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ClimateRight CR-2550 Assembly And Instruction Manual


Made by: ClimateRight
Type: Assembly And Instruction Manual
Category: Air Conditioner
Pages: 16
Size: 3.76 MB


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Assembly and Instruction Manual

#CR-2550 shown below

Models #CR-2550 and #CR-7000

Revised September 2012


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Illustration of ClimateRight™

Tacom Limited • Columbus, OH • www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE

Same basic list of parts for both #CR-2550 and #CR-7000. Model #CR-2550 shown below.

1.  Control Panel
2.  Power Cord
3.  Feet
4.  Drain Mouth
  (CR-7000 located in the

  bottom corner of unit)

5.  Handle
6.  Air Outlet Duct
7.  Air Inlet Duct 










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Tacom Limited • Columbus, OH • www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE

The Accessory Kit includes parts needed to implement the 2-Hose System of air intake and air out flow 

for many small outdoor enclosures. See INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. This hose installation method may 

be used for a variety of outdoor enclosures including pet houses and sheds (ClimateRight is not intended 

to be used indoors). For other installations including tear drop trailers, boat cabins, enclosed tents, RVs, 

etc., some additional tools and your own “creativity” are required. ClimateRight™ is working on new 

accessory kits for wide applications. Please tell us your application!

A. Clamps (2)
B.  Hoses (2)
C. Couplers (2) and Screws (8)
D.  Mesh Filter* (1)
E.  Drain Mouth (1)
F.  Hole Saw (1) (Note: the size is a little smaller than hoses.) 










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Installation Instructions

Tacom Limited • Columbus, OH • www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE

Step 1

Use your common

drill and attach

the hole saw    


Step 2

Drill first hole 16”

away from unit for

air inlet duct.

Step 3


12” over


12” up


center of first

drilled hole to

stagger air flow.

Step 4

Drill second hole 

for air outlet duct.


Step 5

Insert hose inside

coupler and twist

to tighten.

Helpful Hint

(CR-2550 and CR-7000 installation methods are nearly indentical for most enclosures like pet houses, 

sheds and barns.)


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Step 6

Place mesh

filter between

enclosure and

coupler. Then

screw coupler

assembly over

lower air inflow  


Installation Instructions

Tacom Limited • Columbus, OH • www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE

Step 7

Screw in upper

coupler and hose

for air outtake.

Step 8

With the


unit placed on

a flat surface,

connect hoses

to unit.

Step 9

Use a screwdriver 

to tighten hoses to

the unit with

clamps provided.

Step 10

Plug in unit.

Carefully follow

instructions in


section of this



(CR-2550 and CR-7000 installation methods are nearly indentical for most enclosures like pet houses, 

sheds and barns.)


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Power control: Power

The Power control turns the unit on and off.

Mode control: Mode

The Mode control has 5 settings:

Auto mode: AUTO

When AUTO mode is selected, the indicator light 

“Auto” will turn red. During the Auto mode, the 

machine will keep the temperature at your desired 

setting. Adjust fan speed and air temperature to 

your desired comfort level. Temperature setting 

range is 71


 F - 80


 F. Note: Do not use Auto mode 

with CR-7000.

Cooling mode: Cool

When Cooling mode is selected, the indicator light 

“Cool” will turn red. During the Cooling mode the 

air is cooled. Adjust fan speed and air temperature 

to suit your desired comfort level. Temperature 

setting range is 64


 F - 86


Dehumidifying mode: Dehumidify

When Dehumidify mode is selected, the indicator 

light “De” will turn red. Air is dehumidified as it passes 

through the unit. Fan speed is fixed to “low” speed. 

Adjust air temperature to suit your desired comfort 

level. Temperature setting range is 71


 F - 80



Fan mode:  Fan

When Fan mode is selected, the indicator light 

“Fan” will turn red. Air is circulated throughout the 

room without cooling/heating. Adjust fan speed to 

suit your desired comfort level.

Heating mode:  Heat

When Heat mode is selected, the indicator light 

“Heat” will turn red. During the heating mode the 

air is heated. Adjust fan speed and air temperature 

to suit your desired comfort level. Temperature 

setting range is 64


 F - 86


Fan speed control:

The fan speed control has 3 settings: High (Top 

indicator light “High”), Medium (Middle indicator 

light “Med”), Low (bottom indicator light “ Low”)

Timer control: Timer

Auto turn off

When machine is in running mode, press Timer 

button for setting timer control. Press “Timer” to select 

number of hours before it automatically shuts off.

