 1: Connect V-Linker with HDMI display device (such as TV) and select the correct 

input source. 


Step 2: Download EZcast software based on your device. 






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Step 3: Connect smart phone, tablet PC or PC with V-Linker. 

For Android users: open EZCast and connect V-Linker through Wi-Fi. 


For iOS users: connect to V-Linker Wi-Fi, GGMM-***** from 






then open EZCast software. 


For Windows and Mac users: connect Wi-Fi of V-Linker first and then run EZCast 




Step 4: Connect V-Linker to the internet. 

Open EZCast on your device, enter 





, and then connect V-Linker 

with your Wi-Fi router. 


Prompt: Don't block the Wi-Fi module. Please set the V-Linker in a place with good Wi-Fi 

signal since a weak signal may result in unstable connection. 


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Step 5: User can now select the feature they would like to use(please see feature 

example below) 


EZCast mode:


You can share the photos, music, videos, files, webpages and live camera feed on a TV 

screen, projection panel and display screen. You can edit photos and files with “brush” 



Note:If you use iPhone and iPad, please use iTunes to synchronize with local videos or 

documents first. 


DLNA mode:


You can share the local and online audio and video in the device to TV screen. In this 

mode, several other applications can be run on V-Linker at the same time. Click DLNA 

icon and EZCast will detect the downloaded software that supports DLNA mode and 

display operation guide on TV screen. 


Note: Software that supports DLNA should be installed before using DLNA mode. Click “?” 

to check the list of DLNA software. 









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EZMirror mode: 

(for Android only)   

In this mode, the screen image of mobile phone or tablet PC can be mirrored to TV screen. 

Click EZMirror icon and EZCast will display the operation guide on TV screen. 




The device version should be Android 4.2 or above and support Miracast.   


Click“?” to check the support list. 


The operation modes of Miracast on different devices may vary.





No. Problems 


TV is unable to display the main 


Please check if the power line is connected 


Failure to play online   

Please check if this product is connected with 

your WiFi router correctly 

Usage of DLNA functions   

Please check if your video player supports 

DLNA function   

EZmirror function does not work

1. Please check if your mobile phone system 

version is Android4.2 or    higher 

2. Please check if your mobile phone supports 

Miracast function or not. Currently, the 

supported  mobile phones include:  

NEXUS4 / Lenovo K830 / Galaxy S4 / OPPO   

Find5 / HTC New One / MI series / Acer / 

ZTE Z5 mini / Sony Series / Lenovo K900, 


Serious transmission delay 

Please check if your network is smooth