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ClimaxDigital EzCAP series Manual

Made by: ClimaxDigital
Type: Manual
Category: Media Converter
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Thanks for you purchasing EzCAP USB2.0 Video Grabber at 




. The 

following contents guide you how to set up on your computer. Hope this device will bring you nice digital 





 EzCAP series USB 2.0 Video Grabber,

 they can capture High-quality video and audio file direct     

by USB 2.0 interface without sound card. However, the installation is very simple and the external power is 

unnecessary. Solution for laptop, we have enclosed the professional video editing software –“ArcSoft ShowBiz 

DVD 2”then provide best editing function for you. ShowBiz DVD 2 is video-editing software that makes editing 

your movies as fun as shooting them. ShowBiz DVD 2 helps novice users finish stylish movies in only few steps. 

Share finished projects on DVD, tape, the Web, and mobile devices.   


Key Features   

Include Professional and easy to learn & used video editor software-ShowBiz DVD2 

Popular USB 2.0 interface and not need other power 

Capture Video & Audio though USB 2.0 interface   

Support Brightness, Contrast, Hue, and Saturation control 

The dimension suitable that is easy to carry 

Could capture audio without the sound card 

High plug & play 

Support For All Formats: record in DVD+/-R/RW, DVD+/-VR, and DVD-Video. 

Applying to internet conference / net meeting   

Note: ClimaxDigital SNAPSHOT Version (EzCAP116) USB2.0 Video Grabber has a snapshot button that 

allows you to take still photos. 



Complies With Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 2.0.   

Supports NTSC, PAL, Video format 

Video input: One RCA composite, One S-Video. 

Audio input : Stereo audio (RCA) 

USB bus power 

Supports high quality video resolution 

NTSC: 720 x 480 @ 30fps, PAL: 720 x 576 @ 25fps   

Supports Windows XP, Vista 32 bit and Vista 64 bit. 

System Requirements 

P4 1.70GHz CPU or above 

256MB RAM 

VGA card with 32MB memory 

One available USB 2.0 port 

Microsoft windows XP, Vista 


Package Contents 


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EzCAP USB Video grabber 

USB extension cable (option) 

Software and driver CD   

                                  Connection Chart                                         


Additional cables and adaptors can be purchased at 





You should need to connect the video grabber with your analogue video device, such as V8/Hi8 Camcorder, 

DVD Player, Set-top Box, Personal DVR, etc.   

Please read below guide to finish your connection work.   

1, You need to purchase some cable to connect video grabber with your video device if you have no them.   

A, If the output of video device is Composite Video and Audio(L,R), you need to purchase Video and Audio 


B, If the output of video device is S-Video and Audio(L,R), you need to purchase S-Video and Audio cable.   




C, If the output of video device is Scart, you need to purchase Scart Video Audio adapter.   







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2, The below connection chart is for Composite Video output:   


3, The below connection chart is for S-Video output: 


4, For Scart output, you connect scart video audio adapter with video source, then you can get the Composite 

Video/S-Video/Audio output. Then you can connect them following above 2 or 3 term.   














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                                  Hardware Installation                                     


Note: If you have any antivirus software enabled, please disable it during the installation of the software. 

Before you first connect the EzCAP series USB 2.0 Video Grabber to your computer, please insert the “Software 

and driver CD” into your CD drive. Select the option “Install Driver”. 


If prompted select “No, not this time” and select “Next”. Select the option “Install the software automatically” and 

click “Next”. 

A window may appear about the “USB 2861 Device” not passing the windows logo testing, select “Continue 


When “Completing the Found New Hardware Wizard” window appears click the “Finish” button to complete the 

driver installation. 

Note: If any further components are found please repeat the above process until you receive the 

message “Found new hardware: Your hardware is installed and configured use”. 


You will now need to check that the drivers are installed correctly. Connect the EzCAP Video Grabber to your 

computer, Right Click on My Computer and Left Click on properties. Click on Hardware tab and then Device 

Manager. In the Device Manager click on the “Sound, video and game controllers” correctly you should see the 

“USB 2861 Device” and “USB EMP Audio Device”. If it has a Yellow mark next to it then this means that the driver 

is not installed correctly. You will need to remove the driver and disconnect the EzCAP Video Grabber from the 

computer and reconnect is to install the driver again. 


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You can check the driver version for “USB 2861 Device” and “USB EMP Audio Device”.   






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                                  ShowBIZ DVD 2 Installation                         


Please insert the “Software and driver CD” into your CD drive, Click “Install ShowBiz DVD 2” and select your 

language for the installation. And click “Next” or/and “Install”. 



You need enter user name and serial number (you can find out the serial number on driver CD bag). 



Click “finish” to complete setup, restart your computer if needed.   

Now, you need to set software for capturing video and audio.   


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Open ShowBiz DVD 2, select “Capture, create and edit video” and “Capture From Device”. 

You can see “USB 2861 Device” is for Video Device selection, and please select Audio Device selection to    be 

“USB EMP Audio Device”.   

