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1 : Viewfinder/lens
2 : Universal attachment 
3 : Attaching screw
4 : Nut 
5 : Handlebar attachment
6 : Helmet attachment 
7 : Waterproofing O-ring 
8 : USB Cable 
9 : Audio-Video Cable
10 : Self adhesive rubber
11 : Velcro pad
12 : Short velcro pad
13 : Long velcro pad
14 : Silicon helmet clamping strip
15 : Nut   
16 : Silicon grease pot for O-ring
17 : LCD screen
18 : ON/OFF and ENTER button
19 : Start/stop video button
20 : Menu button
21 : Microphone
22 : USB Connector
23 : Audio/video connector
24 : SD Cable
25 : SD Card (not supplied)
26 : Battery cover
27 : Batteries

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Congratulations on buying the X-Snipe 300 sport video camera. This product will be your

companion in your leisure activities, your sports activities or, simply, your everyday life.

Resistant, waterproof, practical, you will be delighted by its versatility and its many useful



DECATHLON guarantees the initial purchaser that this camera is free from defects of materials or
manufacture for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Please keep your receipt as proof
of purchase.

• The guarantee does not cover damage caused by misuse, a failure to observe the precautions for

use or accidents, or incorrect maintenance or commercial use of the apparatus.

• This warranty does not cover damage resulting from repairs carried out by persons not authorised


• The guarantees contained herein explicitly override all other guarantees including the standard

guarantee of merchantability and/or suitability for use.  DECATHLON may not in any circumstances
be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, whether general or specific, caused by or in connection
with these instructions for use or the products which they describe.

• During the warranty period, the item will either be repaired free of charge by an authorized repair

service or replaced free of charge (depending on the distributor).

• The warranty does not cover batteries or cracked or broken casings where signs of a blow

are evident.


This sport video camera has been designed to register on an SD card pictures of your sporting
activities. Through use of the many fastening systems, particularly on a helmet or bicycle handlebars,
it enables the taking of original photographs while leaving the hands free for practising sport.


Precautions for use :

Waterproof design:This product is resistant to water splashes. It does not, however, respond well
to cleaning in open sea or deliberate subjection to underwater conditions. It is NOT, for example,
designed for underwater photography.

• Handle the product with care - do not drop it or subject it to strong impacts.

• For improved safety, avoid turning the knobs while in action. Failure to concentrate could

be dangerous.

• Do not take the product apart. This would void the warranty and could cause damage and loss

of waterproofing.


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• Read the instructions carefully before use.Keep the instructions for the entire life of the product.
• Do not subject the camera to extreme temperatures.
• Only use a soft, damp cloth or an aerosol spray to clean the product. Do not use detergents, as

they could damage the materials. Do not rub the lens with instruments which might cause

• Do not forget to switch off the apparatus before taking out the batteries and SD card. The data you

have recorded could be damaged.

• Take out the batteries and the card before leaving the apparatus unused for a long period.
• Use in a cold atmosphere will require the use of batteries which can stand up well to low 

temperatures Use where possible lithium or NiMH rechargeable batteries, as alkaline batteries
and especially saline batteries function very badly in low temperatures.

Limited liability:

• Geonaute accepts no liability for accidents and injuries caused by the handling or use of the 

camera in high risk sports. In particular, Geonaute wishes to warn the user of possible defocusing
as the result of inappropriate detachment or handling in dangerous conditions.

• The user is warned that he bears full legal responsibility for photographs taken with the  X-Snipe

300 and their distribution and publication.


Battery installation

1 Unscrew the cover at the back of the camera

2 Open the battery cover by sliding it to one side
3 Insert 2 AA-LR6 1,5V alkaline batteries or Ni-MH AA-LR6 1,2 V rechargeable batteries 

according to the polarity shown on the diagram and the battery cover

4 Replace the battery cover and firmly close the rear plastic cover

N.B.  Change your video sequences in the PC before proceeding to replace the batteries.
Otherwise you risk losing the data.

When the batteries are nearly empty, the “battery” sign will appear on the LCD screen. It is then time
to download the videos on the PC and to replace the battery.

Note : Replace both batteries at the same time, do not mix old batteries with new ones.
Do not mix alkaline batteries with rechargeable batteries. The USB cable cannot charge 
rechargeable battteries inside the camera. They must be separately recharged by an external 


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The “crossed-out bin” symbol indicates that this product and the batteries it contains 
cannot be disposed of with household waste. They are subject to a specific type of 
sorting. Take the batteries and your unusable electronic product to an authorised 
collection area for recycling. This treatment of your electronic waste will protect the 
environment and your health.


Setting up the camera

The camera can be assembled in different ways using the various combinations of straps and 
velcro provided in the pack. We would suggest the following setting up procedures.

- First, fix the camera position in its –support, by screwing or unscrewing
the integrated fixing bolt:

Assembly on the headset using the silicon band :
1 Stick the rubber pad to the headset stand.
2 Pass the velcro band acrros the headset stand.
3 Assemble the headset stand on the headset, pressing the rubber firmly.
4 Slip the camera onto the headset stand.
5 Readjust the direction of the filming  and then refasten the lock nut (as shown in diagram I).

