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Cobra Connex ICD31 User Manual

Made by: Cobra
Type: User Manual
Category: Car Alarm
Pages: 16
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Cobra Connex ICD31

Cobra Connex ICD31

User Manual

Cycle & Carriage Bintang


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Cobra Connex ICD31


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Cobra Connex ICD31

Cobra Connex is a sophisticated vehicle tracking system with a 24 hour 

Secure Operating Centre (SOC) theft monitoring and stolen vehicle 

recovery service.

Should your car be stolen, the SOC will instantly be able to pinpoint the 

exact location of your car using the latest GPS and GSM technology. 

Police liaison is conducted nationally and in Sabah and Sarawak by 

the SOC.

Once  located,  the  police  will  know  the  speed  at  which  your  car  is 

travelling,  the  road  it’s  on  and  even  the  direction  of  travel  -  vital 

information to help them track and recover your car without engaging 

in a potentially dangerous high-speed pursuit. 

In short, Cobra Connex gives you the best chance of ensuring your 

Mercedes remains your Mercedes.


To reduce the possibility of the car being broken into or stolen, the 

following precautions should always be taken when leaving the car 



Close all windows. The smallest gap could present an opportunity  

  to a thief. Take all valuables with you, or lock them in the glove box 

  or boot compartment. 

•  Never leave the driver card in the car, refer to information under   

  the heading  “Driver card” on page 4.

•  If towing, transporting or servicing the car, refer to information under 

  the heading “Transportation and service procedures” on page 5.

•  Ensure all doors and boot compartment are locked and the anti-theft 

  alarm system is armed.

•  Always park in an area where there is GSM network coverage - you 

  can verify this with your mobile phone.  

•  At night, park in a well illuminated area.



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Cobra Connex ICD31

2 driver cards are supplied with the system. 

The driver card should always be carried separately from the car keys 

e.g. in your pocket, wallet or purse.

Cobra Connex recognises you as the authorised driver by detecting 

your unique driver card when you are within approximately 1 - 5 meters 

from your car. The ADR LED will blink when the driver card is out of 

range and goes off when the driver card is detected. 

If your vehicle is driven without the driver card, vehicle tracking and 

recovery procedure is started automatically. You will receive a theft 

alert on your mobile phone followed by a call from the SOC – and if 

theft is confirmed, the SOC will initiate stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) 

procedure  on  your  car  i.e.  liaising  with  the  police  and  continuously 

updating it’s location for them to recover and return your car to you as 

quickly as possible.

Driver card 

The driver card has to be switched on for it to work. To switch on, briefly 

press the button on the driver card until the LED starts to blink.

To switch the driver card off to conserve the battery – for example if it 

is to be stored and not used, press and hold the driver card button for 

around 8 seconds until the LED goes off. 

Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) overview

As many as 4 driver cards

 can be used with the system at any one 

time. If additional driver card is required, contact any Cycle and Carriage 

Bintang Dealer.

To reduce the risk of car theft, lost driver card should immediately be reported 

to Connex Customer Service where the lost card will be excluded from the 

system. You will need to purchase a new driver card to replace the lost one.



If the car is driven with the ADR LED still blinking, vehicle tracking and 

recovery procedure is automatically started and you will receive an SMS 

theft alert followed by a call from the SOC.



The driver card should not be left in the car as this will compromise the ADR 

protection function. In case of valet parking or servicing at a service dealer, 

keep the driver card with you. 






 leave the driver card in the car. 

The driver card should always be carried with you. If it is left in the car, 

the ADR function is compromised and in case of a theft by stealing or 

duplicating your car keys, the system will not be able to generate theft 


Driving the car 

With your unique driver card with you, the ADR LED should be off 

when you turn or press the ignition on to start the car. If the ADR LED 

is still blinking, this means your driver card has not been detected by 

the system.  

The detection of your driver card should happen within approximately 

1-5 meters of you approaching the car. If it is still blinking, briefly press 

the button on the driver card to manually switch the ADR LED off before 

starting the car.

To turn OFF, press the button on the 

card for at least 8 seconds or until 

the LED is off

LED on the card is 

not blinking

Turn ON by pressing the 

button on the card once



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Cobra Connex ICD31

Transportation and service 


Vehicle violation 

Cobra Connex automatically sends a theft alert to the SOC and your 

mobile phone if the car is towed with the ignition off, the car battery is 

disconnected or the power supply to the system is sabotaged. 

