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GERATHERM Baby ColorChoice Pink Instructions For Use Manual

Baby ColorChoice Blue

Type: Instructions For Use
Category: Baby Accessories
Pages: 3
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 Baby ColorChoice









Instructions for Use: 
1.  How to Switch between °F and °C 


a)  Press the On/Off button 2 times, one right after another. 


b)  Hold the second press down for more than 1.5 seconds. 


c)  Symbol  °F  or  °C  appears, with beep, on the display window. 


2. How to Operate 


a)  Press down the On/Off button to start the thermometer.  Then, a full display                



  ) ensures that the LCD window is in good function.   


b)  The next appearance  ok  signals normal operation after internal safe testing.  

Otherwise,  Err  or  ---  alerts its malfunction. 

c)  Then, the ambient temperature or  Lo


  ( Lo


 ) displays on window with °F or °C 

blinking.  The thermometer is now ready for a temperature taking.  If there is no 
temperature taking in the coming 3 minutes, the thermometer will be 
automatically shut-off. 

d)  Put the probe head under the tongue, under the arm or in the rectum; according 

to the methods provided (see 5. Methods of Use). 

e)  When the thermometer completes its temperature taking, °F or °C stops blinking 

and the measured temperature displays on the LCD window with on series of 

f)  The thermometer prolongs its process of temperature taking in the next 1 minute.  

After that, the measured temperature is fixed and shown on LCD window until 
auto shut-off in 9 minutes. 

g)  When the measured temperature is above or below the measuring range, the 

LCD window displays  Hi


  ( Hi


 ) or  Lo


  ( Lo




3.  How to Recall the Last Temperature 


a)  Keep pressing the On/Off button down approximately 1.5 seconds.  The last 

temperature will be recalled on the LCD window with “M” flag appeared at the 
right-bottom corner.  For example, 98.6


( 37.0







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4.  Automatic Nigh Light Display 


a)  The night light is activated automatically every time the On/Off button is pressed 

and will turn off when the thermometer is ready for measuring.  When 
measurement is completed, press and hold down the On/Off button to re-activate 
the night light.  This will allow for operation in low ambient light conditions when 
the thermometer is turned on for use or when recalling the last measured 

5.  Methods of Use 


a) Axillary Measurement (approximately 15 - 25 seconds) 

Dry the armpit with a towel.  Place the probe head under the armpit.   Close the 
arm firmly. 

b)  Oral Measurement (approximately 10 - 20 seconds) 

Place the probe head under the tongue.  Assure a fixed and good contact.  Close 
the mouth and breathe normally.   


c)  Rectal Measurement (approximately 10 - 15 seconds) 

Lubricate the probe head with Vaseline for an easier insertion.  Then, softly 
enforce the probe head into the rectum approximately 2 to 3 cm in depth.  Stop if 
you meet any resistance. 

6.  How to Replace the Battery 


When the battery flag        appears and blinks, it means time to replace the battery.  
In this case, 
a)  Turn the thermometer over, with the label side facing to the user.  Pull out the 

cover as the following illustration. 

b)  Remove the used battery by any pointed object but not sharp metal. 


c)  Withdraw the battery. 


d)  Replace with a new button battery 1.5 V, with the Cathode side (-) upward. 


e)  Close the cover securely. 



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7.  How to Clean and Disinfect 


a)  For household use, always clean and disinfect the probe head before and after 

each use. 

b)  Mild soapy water is recommended. 


c)  Do not boil or clean and disinfect in washing machine. 


8. Cautions 


a)  Prolonged high fever requires medical attention especially for children.  Please 

contact your physician. 

b)  Child’s temperature shall be taken under adult supervision. 


c)  Do not boil, bite, bend, drop or disassemble this thermometer. 


d)  Do not dispose this thermometer and its battery into fire.  Please recycle the 

used battery. 

e)  Avoid taking temperature 30 minutes after physical exercises, bathing or dining. 


f)  Always keep this thermometer away from direct sunlight, moisture, extreme 

temperature and dirt while in use, storage or transporting. 

g)  When the ambient temperature is greater than 95°F or 35°C, immerse the probe 

head into cold water for around 5 - 10 seconds before normal temperature taking.