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Cobra CWA BTH8 Specification Sheet

Made by: Cobra
Type: Specification Sheet
Category: Cell Phone Accessories
Pages: 2
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Talk Time: 20 hours, Standby: 400 hours.

Infinite Talk Technology.


T5 Sonance Noise Canceling Technology.

Ideal for noisy environments.

Wearable on either ear.

Includes vehicle and USB chargers.



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CWA BTH8 SP  02/12

Nothing Comes Close to a Cobra


Unit Dimensions

  7.5”H x 6”W x 1.75”D  


(190.5mm H x 152.4mm W x 44.45mm D)

Unit Weight


0.075 lbs. (34.02 g.)






028377 31325 7



10”H x 7.25”W x 2.5”D 



(254mm H x 185.15mm W x 63.5mm D



0.59 lbs. (267.619 g.) 



Inner Pack Qty.


Outer Pack Qty.


Inner Pack


5 00 28377 31325 2 

Bar Code 

Outer Pack


1 00 28377 31325 4 

Bar Code 
Inner Pack



Outer Pack


17”H x 7”W x 12”D 


(431.8mm H x 177.8mm W x 304.8mm D)



Inner Pack



Outer Pack


3.67 lbs. (1664.68 g.) 


*Specifications subject to change  

  without notice*
*All dimensions (H x W x D)*

Features                                   Benefits

Unit Specifications - 


T5 Sonance Noise Canceling 

The highest level of noise canceling technology. Ideal for noisy environments.

20 Hours of Talk Time 

Use for days at a time on one charge.

Lightweight Construction 

Super lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Adjustable Boom and Headset 

Allows for infinite adjustment and the option to wear on either ear.

Easy to Use 

One-touch operation makes it easy to answer/terminate calls and adjust the volume.

Car and Home Charger Options 

Allows charging in the vehicle and on home computer USB port.

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