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ClosetMaid ExpressShelf Installation Instructions Manual

Made by: ClosetMaid
Type: Installation Instructions
Category: Indoor Furnishing
Pages: 2
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Reach-in Configurations


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Tools needed: 

Tape measure, level, pencil, #2 Philips head screw driver or power drill with a 6" #2 Philips bit, power saw with 

wood cutting blade, optional drill template, tube cutter, hacksaw

Parts required: 

Shelf, backwall channel, sidewall bracket, universal pole cup, shelf and rod angle brackets or shelf angle 

brackets, closet rods, closet rod end caps, shelf trim, drywall fasteners [Easy anchors with #8x 1-1/4" flat head wood screws], stud 

fasteners [4.5 x 60 mm wood screws], #6 x 5/8" flat head wood screws [for securing components to the shelf or shelf to hardware]  

and self-tapping screws [to secure the closet rod to the universal pole cup]. Make sure you have the right sizes and matching right or 

left shelf end caps as applicable.

Replacement Warranty: 

You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions supplied by ClosetMaid to ensure eligibility for the 

replacement warranty.

For video instructions: Visit www.closetmaidpro.com/ExpressShelf.



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Installation Steps





STEP 1 - Install the Backwall Channel

Cut the backwall channel to the same width as the back wall measured from 

corner to corner. Determine and mark the desired height for each shelf.


For stud mount, level the backwall channel and fasten with screws directly 

to studs every 16" including the end slots using 1-1/2" wood screws.


For drywall mount, level the backwall channel and mark easy anchor 

locations every 10"-12" including end slots. Drill pilot holes as needed 

using sharp bit; but do not punch. Install drywall easy anchors into holes. 

Secure the channel through the channel slots with screws into the anchors.

STEP 2 - Measure and Cut Shelves to Size

Cut shelves 

at least 5/8" but no more than 1"

 (15.8 to 24.4 mm) 



than actual wall measurements.

STEP 3 - Install Sidewall Brackets

Secure sidewall brackets using easy anchors and screws. Skip to Step 5 for 

shelf-only applications such as linen closets or pantries.

STEP 4 - Install Universal Pole Cups

For shelf with closet rod applications, install pole cups.

STEP 5 - Install the Cut Shelves

Secure the cut shelf to the backwall channel and sidewall brackets with 

#6 x 5/8" wood screws. Skip to Step 7 for shelf-only applications such as linen 

closets or pantries.

STEP 6 - Measure, Cut, and Install Closet Rod

For shelf with closet rod applications, cut the closet rod the same length as the front 

of the shelf or as measured from pole cup to pole cup. Secure the closet rod to the 

pole cups with self-tapping screws.

STEP 7 - Install Support Angle Brackets

Install the angle support brackets. Space and mount angled brackets equidistant 

from each supported end of the shelf but not more than 32" apart. For 

unsupported ends, a bracket is required to be placed no more than 6" from an 

unsupported end of a shelf and preferably into studs. Secure brackets to wall using 

the appropriate fastener, then secure brackets to the shelf with wood screws.

STEP 8 - Install Shelf Trim

Secure the shelf trim with wood screws to the shelf at each wall-supported end.