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Clifford WINDOW ROLL-UP Operating Instructions Manual

Window Roll-Up Module 60-567

Made by: Clifford
Type: Operating Instructions
Category: Other
Pages: 1
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Window Roll-Up Module

Operating Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of the Window Roll-Up Module.
Operation is simple: Just arm your car alarm with its remote control. Your
car alarm will arm and the power windows will close.

As a safety feature, the module will instantly halt window movement if
you remotely disarm the car alarm while the windows are rolling up. 

For further safety, the module will NOT roll up the windows if the alarm
passively arms. This ensures against accidental window closure if a child
or pet is in the vehicle when your car alarm passively arms (if the alarm
has this feature).

NOTE: One Window Roll-Up Module can control up to two power
windows. Additional modules can be added for remote closing of the rear
windows and/or a power sunroof.

CAUTION: Be mindful of children when you arm the alarm (and
thus close the power windows).

REMEMBER, you can immediately halt remote window roll-up by
disarming your car alarm with its remote control.

© Copyright 1992

31-5704 — 3/92