Auto turn on:

When machine is in stand by mode, press the Timer 

button for setting timer control. Press “Timer” to 

select number of hours you would like the unit to 

start running. After start, the operating mode is 

same as the mode before last shut off.

Note: The time is adjustable between 1-24 hours

Temperature Controls:

 “   ”, “    ”  

Used for adjusting the thermostat. 

The default display is room temperature,

In Auto/Cooling/Dehumidify/Heating mode, when 

“   ”, “   ” button is pressed, the set temperature is 

displayed and can be adjusted.

Control Panel—#CR-2550

Tacom Limited • Columbus, OH • www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE


Note: #CR-2550 and #CR-7000 operate slightly different. Please verify your model number.

Control Panel Display


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Remote Control—#CR-2550

Control Panel—#CR-7000

Tacom Limited • Columbus, OH • www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE



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Tacom Limited • Columbus, OH • www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE


Note: #CR-2550 and #CR-7000 operate the same unless specified.


Upon first use, it is important  to go through initial set up. 

This is a start up procedure to “prime” the unit for normal 

operation. This is done for the A/C (Cooling Mode) only 

and is required for first start and all first season starts with 

Cooling Mode. Failure to do this voids warranty.

Start-up—Prime Unit First:

First, please turn on the unit and set to lowest possible 

Cooling or Automatic setting. Let unit run for 10 minutes 

and shut off. Let unit sit idle for 3-5 minutes and restart. 

Make sure on restart to have the lowest temperature set 

and let run for an additional 10 minutes. This will distribute 

the A/C oil to all the necessary areas for proper function 

and allow the compressor to run at its optimum for long 

life and maximum efficiency.

Operating Functions of your ClimateRight™:

Your climate unit is designed to condition the climate of 

your air in three ways: Cooling (A/C), Heating and Fan 

Only. The unit will operate in only one mode at a time. 

These modes should be set manually. There are two (low/

high) fan speeds.

NEW—CR-2550 AUTO mode functionality. CR-2550 may 

now be set to AUTO mode to regulate your climate 

without switching back and forth to heat or cool modes. 

This enables “hands off” system maintenance. Simply set 

the desired temperature while in AUTO mode. The system 
regulates itself. Note: Do not use Auto mode with CR-7000.


If the OUTSIDE temperature falls below the set 

temperature in some instances the CPU will turn off 

the fan. When it’s required again the CPU will turn the 

fan back on. This is normal operation to save energy. 

While operating the cool mode it is normal for the unit 

to produce “condensation” or water must drain out the 

bottom. If this climate unit will be used indoors it is a must 

that a separate drain pan (NOT INCLUDED) be installed 

under the unit. Please take this into consideration when 

mounting or installing the unit. Your ClimateRight™ may 

produce large amounts of condensation depending on 

humidity levels. (Note: Drain mouth location differs on 

each model.)


You may set the timer to control how long your 

ClimateRight™ runs. The Time Display shows the number 

of hours remaining until unit shuts off. When the unit is 

operating, you can set the OFF time by adjusting the 

number of hours of operation (using “Up” and “Down” 

buttons.) When the unit is turned off, you can START time 

within a range of 1 to 24 hours from when you set it.


Your ClimateRight™ climate control unit should be a low- 

maintenance product and not require much attention 

if used in normal environments. However, over time with 

normal usage there are two (2) things that may need to 

be addressed.


If used in the inlet and outlet pipes they will get dirty 

over time. Please remove and clean as desired.


On the right side of the unit there is the condenser. If you 

notice the cooling ability of the unit degrading or if the 

fins of the condenser become dirty, they will need to be 

cleaned. Compressed air should be used to gently blow 

the unit out.


Failure to property care for your ClimateRight™ unit as 

mentioned above will result in the Warranty to be voided.