You can select the input and format to change video and audio selections. 




For recording, you can set the recorded file format and recorded files location as following picture after you   

click the “Record” key.




For more detailed instructions for using ShowBiz DVD2, please open ShowBiz DVD2 and click “Help” key to get 



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                              Frequently Asked Questions                         


Question: I am unable to connect EzCAP Video Grabber to my VCR / camcorder / DVD player – what can I 


Answer: When you buy a VCR, camcorder or DVD player you are usually supplied with an ‘RGB lead’. This lead 

has three yellow, red and white connectors at each end, or alternatively it may have these connectors at one end 

and a Scart jack at the other end.   


Question: Which lead do I need? 



If your player features a set of three red, yellow and white jacks at the back of the unit then you will need a 

RGB to RGB lead to connect the EzCAP Video Grabber to your PC. 


If your player features a Scart socket at the back of the unit then you will need a RGB to Scart lead to connect 

the EzCAP Video Grabber to your PC.   

Question:    I have tried to install but keep getting a message saying not “compatible with Microsoft logo 

testing." Will this cause problems with other software? 

Answer: It will not cause problems with other software. All it means is the software hasn't been tested with 

Microsoft but is compatible with Windows.   

Question:    If you have a 'mono' camcorder, when you connect it up you may get no audio whatsoever. 

Must I have a stereo camcorder? 

Answer: EzCAP Video Grabber can work with a 'mono' camcorder. It does depend on what operation system 

your computer uses: Windows XP is not a problem but if using Vista, when in preview there is no sound, but 

when you record you can get audio. Make sure you set the Audio Device to EMP USB Audio Device.   

Question:    Can you see what you are recording? 

Answer: A small window is found at the top of the screen to show what you are recording.   

Question:    Is the EzCAP Video Grabber compatible with MACS? 

Answer: Yes, but you need the EzCAP Video Grabber Model EzCAP128 hardware for MACs. Please purchase it 




Question:    If my Video is e.g. 180mins long, will it take this long to transfer via the EzCAP Video 


Answer: Yes   

Question:    Can the EzCAP Video Grabber record audio tapes onto my PC? 

Answer: It can because it is just an interface for audio and video inputs into the computer. HOWEVER the 

software provided is for recording videos with audio on to the computer and not just solely audio. Unless you 

have your own specialised audio software, which is for recording audio, and are confident in using the software 

and recording audio then it is not advisable to use the EzCAP Video Grabber for recording audio tapes.   


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Question:    Can the EzCAP Video Grabber be used to record videos from other devices such as a Sky 

box or straight from a television, or anything along those lines? 

Answer: Yes it can. As long as the device you wish to record from has the relevant outputs required (Red, White 

and Yellow phono video lead). These must be outputs and not inputs otherwise it will not work. Please check the 

device’s manual first to see whether your device has the outputs needed.   

Question:    The device I wish to record from does not have the red, white and yellow outputs can I still 

use the EzCAP Video Grabber? 

Answer: Yes you can but you will need to buy an adaptor to do so. It can be connected via a Scart output on the 

device you wish to record from using an adaptor which looks like a small box with red, white and yellow outputs 

on it. These adaptors can be bought at 



Question:    Can I copy original movies onto my computer using the EzCAP Video Grabber? 

Answer: Yes you can but this is illegal. It is piracy to copy a film and then sell or lend it to another person without 

permission to do so.   

Question:    Will the videos I record onto my computer take up much space?


Answer: Yes they will. Video files are large files. You can choose the quality of the video to save space on your 

computer. The lower quality the smaller file.   

Question:    How long will it take to record? 

Answer: This is a real time capture device therefore it will take 3 hours to record a 3 hour tape. 

Question:    How many hours of video tape will produce 1GB of digital data. 

Answer: The space depends on which format and which size you choose. For example: in AVI format there is no 

compression of data, and therefore it produces about 1GB for 10 minutes recording. However it only uses around 

200MB if using MPEG format, and only about 30MB if using WMV format. 

Question:    Is the EzCAP Video Grabber compatible with the old style video 8mm camcorders? 

Answer: Yes it is. You will have to by a connection lead. You may require an RGB lead.   


Question: I am using Microsoft Vista with the EzCAP Video Grabber but when I connect my VHS player to 

the laptop and play it, I cannot get any sound coming through. (When the small preview window displays 

the video I am transferring from VHS to Laptop there is no sound.) 

Solution 1: 

If you are using the ‘Ulead Studio’ software, then ‘right click’ on the Ulead Studio icon on your desktop and on the 

compatibility panel tick "run this program in compatibility mode for : windows XP server pack 2....see image 





background image







Solution 2: 

However, if you are using ‘ShowBiz DVD2’ software, please check the device name. If the user's 
device name shows " USB Audio device", then you need to update the driver from the supplied CD to 
"USB EMP Audio device", then the problem of preview with no sound will be solved. 


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