The SOC will call you for verification of the violation before activating 

SVR procedure.

Safety alert

Cobra Connex automatically sends an SMS alert to your mobile phone if 

the car is driven over the speed limit or has entered or exited a specific 

zone set by you in the web application. 

Cobra Connex will also send an SMS alert if the car battery charge is 

low. Have the car battery checked.

Transporting the car – transport mode

Transport mode allows the car to be transported without generating 

false theft alerts.

If the car is to be transported for example by a vehicle transporter or 

tow truck, call the SOC to set the system to “Transport” mode.

Servicing the car - garage mode

Garage  mode  allows  the  car  battery  to  be  disconnected  without 

generating false theft alerts.

If the car is to be serviced, call the SOC to set the system to garage 


You may also set the transport and garage mode yourself via the web 

application, refer to information under the heading “Web application”  on 

page 8.





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Cobra Connex ICD31

Cobra Connex CG is a unique Compensation Guarantee that addresses 

the financial implications associated with vehicle theft. 


Non recovery –

 if your car is stolen and is not recovered within 72 hours 

by the SOC, you will be compensated towards the purchase of a new 

Mercedes at any Cycle and Carriage Bintang Dealer. 

For  information  on  the  compensation  amount,  refer  to  the  product 

information sheet or log on to www.cobra.com.my/cobraconnex or call 

Connex Customer Service.



Terms and Conditions  

•  In the case of automatic theft alert from the system, you will need to 

  confirm during the verification call from the SOC that your car is stolen.

•  In the case of you calling the SOC to report a theft or carjack, the 

    validity of your CG will depend on whether the SOC is able to establish 

    connection  with the car - it is important that you report the theft as soon 

    as you can to have any chance of recovery. If connection is successful, 

   you will receive an SMS alert notification.

•  You will need to make an official police report.

Cobra Connex CG (Compensation guarantee)


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Cobra Connex ICD31

What happens when the SOC receive a theft 

alert from your car?

What to do if you discover your car stolen 

without any theft alert?

If you discover your car stolen without any theft alert or call from 

the SOC, you should call the SOC immediately.

You will be connected to an adviser for immediate assistance.

The  SOC  adviser,  after  verifying  your  details,  will  activate  SVR 

procedure on your car, i.e. activating stolen vehicle tracking, liaising with 

the police and continuously updating it’s location information for them 

to recover and return your car to you as quickly as possible.

You will need to make a police report.

The SOC adviser will inform you of the recovery status and make 

arrangement to transport your recovered car to your preferred Cycle 

and Carriage Bintang Dealer.

A Connex customer service adviser will contact and assist you with 

your Compensation Guarantee claim.

If a theft alert is generated from your car, for example if it is being 

driven without the driver card, vehicle tracking and recovery procedure 

is automatically started.

The SOC will call you for verification of the event before commencing 

their SVR procedure.


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Cobra Connex ICD31

Cobra Connex web application allows you to stay connected with your car at all times:

•  Real time location of your car and its status.

•  Set Speed limit alert.

•  Set Geo-fencing zone in/out alert.

•  Set Transport and Garage mode.

•  Configure the way you receive alerts by SMS or email.

•  Change your web access system generated password.

Web application

Instructions for using the web application can be found in the web application on-line help. The online help provides full details of the features including 

detailed description of each window and how to navigate through the application.
If you have forgotten your Client ID and password, call Connex Customer Service. 



SMS tariff

Included with the Cobra Connex annual service, is 200 SMS credits for your use of the web application. For more information on the SMS tariff, 

log on to www.cobra.com.my/cobraconnex.

To access the web application, log on to www.cobra.com.my/cobraconnex, 

click the Login tab and enter your Client ID and Password. 


Your client ID is printed on the Cobra Connex card attached on the welcome letter. 

Your Password is sent to your mobile phone in the welcome SMS message.



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Cobra Connex ICD31

Driver card battery change

If you prefer, have the driver card battery change at any Cycle and Carriage 

Bintang Dealer.



The driver card has an internal battery that will last in excess of 12 

months. If the LED on the card blinks in an irregular way or fails to 

blink when the button is pressed for at least 10 seconds, this indicates 

that the battery is low.

You will receive an SMS alert that your driver card battery is low. 

Change the battery with new, battery code CR2032.