ClimateRight™ can be used in a variety of ways. The 

possibilities are endless. We have many customers who 

currently use the unit for climate conditioning of dog 

houses, boat cabins, toll booths, tents, tear drop trailers, 

personal cooling in hot or cold environments, electronic 

equipment, cabanas, and many more! ClimateRight™ 

was designed using the best components such as Toshiba



and Hitachi


 compressors and brass piping to ensure 

whatever your use, it will condition your climate efficiently, 

reliably and quietly!


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Tacom Limited • Columbus, OH • www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE


Wiring and Specifications

*Keep your ClimateRight™ protected from extreme hot direct sun. Results very widely depending on 

ambient air temperature, size of enclosure and insulation.  The ClimateRight™ is intended for outdoor 

temperatures between 0


 F and 110


 F (CR-2550) and 36


 F and 110


 F (CR-7000).




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Tacom Limited • Columbus, OH • www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE






Mesh Filter


Drain Mouth


Hole Saw


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Tacom Limited • Columbus, OH • www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE



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ClimateRight™ FAQ—
Models #CR-2550 and #CR-7000

Tacom Limited • Columbus, OH • www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE


What is ClimateRight?

 ClimateRight is a portable, 

electrical, outdoor enclosure air conditioner, heater 

and humidity control system – all in one. There are 

two (2) models, but both operate on the same 

general principals. ClimateRight is designed to be 

connected to outdoor enclosures with a two-hose 

air intake/outflow accessory kit (included). Simply 

set the unit outside an outdoor, small, enclosed 

structure, install the 2 hoses into the structure using 

our simple Accessory Kit, turn on, set it to your desired 

heat or cool mode and temperature, and enjoy!

What are the key new features of the CR-2550?


1.  Remote Control. Now operate unit without  


  having to manually adjust the settings on  


  the box.


2.  Heavier Duty construction. We have  



  added many important aspects to the    


  product construction, which maximizes    


  portability and toughness.


3.  Auto Mode. Now unit automatically switches  


  from heat to cool without changes to cooling  


  or heating mode manually.

Is the CR-7000 2011-2012 model still available?


We will be upgrading and replacing this model with 

a 2013 model in early 2013.

What types of enclosures does ClimateRight work 


 It depends on the CUBIC FOOTAGE of your 

CR-2550: Any outdoor enclosure 5-350 cubic feet, 

such as pet houses, small sheds, tear drop trailers, toll 

booths, tents, or any small outdoor, installations or 


CR-7000: Any outdoor installations or enclosures 

350-1,000 cubic feet, such as sheds, garages, job site 

trailers, outdoor recreation or work spaces, etc. This 

unit is also ideal to spot cool or heat economically 

and effectively.

What is the difference between CR-2550 and         


 The main difference is the BTU power. 

CR-2550 is rated for small enclosures 5-350 cubic 

feet. CR-7000 is rated for enclosures 350-1,000 cubic 

feet. Multiply the approximate L’ x W’ x H’ of your 

enclosed space and then select the proper model 

based on this. Be sure not to assume bigger is better! 

Performance and satisfaction depend on selecting 

the proper unit for the size of the space. The CR-

7000 compressor blows at a rate of 260. The CR-2550 

compressor blows at a rate of 90.

How Do I install ClimateRight? 

 Using our Accessory 

Kit. It is a 2-Hose System for air intake and air outflow 

(See “Figure 1 – ClimateRight Cooling/Heating 

Process”). We include an Assembly Kit for pet houses 

or many outdoor enclosures. Note that the Assembly 

Kit is designed to work on most wooden pet houses. 

The air intake/outflow system depends on having an 

inlet hole and outlet hole that fit the coupler/hose 

system. Your application may not be a wooden pet 

house. In this case, you will need to seek professional 

installation advice and possibly special tools and 

fittings to optimize your application for the unit since 

the current models use a standard Accessory Kit. 


 ClimateRight can be used in a 

wide variety of applications, with varying degrees 

of beginning ambient temperature, enclosure sizes, 

insulation, humidity, etc. Therefore, the intent of 

the unit is to improve the conditions generally. In all 

cases, the climate will markedly improve. However, 

we cannot guarantee or warrant your space will 

heat or cool to the exact set temperature.

Can I leave ClimateRight OUTDOORS? 

Yes. The 

electrical work is enclosed and safe from the 

elements. The unit is specially designed to operate 

outdoors in the elements.


