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Epson PictureMate 238 Brochure

Made by: Epson
Type: Brochure
Category: Printer
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Here’s a great idea to entertain the girls at a slumber party. Shoot photos of the guests and then use your PictureMate


to print them out and apply to a choice of fun bookmark designs. The girls can decorate with ribbons and other
embellishments. Have a contest for the most creative and give a prize to the winner. Download templates FREE here 
at EpsonCreativeZone.com. You can also add photos digitally before you print. Either way, you’ll have a fun, 
personalized bookmark that might even encourage more reading!

Materials Suggested:

(Not all are required) For printing:

Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte (letter) or Epson Premium

Presentation Paper Double-sided (letter), Epson Presentation Paper Matte (letter) or Epson Bright White Paper, an Epson


Personal Photo Lab, and an Epson Stylus Photo Printer.

Slumber Party -Themed Bookmarks:

These slumber party-themed bookmark designs can be used as a craft activity at a slumber party or to feature favorite
slumber party photos after the event. 

Step 1:

Take pictures during your slumber party and print 2"x3" wallet sized photos from your PictureMate


Personal Photo Lab.

Step 2:

Click on the bookmark file to open as a .jpg, or import into your preferred layout or photo editing

program. The bookmark document was created to fit 5 bookmarks on one 8




"x11" sheet of paper.

Step 3:

Personalize each bookmark by typing a personal message, names, dates, etc. on each individual

bookmark. Use the project photo as a guide.

Step 4:

Your personalizing is complete! Print the page. Remember to choose the correct paper size and

paper type setting in your printer driver.

Step 5:

Trim each bookmark along the white line. Using your favorite adhesive, adhere your 2"x3"



wallet sized photos to your pre-printed bookmark and embellish with ribbon if desired. 

Now you have a fun craft gift for your party guests!

average per project

Try this fun project as a photo craft activity 
for all the guests at a slumber party. 

Project #238

Slumber Party  

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