Remove the top case as shown in the illustration, being careful to lever 

in the indicated area. Take out the old battery and change with new, 

making sure the polarity is correct with the negative sign facing upwards.


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Cobra Connex ICD31

Should the unthinkable happen - if you discover your car missing without 

receiving theft alerts or call from the SOC, 

immediately call the 24 

hour SOC



+603 8995 0000 


 press 1


to report the theft.

For any information you may require on the system and service, call 

Connex Customer Service on


+603 8995 0000




press 0

(Mon - Sat, 9am-7pm).

Connex SOC

Save the Connex SOC and Customer Service contact numbers in your 

mobile phone.
Please also ensure that the contact numbers are kept in a place where it is 

easily accessible by anyone at home. 



The annual service includes:

•  Unique Cobra Connex Compensation Guarantee.
•  24 hour SOC theft monitoring and stolen vehicle recovery service.
•  Monthly system health check - if the system is not functioning as 

  it should be, you will receive a call from the SOC to carry out a full 
  functionality check.

•  Device GSM SIM card inclusive of all SMS charges for theft alerts. 
•  200 SMS credits for use of the web application.

Cobra Connex service fee

For information on the annual service fee and renewal procedure, refer 

to the product information sheet or call Connex Customer Service.

Cobra Connex service

Connex Customer Service will be in contact with you when the service is 

due for renewal.




The  Cobra  Connex  system  warranty  covers  comprehensive  parts 

and labour for 3 years from the date of purchase or service activation 

whichever is the earlier.
The warranty is void if the system has been tampered with or display 

signs of tampering or negligence that are not due to manufacturer’s 

For more information on the warranty terms and conditions, contact 

Connex Customer Service.


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Cobra Connex ICD31

In addition to the security protection of Cobra Connex, the system also monitors various other parameters and will send SMS messages to help 

you manage your service. 

These messages are described in the table below:

What messages you will receive via sms

Message Type

Reason for Message

Your Actions

Welcome message

Theft alert


Unauthorised driving 

Unauthorised movement

ICD sabotage

GPS sabotage

This message is sent when your Cobra Connex service is 

activated. It contains your password for access to the web 


Use the password to access the web 

application. This system generated 

password can be personalised.

If possible, check your car. You should 

receive a call from the SOC.

You should receive a call from the SOC.

You should receive a call from the SOC.

You should receive a call from the SOC.

You should receive a call from the SOC.

You should receive a call from the SOC.

This message is sent if the device has sent a theft alert to 

the SOC.

Ignition turned on without driver card.

Car is driven without driver card.

Car is towed with the ignition off.

Cobra Connex system is sabotaged.

GPS antenna is sabotaged.


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Cobra Connex ICD31

Message Type

Reason for Message

Your Actions

Car battery low

ICD back-up battery low

Car speed alert

Health check failure

Zone entry alert

Zone exit alert

The device has detected that the driver card battery is low.

The device has detected that the car battery voltage is low 

(11.1 volt for a normal 12 volt battery).

The device back-up battery voltage is low.

The device has detected that your car has exceeded the 

speed limit that you have set in the web application.

This message is sent if the device is not functioning as it 

should be.

This message is sent to you when your car enters the zone 

you have set through the web application.

This message is sent to you when your car exits the zone 

you have set through the web application.

Replace the driver card battery. 

Call Connex Customer Service.

Check the car battery.

Call the SOC.

You will receive a call from the SOC to 

carry out a full functionality check.

Garage mode active for 

more than XX days

Transport mode active for 

more than XX days

This message is received when the device has been set to 

Garage mode for more than the expected number of days.

This message is received when the device has been set to 

Transport mode for more than the expected number of days.

Call the SOC. If the Garage mode is still 

required, it can be reset.

Call the SOC. If Transport mode is still 

required, it can be reset.

Driver card battery low


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Cobra Connex ICD31

Should any of your personal details change, call Connex Customer 


For example:

•  You have changed the registration plate of your car.

•  You are selling your car.

•  You want to transfer the system to your new car.

•  You are a new owner who has bought a pre-owned Mercedes already 

  fitted with Cobra Connex and need to register with the SOC.

•  You have changed your address registered with the SOC.

•  You have changed your mobile phone number registered with the 


Change of details


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Cobra Connex ICD31


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Cobra Connex ICD31


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Cobra Connex ICD31

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