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Can I use ClimateRight INDOORS?


recommended. We do not recommend you 

set the ClimateRight inside your structure. We 

recommend it sits outside and the 2-hose air 

intake/outflow kit (included) is used. At the current, 

time we cannot warrant ClimateRight for indoor 

usage since a custom venting system for heat to 

escape using cooling mode must be constructed 

and installed. Consult your local HVAC company 

or qualified carpenter with knowledge of HVAC 

systems if you choose to do this.

What are the dimensions (diameters) of the 


: CR-2550 is 3.15 inches. CR-7000 is 4.7 

inches. These hoses are sold separately as 


How does ClimateRight actually heat and cool? 

There are two ports located on the front of the 

unit. On port #1, air is drawn into and sent to 

the inside of the unit where it is either heated or 

cooled. Then the air is forced by fan back out 

port #2, into the structure to be climate controlled. 

No heating elements or cooling elements 

(evaporator) are exposed to the outside. Both 

elements are contained within sealed cases 

located on the inside of the unit. This unit is not 

set up like a space heater and will not pose any 

sort of fire hazard if tipped over. (See “Figure 1 – 

ClimateRight Cooling/Heating Process”).

What is the temperature range for heating and 


 ClimateRight can be set to heat or cool 

from 61-87 degrees Fahrenheit. ClimateRight 

can be set to heat mode, or cool mode. Or, set 

it to adjust between heating and cooling mode 

automatically to keep the temperature and 

climate constant. Acclimatized temperatures 

vary depending on ambient air temperature and 

size of enclosure. Note: Do not use the CR-7000 in 

outdoor temperatures below 36




: Let ClimateRight run for about 

48 hours continuously for peak performance. Do 

not expect ClimateRight to work in minutes, or 

even a few hours. It may take this amount of time 

to optimize your climate.

Can ClimateRight be left on continuously?


You can use ClimateRight continuously to help 

maintain temperature and humidity, or “spot” 

heat or cool while within an enclosure for shorter 


How much power does ClimateRight consume?

ClimateRight is considered very energy efficient 

and inexpensive to operate. The power 

consumption is as follows. Usually, it costs less than 

$1/day depending on the price of electricity from 

your power supplier. 
CR-2550 = .2 kw/H. 

CR-7000 = .5kw/H

What comes included with ClimateRight?


the current time, the unit comes with a kit that 

contains two hoses, one hole saw, two couplers, 

four clamps, one mesh filer for return hose, and 

eight screws (optimal for dog and cat house cut 

out and assembly). Instructions and Warranty are 

also enclosed. This kit can be used for any other 

wooden structure, such as an outdoor shed.

List of parts included in kit: 2 Hoses, 4 Clamps,        

8 Screws, 1 Mesh Filter for return hose, 1 Hole Saw,   

2 Couplers, Warranty card, Instruction Manual

Why is ClimateRight better for small spaces?


CR-2550 unit runs with a smaller compressor than 

almost all bigger units on the market, and thus 

is not “overkill” with too much cold or too much 

hot. It optimizes the small climate space, with 

the bonus of very little energy consumption. The 

CR-7000 is a bit more capacity (BTU) and blow 

force. Carefully select the unit based on size of 

enclosure (see “What Types of Enclosures Work 

with ClimateRight”).

Who makes ClimateRight?

 We manufacture in 

a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in China 

specializing in OEM electronic heating and cooling 

products, supplying both small and very large 

corporations. We use only first quality components 

such as Toshiba and Hitachi compressors, and brass 


Tacom Limited • Columbus, OH • www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE


ClimateRight™ FAQ—, cont...
Models #CR-2550 and #CR-7000


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Tacom Limited • Columbus, OH • www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE


ClimateRight™ FAQ—, cont...
Models #CR-2550 and #CR-7000

Is ClimateRight safe?

 Yes. The unit is CE certified.

How much energy does ClimateRight use?


specifications. This unit is considered a very low- 

energy consumption electronic device.

Is there a warranty? 

Yes. It is included in the box, and 

posted on our website.

How long does it take to ship? 

Orders are normally 

shipped within two business days of receipt via either 

Fed-Ex or UPS ground. Expedited shipping will cost 

more. You must contact Tacom or your authorized 


Where can ClimateRight be used? 

