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Coastal Amusements Hi-Striker X-treme Assembly And Installation Manual

Made by: Coastal Amusements
Type: Assembly And Installation
Category: Game
Pages: 4
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Instructions for Hi-Striker X-treme 

Assembly and Installation 

1)  Start by placing the sawhorses that will support the tower while assembling (you 

will need 4 to give you a level surface). **Note - During the assembly process, 
place the Top Sign where the base will be mounted when the game is assembled 
& erect. 

2)  Place the upper tower section onto the sawhorses (LED side facing upward). 

3)  Place the lower tower section onto the sawhorses with the LEDs facing upward 


4)  Slowly slide the upper tower section into the bottom section. When the two-tower 

section are close enough, start connecting the mating white Molex 
connectors. When sliding the upper section into the lower section be careful not 
to allow the wires to be pinched between the tower sections. These connectors 
should be able to be connected without removing the back panels. However, if 
needed you can remove and re-install the panels. 

5)  Remove the lower LED board from the upper tower section. Start by gently 

pulling back the black gasket on either side of the LED board to expose the 
screws. Once the tower sections are close enough, plug the upper LED board of 
the lower section into the LED board on the upper section (short cable w/red 

6)  Reinstall LED board screws and secure LED gasket back into place. 

7)  Bolt the tower sections together using the (4) 3/8 x 1" hardware included in the 

hardware kit. 

8)  Once the tower sections are securely bolted together, use the weatherproof tape 

provided on the Lexan seam. Be sure that the tape goes under both of the Lexan 
gaskets and is securely adhered to the Lexan. This is a crucial part of 
weatherproofing the game. 

9)  Rotate the full tower body so that the LEDs are now facing downwards. 

10)  Slide the base onto the pole of the lower tower section. Be sure to leave enough 

room to run the wires from the tower section into the base. **Note - The 
transformer faces to the back of the tower. 

11)  Slowly bolt the base to the tower section. Be sure no wires get pinched between 

the base and tower section. 

12)  Install the PCB enclosure. Be careful not to damage the black connectors on the 

back of the box or tower. Gently angle and lower the control box into place while 

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sliding the box onto the two screws that are backed out. Lower the box so the 
connectors mate together and screw into place with the 1/4-20 hex bolts. **Note-
Be sure the gray foam gaskets are securely in place around the black connectors 
on the back of the tower. 

13)  Remove the top back panel on the upper section. 

14)  Install lamps and lenses on the Top Sign. The lenses need to be installed with 

Red on the outer most row and then work into the orange, yellow, green, blue 
and violet. Repeat as needed until reaching the center lamp with a clear 
lens. **NOTE - The Center Lamp will be a repeating strobe and NOT a 60volt 

15)  Slide Top Sign pole into the upper tower section and remove the back panel of 

the Top Sign. Then run the wires through the hole in the tower section. 

16)  Connect all of the mating Molex connectors and reinstall the back panel on the 

tower section. 

17)  Bolt the Top Sign onto the tower section using the hardware provided and BOTH 

black gaskets. Re-install the back panel on the Top Sign. 

18)  Install the guy wire cables. The longest ones go to the upper section and the 

shorter ones go to the lower section. For a 45' game there will be 3 different 
lengths and 3 guy wire attachment points on the tower. 

19)  Install the 'Pull Up' cable to the same stud as the guy wire cable on the BACK of 

the upper tower section. Remember when installing the guy wire cables Do Not 
over tighten them. They should be snug, but the cable should be able to freely 
move back and forth. 

20)  Test the tower. Things to check are: 


  LED boards 

  Strobe Boards for Proper tower height 

  Top Sign lamps and strobe 

  Skill Select operation 

  Bolts between tower sections are secure 

  Weatherproofing on Lexan and between tower section and Top Sign 

  All back panels are overlapping 

  LED gaskets are securely in place 

  Guy wires are secure 

  Top Sign bolted into place and back panel re-installed 



21)  Using a crane, lift the complete tower and lower it onto the studs mounted into 

the concrete. 

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22)  Once the tower is standing leave the crane attached and attach the guy wire 

cables to the lifting eyes. Each cable will have its own "D" shackle, Thimble, 
Rope Clamp (x2) and Turnbuckle. 

23)  Use a high reach or cherry picker to remove the crane from the Pull Up bracket. 

24)  Install the red base covers. 

25)  Install the Striker, Skill Select and Permanent power. 

26)  Power Game up and spray the PCBs and into the power supplies with the 

moisture displacer supplied. 

27)  Run a bead of silicone around the base and tower section. This is another critical 

weatherproofing step. 


Tools Needed for Hi-Striker X-Treme 


7/8" open/box end wrench (Tower/Base Hardware) 


3/4" open/box end wrench (Skill Select Mounting Hardware) 


9/16" open/box end wrench (Guy wire Bracket Hardware) 


7/16" open/box end wrench (PCB Enclosure) 


3/8" drive ratchet 


7/8" socket (Pocket Top Sign Bolts) 


3/4" socket (Packing hardware) 


9/16" socket (Guy wire hardware) 


1/2" socket (New Style Park Guy wire Clamp) 


1/8" Allen Wrench / Bit (Top Sign Back Cover) 


Large Crescent Wrench (Base & Striker Mounting, Turnbuckle nuts) 


Other Items (suggested) 


Cordless Drill w/ spare batteries (Unpacking) 


Magnetic bit holder and Phillips tip (Unpacking) 


Wire Cutters (Zip Ties/Wires) 


Standard Blade Screwdriver 


Phillips Screwdriver 


Small Slip Joint Pliers 


Utility Knife 


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****Items Needed to Install the Hi-Striker X-treme provided by 

the Park**** 

Pad Layout 

1)  Level Concrete foundation per specification. 
2)  3/4-10 rod installed in concrete per specification (American Hi-Striker WILL 

provide 'lifting eyes' with 3/4-10 thread) for guy wire attachment points. 

3)  All electrical conduit run per specification. 



  Must have a 45-60' reach to lift and erect a 32' Hi-Striker. Total weight 525 lbs. (An 

experienced operator is required). 


Cherry Picker 

  30-35' reach to lift a person up to the back of the tower to disconnect the crane from its 

attachment points. 



  To securely enclose the Hi-Striker play field before operation. 



  Please have adequate staff to help with the basic assembly and to erect the tower. 



  Please have the required power (220v @ 20amp) run to the location. Also, temporary 

power will be needed for testing prior to erecting of the Hi-Striker. 


To expedite the installation process please have the location properly prepared 
before installation. 

See the recommended layout for the details.