Assembly on the headset using the Velcro band : 
1 Stick the rubber pad to the headset stand.
2 Pass the velcro band across the headset stand.
3 Assemble the headset stand on the headset by passing the velcro through the ventilation holes of the


4 Slide the camera onto the headset stand.
5 Readjust the direction of the viewfinder and then refasten the lock nut (as shown in diagram I).

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Assembly on the bicycle using the handlebar support: 
1 Place the bicycle support on the handlebar after sticking the adhesive rubber band to the inside of its


2 Fix the support with the aid of the screw and the fastening bolt
3 Slide the camera onto the bicycle support and fasten it with the nut bolt
4 Position the bicycle support to give it the correct slant, then fix that position by tightening the screw and

the nut

5 Readjust the angle of the viewfinder by turning the support and the camera around the axis of the 

handlebar and then refasten the lock nut (as shown in diagram I)

Optimise the watertightness of the X-Snipe 300. 

Although the X-snipe is splash resistant, it is not advisable to expose it to water. On the other hand,
it is necessary to carry out punctilious preparation in order to optimise its watertightness
1 Unscrew the rear cover.
2 Apply silicone grease to the seal and the screw thread of the rear cover. 

Apply gently with the finger as uniformly as possible

3 Add an additional seal for double protection and reapply to this second

joint some silicone grease as at stage 2.

4 Refasten the rear cover carefully but firmly. This stage is crucial. Water

will trickle in if this is not correctly refastened.

Use of the camera


After inserting the batteries, the camera is ready to function. Now press on the "go/stop" button for

2 seconds until you hear a double bleep. The LCD screen will light up.
To switch off the camera after use, repeat the same operation :
Keep the "go/stop" button pressed down for 2 seconds.
The LCD screen will switch off.
Note : if the camera is connected to the PC, you will have to disconnect it 
from the PC to turn it off.

Insert/remove the SD memory card

N.B: Make sure that the X-Snipe is switched off before carrying out this operation.
You could damage the card and the data. Do not touch the connectors of the SD card.
You can use on the X-Snipe 300 SD format memory cards with a capacity varying from 8MB to 2

Insert the card: 
1 Switch off the X-Snipe 300
2 Unscrew the plastic lid
3 Insert the SD card in the direction shown in the positioning lug
4 Screw the plastic cap on again and then light up the camera                    


2-10732 - X Snipe - FR-ENp4-21:Notice - 10732 X Snipe  25/07/07  14:43  Page 16


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5 The available film time left on the SD card will then appear. If the Error symbol is shown, switch

off the camera, remove the SD card and check that the card is not code protected and that it is in
good condition. 

Remove the card:
1 Switch off the X-Snipe 300
2 Unscrew the plastic cap
3 Press on the SD card until it clicks, then remove the card

Remove it carefully from its casing. 

4 Replace the plastic cap.


NB: As with any video camera, the stability of the cameraman is a key feature in the success of the
film. Be careful not to move too much, not to move too quickly, not to film objects which are too
close or too far away, or to change too quickly from distance to close focus.
The focus distance is from 1.5 metres to infinity.

1 focus precisely on the subject to be filmed.

2 Press on the video shutter release to begin recording (1 beep); the time which has elapsed for that

sequence  will be shown on the LCD screen.

3 Press again on the video filming button (2 beeps). The length of the sequence filmed in this way

will be shown for 3 seconds on the screen. After this the time of filming remaining on the DS card
will be shown as a permanent feature.

Viewing the pictures taken. 

You can see the pictures taken with the X-Snipe 300 using a PC or a TV which has a video facility.

Connecting to a PC :
This camera needs the following minimum system to operate : 
Pentium III 800Mhz or more - Windows XP or Windows 2000 - 128 MB RAM - 800 MB of free hard
drive - A minimum resolution SVGA (800*600) - a 16 bits sound interface 

1 Switch on the sportscam X-snipe 300
2 Connect the camera to the PC using the USB cable delivered with

the Pack

3 The symbol "PC" appears on the LCD screen of the X-Snipe 300
4 The X-Snipe 300 creates a detachable disk like any other USB

key in the “work station”. If you are connecting the X-Snipe to
a PC for the first time, the USB pilot will install itself 
automatically. Respond positively to messages inviting 

2-10732 - X Snipe - FR-ENp4-21:Notice - 10732 X Snipe  25/07/07  14:43  Page 17


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5 Format video files. AVI are included in the attached directory: You may immediately copy them into

the hard disk directory of your choice before removing them to free up space on your card

Connection to a television:

1 Connect the X-snipe 300 to your television using the Video cable 

and paying attention to the colour of the pictures.

2 The symbol "AU" appears on the LCD screen of the X-Snipe 300 

and the television mode will be automatically activated.

