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GF Health Products GF1965-1 Assembly & Operation Instructions


Made by: GF Health Products
Type: Assembly & Operation Instructions
Category: Fitness Equipment
Pages: 2
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GF1965-1 / GF1965-1KD: PeDal Floor exerciser
asseMBlY & oPeraTioN iNsTrUcTioNs

Please saVe THese iNsTrUcTioNs For FUTUre Use



  WARNING: Important! Read and understand these instructions before assembling or 

using the GF1965-1 / GF1965-1KD Pedal Floor Exerciser. If you do not understand any 
part of these instructions, contact a healthcare professional for direction in the use 
of this product. If the Pedal Floor Exerciser is not properly assembled and adjusted, 
personal injury and/or damage to the Pedal Floor Exerciser could result.

  WARNING: This product has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lb, EVENLY DISTRIBUTED.
  WARNING: If components are damaged or missing, contact your dealer immediately. DO 

NOT use substitute parts. Use only Lumex replacement parts. Non-Lumex replacement 
parts could cause personal injury and/or damage to the Pedal Floor Exerciser.

  WARNING: GF Health Products, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any damage or 

injury caused by improper assembly or use of this product.

Info: GF1965-1 comes fully assembled, as 
shown at right.

Assembly instructions for GF1965-1KD 



(refer to picture at right)

1.  Slide one end of pedal assembly into the leg 

brace as shown at right.

2.  Slide the other end of pedal assembly into the 

other leg brace, aligning all bolt holes.

3.  Insert hex bolts through pedal assembly and 

leg braces.

Info: Ensure hex bolt heads are trapped in 
leg brace hex holes.

4.  Install washers and wing nuts on ends of hex 


5.  Install tension knob on top of pedal assembly 

as shown at right. Tighten.


Pedal Floor Exerciser



tension knob


Pedal Floor Exerciser

pedal assembly

leg brace

hex bolt

leg brace hex hole

wing nut


tension knob


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GF Health Products, Inc. is not responsible for typographical errors.




 are registered trademarks of GF Health Products, Inc.

Operation instructions

To operate the Pedal Floor Exerciser, place both 
feet on pedals inside stirrups. To adjust tension, 
turn the tension knob clockwise for more tension, 
and counterclockwise for less tension.


Cleaning: gently wipe the Pedal Floor Exerciser 
with a soft, clean, damp cloth. To wash more 
thoroughly: clean with mild soap and water and 
dry with a soft, clean cloth.

  WARNING: Check bolts weekly; 

tighten if loose.

Limited Warranty

GF Health Products, Inc. warrants the GF1965-1 / GF1965-1KD Pedal Floor Exerciser against manufacturer's 
defects for 90 days. During the warranty period, defective items will be repaired or replaced at GF Health 
Products, Inc. option. Warranty does not include any labor charges incurred in replacement part(s) 
installation or any associated freight or shipping charges to GF Health Products, Inc.
The warranties contained herein contain all the representations and warranties with respect to the subject 
matter of this document, and supersede all prior negotiations, agreements and understandings with respect 
thereto. The recipient of this document hereby acknowledges and represents that it has not relied on any 
representation, assertion, guarantee, warranty, collateral contract or other assurance, except those set out 
in this document.


Pedal Floor Exerciser