The possibilities 

are nearly endless: outdoor dog and cat houses, 

tents, attics, small work-spaces like job-site trailers, 

garden sheds, garage work areas, tear drop trailers, 

boat cabins, temporary outdoor small military 

installations, toll booths, parking attendant houses, to 

name a few. Share with us your ideas!

Besides heating and cooling, does ClimateRight 

improve air quality? 

Yes. The unit dehumidifies and 

cleans the air naturally. Filtration devices provide 

active control of air quality and help to eliminate 

airborne contaminants. ClimateRight filters are sold 

separately as Accessories.

How does the thermostat work?

 A digital control 

panel with multiple setting options. See Assembly 

and Instruction Manual.


Consult the Assembly and 

Instruction Manual.

How long should the ClimateRight last? 

The unit is 

rated for NEMA R-12 insulated enclosure. The unit 

should last years under normal operating conditions.

Is ClimateRight safe for Pets? 

Yes. Note that a 

suitable ideal temperature for pets in the outside 

cold winter is 38-55 degrees. In the heat of summer, 

a range of about 68-80 degrees is considered 


® Revised September 2012—Tacom Limited


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Tacom Limited • Columbus, OH • www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE



General Systems Diagnosis:

1.   The unit does not power on. Check to see if unit is plugged in


to normal wall 110/120v wall socket. Consult Troubleshooting


telephone number below. This problem cannot be troubleshot


by email. (It is likely that a connection on the internal control


panel has become loose and will require careful guidance for


safety reasons). Do not attempt to remove the unit casing


and fix.

2.   Fans are running but unit is not cooling or heating. Consult


Troubleshooting telephone number or email, whichever you


prefer, below. This problem would likely be a capacitor or


compressor issue, which would need to be handled by our


qualified troubleshooting team.

3.   Excessive vibration or noise. Consult Troubleshooting telephone number or email, whichever you prefer,  


below. This problem would likely be loose screws or a loose compressor fitting, which would need to be  


handled by our qualified troubleshooting team.

4.   Excessive noise coming from fan. Consult Troubleshooting telephone number or email, whichever you  


prefer, below. This problem would likely be a fan that has been “jolted” or “knocked loose” during  


shipping, which would need to be handled by our qualified troubleshooting team.

5.   Cooling or heating function decreased. Check filter or condenser fins on the unit. Make sure filters and  


condenser fins are clean and free of debris or particles.

6.   Display does not show temperature. Consult Troubleshooting telephone number or email, whichever you  


prefer, below. This problem would likely be, control board or thermostat issue, which would need to be  


handled by our qualified troubleshooting team.

7.   Fault codes:


Fault E01: Indoor temperature sensor fault, wiring or sensor.


Fault E02: Evaporator temperature sensor fault, wiring or sensor.


Consult Troubleshooting telephone number or email, whichever you prefer, below.

8.   Hose assembly problems. Ensure you have all parts listed in the Assembly section. Follow the directions  


very carefully. (We receieve many calls from people trying to put the hose OVER the coupler. The hose  


goes INSIDE the coupler. Also, the mesh filter is located inside one of the hoses).

9.  Unit “overcools” or “overheats”. Check recommended enclosure sizes for the unit. This can be found  


in the Operation section. ClimateRight is not responsible, and does not warrant, miscalculations of your  


enclosure cubic footage, and mistakes made in selection of unit. CR-2550 works for 5-350 cubic foot  


enclosures.  CR-7000 works for 350-1,000 cubic foot enclosures. This is meant to be an approximate guide  


and may vary case by case.

Troubleshooting phone number: 800-7-CLIMATE (800-725-4628 opt. 2)

Troubleshooting email: techsupport@theclimatecontrollers.com

Allow one business day for response. We strive for immediate help and satisfaction, however, we are a small  

family-owned business, with great, but (very helpful and capable) busy people who want to help you!


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Thank you for your purchase and becoming one of the many people and/or pets to enjoy the benefits of 

the climate-controlled air by ClimateRight™. We are confident that our unit will provide you with many years 

of comfort and peace of mind. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at: 


www.ClimateRightAir.com • 800-7-CLIMATE