3 The function keys then appear on the television screen :

Pause, Stop, go 

back, read, fast 

forward, delete.

4 To use those commands: Press on the «MENU» button of the camera in order to select one or

other of the functions, then press «ENTER» in order to validate the function selected.

5 To delete a video, use the «delete» function and then confirm by pressing on the ENTER button

Navigating the menus

1 Enter the Menu mode by holding down the “menu” button for 2 seconds – (confirmation by 1 Beep)
2 Navigate through the various modes by pressing the "MENU" button repeatedy.

The screen will register each mode as you change the menu

3 Press on ENTER to confirm your choice
4 To leave the Menu, press several times on the "menu" button until the symbols stop flashing
5 The different symbols are shown in the table below :





High resolution VGA (640*480)


Medium resolution (320*240)


Low resolution (160*120)


Sound recording

Control for sound recording or no recording.

Delete the last recording


Delete all recordings


Time and date

Adjusting time and date

30 pictures/ second Mode

Fluid pictures, but large amount 

of storage

15 pictures/ second Mode

Pictures more broken up, but smaller

amount of storage

Low battery sign


SD card

A card is in the camera

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Explanation of each mode

The camera allows for filming in3 different resolutions : 
640*480 pixels (VGA)
320*240 pixels
160*120 pixels

The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality or the bigger the picture, the more storage
space it has.
The maximum length of recording therefore depends on the resolution chosen.
The folowing table shows the approximate recording times on different SD card capacities.

Number of pictures per second.
The camera enables filming in 2 different fluid qualities:
When the resolution image flashes, press on the video to select one of the options: 

30 pictures/

seconds or 

15 pictures / seconds.

A sample of 30 pictures per second produced by videos of cinema fluidity (25 i/S) whereas a 
sampling of 15 pictures /second makes it possible to record longer videos but in which the quality
and fluidity of the pictures will be of lower quality

Sound recording
When the «sound» icon is flashing, the «ON» option will be shown on the LCD screen. This means
that the background noise will be recorded during the filming.
Press on the recording button to change the adjustment to «OFF» and thus cut off the sound 
Confirm the setting chosen by pressing on ENTER (the validation is confirmed by a double beep.)

N.B. the X-Snipe 300 microphone has splash protection. It is intended for recording 

background noise and not a directional sound (voice). The sound volume, because of the 
waterproofing of the product, will be too weak to record a conversation.


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Deleting videos
You have the option of deleting the videos made direct from the camera. To delete the last video
made, press on the MENU button as many times as necessary to turn on the icon 

. Confirm by

pressing on ENTER.
Repeat those operations to delete several videos.

To delete all videos at once, press on the MENU button as many times as is required to obtain the

. Confirm by pressing on ENTER

Note: It could take several minutes to delete all the videos if there has been a lot of recording.

Adjusting the time and date
Press on the MENU button as many times as required to obtain the DATE icon 

. When this flashes,

press on ENTER in order to change the date and time.

Adjusting the year: 
Keep pressing on the Video start button to adjust the final figure of the year
Press on ENTER to validate
Afterwards keep pressing on the Video start button to adjust the third figure of the year.
Press on ENTER to validate the year.

Adjusting the month: 
The symbol M is shown
Keep pressing on the video start button to adjust the month.
Press on ENTER to validate

Repeat the same process to adjust the hour and minutes.


This camera complies with section 15 of the FCC Regulation.
Its operation is subject to the two following conditions :

1 This camera has no risk of producing harmful interference.
2 This camera must accept all interference which occurs, including those which risk producing an

undesirable functioning.

This equipment has been tested and certified as complying with the limits of Class B numerical 
apparatus, under the provisions of Section 15 of the FCC. Those limitations are imposed to ensure
reasonable protection against intrusive interference within a residential installation. This equipment
generates, uses and emits radio energy frequencies and, if it has not been installed in accordance
with the instructions, could provoke harmful interference to radio communications. However, there
is no guarantee that it will produce no interference in any particular installation. If this equipment 
provokes intrusive interference with radio or television reception, interference which can be 
ascertained by the camera off and then switching it on again, it is recommended that the user take
one of the following measures to remedy such interferences:
- Reorientate or move the reception antenna.
- Increase the distance between the apparatus and the receiver.
- Link the equipment to a power supply on a circuit other than the one to which the receiver is 


- Seek advice from the vendor or from a radio/television technician.


2-10732 - X Snipe - FR-ENp4-21:Notice - 10732 X Snipe  25/07/07  14:43  Page 20


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N.B. Any change or modification which has not been expressly authorised by Décathlon is 

liable to delete the authorisation granted to the user for the use of the equipment.


So that we continue to develop improved products which meet your needs, we are pleased to hear
your feedback with regard to the quality, functionality and usage of our products. 

• In France, you can contact the customer relations centre on: 

0810 080808 (price of a local call)

• For other countries, you can leave a message on the appropriate section of our website at 


We will reply as soon as possible.


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